The Party Is Back!

JCrew has made a comeback!  I was disappointed to see that JCrew’s wedding and party dresses were less than exciting - there hadn't been anything new since the Fall!  Especially since last years “Cotton Candy” collection had blown everyone away.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been feverishly checking the JCrew site to see if there is a hint of a new pattern or color scheme.  And then the skies parted and behold! New dresses!
JCrew May 2011 should also be coming to you (if you haven’t received it already).  Please draw your attention to page 90.  This is the first time in the catalogue where I’ve seen JCrew state that their dresses are for more than just one occasion “The Fete set... Bridesmaid dress none weekend, killer cocktail frock the next...” www.jcrew.com 
JCrew has gone ahead for the following 6 pages and created their spread according to colors:  Blues, Martini, Coral.  Mix-and-match has been a repetitive subject in this blog and it just goes to show.  I wouldn't mind having a bridal party that looks eclectic yet put together so well. 

TIPS & TRICKS:  Remember when CL commented on every body type is different and may require a different style to tailor that individuals silhouette? Skin tone and color apply as well.  Don't be afraid to mix-and-match- it looks pretty amazing here. 
Personal Favorite:  Martini (pictured below)


Dress Dollar$

I received a really great question the other day from another bride-to-be friend of mine.  She has a budget of $5,000, but wanted to know if she should tell her consultant a lesser number to make sure she doesn't go over budget.   Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Does your budget include alterations, and your veil/headpiece? 
I assumed this as well, but your fittings and the alterations made to your dress are NOT included in the price of your dress.  Alterations can range from a couple hundred up to a couple thousand dollars depending on the dress and amount of work that needs to be completed. Your veil is also not included.

Like alterations, veils and headpieces range from a couple hundred up to a couple thousand. I was just as surprised as you, but its true! It all depends on the designer, material, and time it takes to create the piece.
If your budget is $5,000 total you can do a couple of things:
  • Drop the amount you spend on the dress to $3500-$4,000
  • This will leave you up to $1500 for alterations and your veil
If you decide that the veil, shoes, and other accessories are on a different budget, then you can spend closer to your budgeted dress price- but alterations are always going to cost extra.

Your bridal consultant should answer all of your questions prior to you trying on any gown. 

Never try on a gown without telling your consultant what your budget is and if that includes alterations and a headpiece. 

This will help your consultation go a lot smoother and make sure you’re not put you in a gown you can’t afford- that is not a good situation to be in. 

Another great option are gown re-sales. These dresses have only been worn once and instead of spending thousands on a new dress, you can get a really great discount for practically a new dress.  The alterations can be made at a bridal salon (call first) or at a trusted tailor.

As always, please feel free to comment or email me directly with questions at CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com


Monday is Tardy

2 great posts are coming your way- they will be up later this afternoon.  Stay tuned and thanks for your patience :)


Funky Friday: Taste the Rainbow

Thank you Vera Wang Spring 2011 collection.  No longer is white the only option for bridal gowns.  Reese Witherspoon favors this motion by wearing a petal pink Monique Lhuillier gown that she looked absolutely blushing in. 

As elegantly as I could I said to my friends mother at a recent trip to a bridal salon "None of us can wear bright white... the jig is up"- she laughed :)  Of course we can!


There is something very whimsical about these dresses without being unrealistic (such as the haute couture editorial we mentioned a few weeks back).  If you dare to be different and bold, but in a more refined fashion, this is how to achieve that look.  Pink, peach, cloud, and "blush"- for the blushing bride!

Have a great weekend- see you Monday!
Sources (from top left to bottom left):  Flora, Fern, Freida, Farrah, Freya, Felicity


Fountain of Youth

I've gotten a lot of feedback from people regarding "that green dress" from the RING WEAR blog post from 4.14.11.  If any particular item CharlotteLucey posts gets extra attention, we'll spotlight it!

The green dress is Anthropologies "Fountain of Youth" dress.  It's tailored after a shirt dress with a collar and sinched waist.  I'm a fan of the simple details such as button front and pockets.  The dress comes in kelly green or (which I think is a typo on the website), navy- it's actually a light gray.

PERSONAL FAVORITE: Bonneville Wedges

The back has cut-away sleeves that expose the slightest amoutn of back and shoulder blade.  This is the perfect "Sunday brunch" dress.

Cotton is such a great fabric because you can take a more complex silhouette and make it less formal.  The idea of throwing a pull over boat neck sweater is genius!Great catch for only $128.00!

Please make sure to click on the peach links below- they'll take you to the goods!

Source (All Anthropologie):  Fountain of Youth Dress in Kelly and Navy, Bonneville Wedges, Sliced Tagua Bracelet in Ivory, Crescent Hoops

Viva La Tunes

The idea isn't anything new, but here are some of the latest songs blasting through the airwaves that can relate to your special day!  Making a CD for your bridal party is another fun keepsake to give as a small favor.  Take it a step further and create personalized CD labels via Design-Her-Gals!

As always, I've kept the "cheese" factor to a minimum. Song #9 can't be helped... I had to add it because it's overflowing with "cheese". CL will generate more of these playlists and put some oldies on there too.  Enjoy our first 15!
  1. I Do- Colbie Caillat
  2. I Think I Wanna Marry You- Bruno Mars
  3. Kick Drum Heart- The Avett Brothers
  4. Stuck Like Glue- Sugarland
  5. The Golden Age- Asteroid Galaxy Tour
  6. Just Can't Get Enough- Black Eyed Peas
  7. Rhythm of Love- Plain White T's
  8. Only Girl in the World- Rihanna
  9. HoneyBee- Blake Shelton *** CHEESE!
  10. Dog Days Are Over- Florence & The Machine
  11. Marry Me- Train
  12. Put You In A Song- Keith Urban
  13. Heart Skips A Beat- Lenka
  14. I Can't Wait (Marry Me)- Runner Runner
The CD envelope is by FavorStudio and is just another fun way to package your CD's.  Above is the Petal CD Cover which comes in 24 colors.



New Logo!

This isn't wedding related, but CL wants to formally present it's new logo! We've had a lot of fun playing around with new logos and looks.  CL enlisting the help of a very talented designer who created several options for us to choose from and we are thrilled with our final result!

C. Ryan Boyd is a freelance designer based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  He provides a variety of marketing, consulting, and design services.  Ryan will work with you to accomplish your design goals and create a production schedule that meets your needs.

Email him directly by clicking C.Ryan Boyd to discuss design services, pricing, marketing/pr consulting, and portfolio, etc.  Thanks Ryan!


This is a favorite vendor of CharlotteLucey.  Design-Her-Gals is an online store to create a cartoon you.  Don’t think it’s as cheesy as it sounds.  This isn’t the “Make yourself a cartoon!” gimic you see on social media sites. The site is slightly addicting, simply choosing your exact hair style and color may take you minutes. 

I just created a my new business card.  That's me!  Renee Walsh, founder of CharlotteLucey!


  • Choose your gal type.  There are 5 different Gal-types from a young gal to an older woman.  The 6th choice is a Design-Her-Guy
  • Next you will choose your eye color, skin tone, hair style and hair color 
  • Choose your outfit
One you have created yourself and your outfit you can save your gal.  It’ll be important to sign up- it’s FREE- and I promise you that you won’t get any junk mail or spam from them.   You can save up to 9 gals.  Make them all for yourself or make your friends and family. These are amazing gifts that I have absolutely given to friends and family members.

Design-Her-Gals started out with personalized stationary and it has grown to much more!
Invitations, business cards, calling cards, mugs and cups, labels and stickers, memos and notepads… the list goes on and on!

Want to see everything? Click Stuff to Buy

Whether you are creating personal address labels for your invitations, save the dates, engagement party invitations, or even creating personalized memo pads as gifts (only $45.00) I have not had one person not like the site when I showed it to them.
Go online, spend some time, and have fun!


Blue Monday

But in a good way!  We've had a lot of rain the past couple days and instead of going with the "April showers bring May flowers"... I wanted to play up blue for spring in a new way. 

As you know, mix-and-match is a current favorite of mine.  JCrew has a great number of dresses in cool blues and warm taupes that perfectly compliment one another. 

Keeping you bridal arrangment simple with blue, green and white hydrangeas created a full bulb of flowers that will photograph well and pop against blue dresses.

Take your blue theme to a garden, vineyard, beach, or boat.  Blue is versatile and doesn't always mean nautical or patriotic.

Sources:  Cotton taffeta 'Ashley' dress JCrew, Silk taffeta 'Alisanne' dress JCrew, Silk taffeta 'Selma' dress (fawn and capsian blue) JCrew,  Cake- TheCakeWalkCary, Invitation Set in Navy Blue- The American Wedding

Two Birds... Infinite Dresses!

Infiniti maxi dresses are popping up everywhere since you can create an endless number of dresses with one... hence the word “infinity”.  I bought my first infiniti maxi dress from Tart, but the one I find to be best for weddings (or for fun) is...

PERSONAL FAVORITE: Two Birds Infiniti Dresses

Two Birds takes you to a site where there are 3 kinds of infinity dresses to choose from:
The classic and two toned have the most colors options.   This is perfect for a bride who may have a large (or small) bridal party and would like to keep the color of the dresses the same, but is concerned about the shape of one style dress looking right on all of their bridesmaids.

This is the perfect solution.  We can all agree that every body is different, therefore we can agree that some styles may not be so flattering depending on the body type of the individual person.  This eliminates that problem.  Two Birds has video references and guides on how to tie your dress- 15 total and 4 different lengths!

The other nice aspect of these dresses is that they can be worn again, for another formal function with an entirely different look OR they can be worn casually depending on the style that you create. 

I’m a big proponent of flexibility when it comes to brides maids dresses.  A personal opinion is you should choose a dress that your bridesmaids can wear again or easily donate to someone going to another function... another blog :)

Enjoy Two Birds!


Funky Friday!

Welcome back to our second "Funky Friday"- every Friday will be funky! 

Most of you have probably seen this ”commercial” on the TV for Heineken beer… but, what you don’t know is that this is the original music video that Heineken took for their ad.  And can we blame them?  I'm busting at the seams to create a wedding-scape inspired by the video below (you shall see next week!)

How wonderful would it be to have a wedding with this type of grandure?  Confetti, marching bands, haute couture gowns and tuxedos.  Throw in a parading elephant decorated in flowers and I’ll be the first to exclaim my presence!

Who’s the band?  Asteroid Galaxy Tour from Denmark. The song above is "The Golden Age".   For our Funky Fridays at CharlotteLucey we thought this would be a great addition- but don't worry, this won't become a music blog.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday. Don’t forget to email us with any insights, questions, or requests for wedding-scape plans!CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com



Generally girls have an idea in their minds about the ring that they’d like to see on their finger.  Don’t lie, every single one of us has hopped onto the internet and scoped photos( especially that site with the little blue box on it).

Something that isn’t becoming so taboo anymore are brides-to-be accompanying their future fiancee’s to look at rings.  Some people do purchase rings on the spot, but typically couples will go to one or several stores and select 2 or 3 of the top choices and leave.  Later on the man will return to the stores and purchase THE ring.  

The woman is involved in the process, but the element of surprise still remains since the selected ring is still a mystery… and any man should never reveal exactly when he will propose.  Leave the surprise!
A friend of mine in a few weeks will be a modern soon-to-be fiancée.  She is accompanying her boyfriend to look at rings and wanted to know what she should wear.  Great question!

Above are a few ideas for what to wear to your ring appointment. Like any other type of pre-wedding event it’s always best to dress up a little.  Remember the “Sunday brunch” rule?  Ring shopping is a very special experience and occasion.  Even as a man doing this solo, look the part.  You want to be taken seriously as a customer since you will be investing a good amount of money. 

One last quick tip!  Wherever you decide to purchase the ring from, call ahead and let them know the reason for your visit. Some places require you to make an appointment, others don’t.  Either way it’s always good to call to make sure you are taken care of.


Upper left moving right:  'Beatrice blouse' JCrew, 'Tuxedo shirt in blue' JCrew, 'Cherry blossom necklace' JCrew, 'Nicola platform heels' JCrew, 'Cropped matchstick jean' JCrew, 'Cashmere open cardigan' JCREW; Bottom row:  'Bocagrande dress' Anthropologie, 'Spring ready dress' Anthropologie, 'Sunny soiree dress' Anthropologie, 'Fountain of youth dress', Anthropologie 'A different stripe Maxi dress' Anthropologie

Maison fondee en 1862

J'adore macarons!  My mom and sister have flown to Paris and my heart fluttered when my mom told me she would bring me back a petite box of macarons.  A French macaron is a meringue cookie that has a flavored filling in the middle.  They can be any color and have any extracted flavor you like.  The two crème de la crème French macaron houses have to be:  Laduree and Fauchon (both French of course!)

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Laduree Macarons!

Be honest... how could you simply not fall in love with macarons after looking at those 2 websites?

I remember the first time I went into the La Duree patisserie along the Champs de Elysees.  My eyes were filled with amazement and excitement as I feasted eye on a marble counter that topped a glass case, fit for royalty, that housed these delectable treats.  Half of the people in the shoppe weren’t ordering anything at all, but staring at the masterpiece before them that would inevitably end up in their bellies. 
So why am I telling you about macarons?!  Wedding favors!

Engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorettes, centerpieces, accents, after-wedding take aways… these little treats can be used for everything!  Because of the variety of colors they come in, it’s so easy to make them a part of your décor.  Go back to my “To the Masters” blog.  Beside the cake is a small sample of green macarons. 

You don’t have to ship from Europe, there are plenty of good American macaron shoppes in the United States including MadMac NYC and Macaron Café

Just lovely!


Don't Forget!

Just a reminder we have a Facebook page!  Type CharlotteLucey in the search box and we are under the "Pages" category. 

We encourage you to tell your friends about us and appreciate the support!  Most blogs tend to start as a grass-roots effort and we can't do it without you! Feel free to contact us anytime by leaving comments and feedback on either pages or email us directly at CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com 

Some exciting news to share: We purchased a domain name and hope to launch the official CharlotteLucey website in the next couple of months.  In the meantime continue to follow us here and "Like!" our Facebook page.


Say Cheese: Engagement Photos

My friend, who is a Bride-to-be, had some questions about getting her engagement photos taken.  Engagement photos are nice to have if you want to take them or have the time, but I don’t feel they are a necessity.  Planning a wedding consumes a lot of time, so don’t feel as though it is absolutely necessary to try and squeeze every “to-do” before your special day.

When do I want to take the photos?
Most often people use their engagement photos for their  save-the-date announcements.  Plan on taking your photos at least 9 months before the wedding.  You want to give yourself enough time to schedule the photo-shoot, allow your photographer to send the proofs and final retouched photos back to you. 
This will leave you plenty of time to get your save-the-dates out the door which is typically 6 months prior to your wedding.

Where do I take the photos?
This is completely up to you.  Couples typically will take photos at iconic locations in the city they live in (in front of monuments and famous landmarks).  You can also choose locations that reflect your relationship such as:  Location where you met, went on your first date, where the proposal took place, etc.  I like the idea of taking cozy photos at home (pictured above).    It’s not something you see often, but the right photographer can create a very intimate and “lack-of-cheese” setting.

What is “Lack-of-Cheese”?
“Lack of Cheese”- without having a corny and overly cheesy, mushy, gushy, factor.

What do I wear?
It’s always best to dress up a little- a good rule of thumb is “Sunday Brunch”.  I like to think of it as refined casual. 
For the Men: 
One word… collars.  Please wear a button up, polo, or pull over that has a collar. It just looks nicer.

Do I need hair and makeup?
Makeup:  You will need to wear makeup in order for your facial features to stand out. You  don’t want them washed out by the camera and flash. 
Hair:  Your hairdo is totally up to you. Up or down doesn’t matter.  Hair typically is decided after you pick out your outfit(s).   You don’t need to have a formal due, but make sure you don’t have that “rolled out of bed look”.  Like your wedding photos, make sure you groom doesn’t cut his hair right before taking the photos.  The general rule of thumb is to get your hair cut 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding.  It looks more natural that way.

Public Displays of Affection (PDA):
I have a slightly stronger opinion on this subject. Because engagement photos are “staged”, meaning the purpose is to display your love, I find that it’s better to tone down the PDA.  Head on the shoulder- check, holding hands- check, arms wrapped around eachother-check… full blown makeout session- no thanks.

I know photographers want to capture your passionate love-nest, but I, along with your grandparents, don’t need to see that.  And simply put, it looks friggin’ awkward, so please don’t.  Some awesomely bad engagement photos...

Have fun with your photos, they are another keepsake to remember this special time.  Keep them simple, unique to your personality, and enjoy!

Coming Soon!  We'll be featuring Kristina Sherk Photography and have another Q&A info session.


New Offer!

CharlotteLucey will be creating Wedding-Scapes for FREE through the end of this month!  Refer your friends and tell them about the blog and our facebook page.  This is a great way to jump-start the planning and brainstorming process.  Together we'll  discuss your thoughts and create a tailored board to your needs and vision. Within 1-2 business days we'll deliver your wedding-scape with an inventory list of items presented to you that are available to purchase. 

Send an email to CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com.  Make sure to follow us to see our weekly Wedding-Scapes.  We’re excited to hear from you!


To the Masters

Charlotte Lucey is a huge fan of The Masters and is sad yesterday it came to a close.  Why not be inspired by Spring and the sport we love?  Behold a wedding-scape inspired by the masters.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, it's making sure you tailor it and don't take it to literally to where it becomes a "theme wedding".  How to create a theme without making it a "theme"?

You don't need golf shoes, or clubs hanging out of every flower arrangement.  Instead keep it simple and stick to the colors:  Yellow, green, and a hint of red!

We'll see you next year Masters!

Row 1:  Manolo for Brides tablscapeYellow Cake:  Martha Stewart

Row 2 (JCrew):  Red silk chiffon Abigail dress, Yellow cotton taffeta Ashley dress, Green silk taffeta Mika dress

Row 3:  Weddinic green place cards, Manolo Brides edible eye candy green wedding cake

If you would like Charlotte Lucey to create a wedding-scape for you, EMAIL US  Can't wait to hear from you!


For the Men: I

We haven't forgotten about the men!  I have a few male co-workers who are engaged to be married, and one of them asked for my input regarding his groomsmen gift.

My obvious first question was "what is your budget?"  It was, in my opinion, very generous and easy to work with.  We muddled for a few minutes over the obvious options; cuff links, pocket squares, flasks, etc.  But nothing was  hitting the mark.  Typical wasn't what this groom was after, and taking a moment to think a little more, a little light bulb went off. 

I am extremely fond of Woodford Reserve bourbon (ah hem, yes this lady drinks Bourbon).  I asked the groom since he is from North Carolina and went to school in Richmond, Virginia, if his groomsmen would appreciate a bottle of Woodford Reserve, and if he himself enjoyed the drink.  That struck a chord. We immediately went to check out the Woodford Reserve website and found a great treat.  Personalized labels on your Bourbon.  

Once you log on to the website, on the left there will be a link for "Personalize a Label".  From there you have two lines to personalize the bottle you purchase.  

Gifts for the groomsmen should be something they can use,  can enjoy, and don't have 4 or 5 pairs of.  I can't imagine the amount of flasks and cuff links that some people may have accrued depending on how many weddings they're a part of.  

Personalized bourbon meets all of those requirements.  It'll also last them more than an evening or two. I told my co-worker once he had the bourbon he could give them out as the bottle or put in natural paper bags with some tissue (perhaps in the same colors as the wedding)- it'll be welcomed with open arms and a "man hug" will ensue. 


THIS JUST IN:  My coworker (the one who was brainstorming about his groomsmen gifts) told me about Toms Glass Works.  If you're looking for personalized barware.... this looks like a really great place to visit!


Funky Friday: Haute Couture

Happy Friday everyone! It's a little gray and a little gloomy outside, so I've decided to dedicate Fridays to being "funky".  I have neighbors who like to give me their fashion magazines once they're done reading them- winning!  I was pleasantly surprised to find the April 2011 Vogue issue outside of my door earlier this week.

...And then I found this!
source Vogue
How lucky for me that the week we launched Vogue had a wedding editorial?? It's on stands now so go out and buy it- or just look here! We all know that high-couture, editorial looks are not always practical for the "real world", however these looks are still fashion-forward yet appropriate.

There are far more pictures than this and I promise to post them all, along with citations to highlight the clothes. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  The bottom photo of what I presume to be the looks of the ring bearer and flower girl.  Her smock petticoat is scrumptious!  I've been a huge fan of smock coats ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing hers in the first installment of Sex and the City.

It's such a fun alternative to the regular sweater or pashmina.  With a big full a-line skirt underneath, dresses with smock coats are like little parfaits- one fun layer after the other!


Gift Etiquette: Part Un

My friend and I went for gelato last weekend and she had some questions about gift-giving etiquette. I find that etiquette standards change by age and geographic location.  However there are still some fundamentals that everyone can abide by.  The cost of purchasing gifts can quickly add up and become a concern so there are a few things to consider:

Are you giving a gift(s) in addition to the wedding gift?
What is your budget?  Know how much you want to spend in total.

If you’re attending more than one pre-wedding event and want to give gifts for all of them, divvy your budget up to cover the amount of items you need.

  • Engagement Party:  It is perfectly acceptable to attend without a gift.  A bottle of wine or champagne is always a nice gesture of celebration though!
  • Bridal Shower:  It’s best to come with something.  It can be the actual wedding gift, or something small and personal for the Bride.  If you are purchasing a wedding present that’s being shipped from the registry, bring a card to let the bride know her gift is on the way!
    • Be conscious of the size of your gifts.  The Bride and her family will be transporting these, so large or heavy items should be shipped. Again, bring a card to let her know it's coming.
  • Bachelorette Party:  You don’t have to bring a gift to the bachelorette party. You can if you'd like, but since those usually in attendance cover a lot of the cost for the Bride, you are not obligated to bring one.
PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Hanky Panky's- $18.00 

Wedding Gift
  • Please give a wedding gift if you are invited to the wedding, even if you are not attending
  • You have one year after the wedding to purchase and send a gift. So there is really no excuse.
  • If you are budget conscious, some of the most popular registry’s (C&B, PotteryBarn, BedBath&Beyond, Target, etc.) all have very cost-effective items.
Destination Weddings
  • If you are attending a destination wedding you are not expected to bring a gift. You are the gift :) 
  • If you are not attending a destination wedding, you should give a small something.
Gift’s on a wedding registry are like Who’s from Whoville- "a gift is a gift, no matter how small".  Think of it this way, your gift is something the Bride and Groom didn't have, so every gift, no matter the size, is a thoughtful gesture.

A Sweet Idea

Since their debut in DC not even 5 years ago, Georgetown Cupcake has blown up in the DC area... and all over the nation with a hit show on TLC.

I'm not a huge fan of monograms, but when done correctly can be really tasetful.  I always think Brides have more fun with desserts so at your bridal shower put YOUR first name initial as the monogram.  This could also be a great gift to send to your bridal party. 

$2.75 each  |  $15 half dozen  |  $29 dozen
You can also create a custom Dozen order to be shipped anywhere in the US ($50 total, includes shipping)

Cupcake wedding cakes are also showing up more these days.  You can select any number of flavors and decorations you'd like.  GTC will create a custom fondant stamp for you for only $5.00 and will keep it in their shop for future use.


This is a great company that I’m not sure has made its grand entrance throughout the US yet.  Boden is an apparel company, based out of the UK that launched in 1991.  They came to the US in 2002 and I think have a long and promising future with apparel.

Boden is a mix of JCrew and Lilly Pulitzer- Which is perfect for me, because anytime I've tried something from LP I end up looking like an idiot- I just can’t wear her clothes.

Boden is perfect for pre and post-wedding affairs!  Their Summer 2011 catalogue just arrived and the cover (as pictured below) forecasted a scene of interesting patterns, bright colors, and flirty accessories.  Boden has clothes for everyone and every type of event- engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsals, and honeymoons!  They’re casual, yet eclectic , but always go back to the basics. 

You’ll be more than interested after landing on the homepage of their website http://www.bodenusa.com/ – you’ll want to look at everything!  Take your time and enjoy!Plus, any company that has an “About Us” section like this has my approval…

"After five burglaries, one office dog, nine Christmas quizzes, twelve nights spent in the warehouse, one consignment of refugees arriving with a clothes delivery, four office moves, quite a few sense of humour failures, a few sackings (but thankfully not many), 2 venture capitalists, 6 awards, about twenty fantastically annoying customers (mostly related to me), a couple of crooks, 520 King Pizzas ("Continental" medium thin crust with extra anchovies for me), a great team spirit, one incredibly tolerant wife, bucket loads of sweat and even more laughs, we're still here!" ~ http://www.bodenusa.com/



Our mouths have dropped- BHLDN Mood Boards. Having trouble finding some inspiration- let BHLDN help you. With names like:"Prerequisite Prep", "Lady Worhol", and "Splash of Interest" how could you not be inspired? There are a total of 14 mood boards each with their own personality.   A pre-selected mood board has a showcased color palette along with jewelry, dresses and accessories to match. 

You can also make your own by dragging and dropping your favorite items in a blank board.  Check out what other brides have done.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Blush and Bashful

Sweet Scents

I am obsessed with these candles.  LAFCO NY  has a line of candles, home scents, perfumes, etc.  that are divine.  My favorite is their Little Luxuries line.  These candles look great on any side table, bathroom vanity, kitchen counter top, the list goes on and on. 18 flavors are available from Honey Suckle to Chocolate Dahlia.

PERSONAL FAVORITEChamomile Lavender (best for relaxation and calmness).

Locally you can find these petite treats at any Blue Mercury store, or purchase directly online.  At $20.00, get one (or in my case several) for yourself or give as a gift for your bridal party, or have as small favors at your shower.   You can match the tins to your color scheme.


A Little Birdy Told Me

Once revered as vintage, bird cages are making a huge come back this season.  Birdcages have a beautiful and unique way of framing a brides face and hair.  Full or partial, there is something mysterious and refined about these peep-through,  striking adornments.  
BirdcageVeils for the modern bride has a huge selection of birdcage veils from plain and simple to hat birdcages.  There is a wide range in price, depending on the size, decoration, and materials used to make the piece. It really is a work of art. 

picture source BHLDN
Hollywood has embraced birdcages as well.  2003’s Sweet Home Alabama was the first time I thought “hmmm that’s interesting”.  Reese sported a full birdcage and although just a movie, looked stunning. Katherine Heigl for her actual wedding to Josh Kelley has a partial birdcage.  The simplest things really do make the biggest impacts. We approve!

It would be very surprising if your bridal shop didn't have a birdcage for you to try on.  Many hair adornments and accessories can be custom-made and it won’t cost you a lot more than if you bought something that was a sample.  
Feathers, bows, flowers, you name it, they can make it.  Make sure to ask your consultant what varieties and custom birdcages are available.  If you don’t like what they have, check out these sites. 

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A friend of ours took this photo and sent it via SMS text.  LAAAA! I couldn't help but ask where she found these precious gems.  I wouldn't typically mention or post the same store twice (but hey, it can happen occasionally!), but yes, all from Anthropologie.

I couldn't help but post this just for it's sheer presentation.  I'll have to ask her to provide close-ups of the items, but she did tell me that everything was purchased from the recently opened Anthropologie accessories shop in Friendship Heights (Washington, DC).  Hopefully these items are still in the stores.  

Something to think about:  Does the bride have to wear white shoes?  I'd be sporting the polka-dot peep toes under mine.  


Enough said. Anthropologie has launched it's wedding line, BHLDN.  For those of us who have made a sport out of decoding license plates, BHLDN stands for beholden.  This site offers the most unique bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, jewelry, accessories, and shoes.

Anthropologie is known for their point of view and it carries over completely to BHLDN.  There is simply too much to say other than this site is fierce.  To make it easier, as to not overwhelm you, I will choose the "BHLDN item of the day"- one or two things that will surely catch your eye as they do mine.  I could spend hours dissecting, commenting, and admiring all this site has to offer.

WEBSITE:  http://www.bhldn.com

We Have Fallen...

...in love with Terri Lynn Bridal. One of Bethesda's hidden gems, Terri Lynn Bridal is an all service bridal boutique tucked away in Bethesda, Maryland (a suburb right outside of Washington, DC). 

The second you come through the door you've just entered into a beautifully decorated, dusted blue boutique lined with beautiful gowns.  Terri Lynn isn't overwhelming.  It's quaint and charming and feels like the intimate closet of your dreams.  And the staff simple are, in a word, superb.

Terri Lynn Bridal is indeed owned by Terri Lynn.  She is the epitome of a bridal consultant. She is a huge package of knowledge and is always dressed in a cute black ensemble with flats.  She knows the inventory like the back of her hand. She knows the fabrics, the styles, the veils and head dresses, the belts, accessories, and every other detail about any dress and designer that she doesn't carry in her store.  I will be more than happy to rave about Ms. Terri Lynn multiple times.

Terri will sit with you and discuss what it is that you're looking for. She'll walk you around the store and pull the gowns that you like.  She will also suggest gowns that you may not have considered, but believe me, you'd be surprised how many times the dress picked is the one the bride thought she didn't want. Once you have joyously seen all that Terri Lynn has to offer, she'll take your choices and put them in order for you to try.

(actual photo of inside TLB)

You'll be helped in the dressing room, so remember to wear the proper undergarments (strapless bra for sure!).  As you step up onto the pedestal, she'll let you admire yourself and the dress.  If you love it, she'll suggest a veil or headpiece to finish the look.  She'll then take the time to discuss the dress with you.  Everything from the fabric and color choices available, to mix-and-match belts, tailoring, etc. etc.

Terri Lynn won't rush you during your appointment, although they are time conscious (appointments are 1 hour long and run every hour). They are always happy to have you come back- the store hours are extremely convenient.

What I love most about Terri Lynn Bridal is there is only one "party" in the boutique at any given time. Because of it's size, you don't feel like your competing with other brides for your dress.  It's all about you, as it should be.

Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra's music is playing on a precious side table outside of the dressing room- you can't help but feel as though you are ready, just then and there, to be at your wedding.

Thank you Terri Lynn! 

WEBSITE: http://www.terrilynnbridal.com/

Welcome to CharlotteLucey

The source of this blog's name is a secret, but not it's purpose!  I will tell you that CharlotteLucey is just one person, me, who is always looking to help those who are looking for fun ideas, resources, and simple fun things for their special day!

This blog will be a collage and boutique of fun wedding ideas, resources, and clips.  Links will be provided to any and all sites that are referenced.

I have a background in event coordination, personally and professionally. Whether I've been invited to an event, I am always eager and happy to povide resources and ideas to my friends and family.  This is simply what I love to do.

Please leave comments, share your ideas, and contribute as much as you like.

Welcome to CharlotteLucey