I Heart Jake Ryan

Sixteen Candles (1984) will forever be a cult classic for teenagers.  American Pie has nothing on this movie.  This movie, in the best way possible, has wrecked me (and probably a lot of other girls too).  The dream boat, sensitive, jock shows up unexpectedly and whisks away the girl.  He even opens the car door AND gets the girl a birthday cake. And excuse me? In the most genuine and shy of ways says "Make a wish?"

This song, his face, and the remote possibility that this could actually happen in real life makes me giddy every time I watch this.  Time to reminisce!  YES PLEASE!


Vera Wang: Vampire Slayer

Vera Wang Spring 2013.  Calling Barnabas Collins and Edward Cullen...










Photo Sources:  Vera Wang


Open & Shut Case

What do you all think about closed-eye photos?  I think they’re either hit or miss. Posing with your eyes closed is a bit unnatural unless you are kissing, embracing or capturing a candid moment just at the right time.

It's hard to fake the "natural closed eye" look, especially if you’re just standing in an open wheat field with a smirk on your face- you run the risk of looking like you're trying to pass gas or are really constipated- you heard it here first.

Take a look at the mix of both hits and misses below.
PS- Never row a boat with your eyes closed... that's just dangerous.  Cheers!

DO soak in your happiness

DO love that your guy is a manly man wearing flanel and stands with a hose.
DONT whiff the horse.

DONT get it??
DONT squat on the ground. No, no.
DONT clench your hands and glutes with your eyes closed.
DO take a moment to realize how hot your wife is!

DO canoodle
DO canoodle some more.
DONT over pose.

DONT stand there looking like you farted and need emotional support.
DONT row a boat with your eyes closed!


Photo Sources:  All from GreenWeddingShoes.com ( Surprise Vow Renewal, Boho Feather wedding inspiration, California Barn wedding, Boho Chic wedding, New York wedding, Autumn engagement photos, Handmade Australian wedding, Margarita Ranch wedding, Handmade Barn wedding, Gypsy inspired wedding, Colorful Backyard DIY wedding) 


Happy Halloween 2.0

Tim Burton did us all a favor when he romanticized the unusual, weird, and ghoulish.  Incorporating these elements into celebrations that intertwine with All Hallows Eve is no longer considered taboo, but quite enchanting.

Skulls by Alexander McQueen, black tulle and lace overlays by Vera Wang, and silk letterpress invitations that look like they were produced by an old calligrapher who dwells 6 feet under,  Chanel No. 5.- all things that are hauntingly beautiful, classic, and always welcomed at any fete. 

The above too weird for you?  Perhaps, but weird is such a wonderful thing because….

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”- Dr. Seuss.

You liked that didn’t you? Weirdo!  Happy Halloween! 

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