Hi! I'm Renee, the petite founder and operator of the CharlotteLucey blog.  My philosophy is simple: To take extraordinary pleasure in ordinary moments of fun.

I find inspiration in every day occurrences and things.  I thrive when I'm up and out rather than sitting in my chair.  Meeting new people, collaborating, and working with my clients, vendors, and fellow bloggers is what I love best.

I find anything on 'The Cooking Channel' entertaining, yoga is a way of life, going to get gelato mid-afternoon is never a bad thing, and... I digress.   

I started my background in event and creative management 9 years ago and don't think I'll get sick of it any time soon.  My goal?  To highlight as many vendors, ideas, and creative concepts to make your planning experience as care-free, fun and memorable for YOU as possible.

...I also love maxi dresses and cake.