To 2011

This is an exciting post to write because it’s the last one in 2011!   I have a deeper appreciation for New Years and what it means (to me).  It’s a time of reflection and perspective.   Where I was 6 months ago, wasn’t where I was 3 months ago, isn’t where I am today.  And where I am today is a pretty cool place.

2011 was a year of personal growth and change.  I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.  As one very famous and well-known actress said, “People are unbelievable.  We have such resilience”. Amen.

2011 kept me humble, focused and determined.  It made me to dig a little deeper, work a little harder,  and for the first time made me feel truly proud. 

You 2011, you little rascal.  I’m ready for 2012 but will remember 2011 for some of my greatest accomplishments to date. So thanks.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!  See you then!


Photo Source:  Mark Brooke Photography found at A New Year’s Eve Party for the Two of You


Challenge Me Pink

Yesterday I tweeted (click to follow CharlotteLucey on Twitter!) about a challenge I gave myself… a pink inspiration board. I’m not knocking down pink as a color, but truthfully it’s pain-staking sweet and is overwhelming as the dominate color choice for any wedding.

Pink is best-used as accents in various shades.  This creates what I like to call “the blushing effect”.  You know, kind of like when your cheeks get flushed after someone you fancy pays you a really great compliment and you laugh awkwardly and the corners of your mouth hurt from trying not to smile too much?.. I digress.  The blushing effect is a constant flow of color that is both inviting, warm, and creates the overall effect of “pink".

I wanted to think of pink as more than just a color, but rather as an attitude. It also helped that “Pink” by Aerosmith streamed through my head which is how this lovely thing came  to be. I'm also pleased with the fact it rests just above Stag on the Boards page.

P.S. Another shout out to GreenWeddingShoes!

Photo Sources:  Rebecca Thuss Silk Glossary, Whimsical Love, Sew In Love Tablescape, Ruffled Cakes, Peony Birdcage, Red & White Wine, White Roses, Pink Plaid


They're here! They're here! Bella Figura 2012

I think I might be drooling- Bella Figura unleashed their new 2012 designs.  It's no surprise that Bella Figura has been my go-to for letter press wedding invitations.  I was so excited to hit the "enter" button and find their new inventory right in front of my face.

There is a greater emphasis on color and pattern which will be extremely popular in spring and summer.  Bold hues are everywhere and will make an even greater impact.  I was also very happy to see some more robust and rustic pieces perfect for this winter and next year’s colder months. (BIRCH)

Bella Figura is still offering their 2011 which is classic, whimsical, and unique! But for now… let’s let the newbies have a little spotlight. 

Photo Sources: All Bella Figura.  Birch, Fresh, New Calligraphy, Overlook, Refined Study, Studebaker


Found it! A Perfected Winter Wedding

Hello Monday!  I apologize for taking an extended lapse in my blogging. All things aside, I’m so excited to post some pictures from this amazing winter wedding featured on GreenWeddingShoes.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Kezia & Ashton's Wedding

I've been looking for something like this to post about all month and couldn't ask for a better find.  Set against the  Bear Creek Lodge in McCall, Idaho, Benj Haisch captures how Kezia & Ashton created an intimate and warm atmoshpere against a snowy backdrop. Rustic, elegant, and beautiful.  

A canvas requests guests to "add a little something of your own" to take place of a standard guestbook. Bubbles greet the couple as they depart from their fete, and Kezia has the coolest fishtail braid I've ever seen.


Glitter Everywhere

CharlotteLucey will be back and running next Thursday! Have a great weekend and first half of next week.



Sneak Peek! Bella Figura NEW 2012 Invitations

As most of you know Bella Figura is my PERSONAL FAVORITE for wedding invitations.  I was just on their site and they are showing a glimpse of their new 2012 selection- 80 new invitations coming our way. I'm beyond excited- wait! Is that an invitation that looks like a vintage tattoo?!

Amazing. Full of color and whim, with 7 new calligraphy styles being introduced, new styles, and new fonts, 2012 is going to be a great Bella year!

Photo Sources:  Bella Figura

For Monday

This video will make anyone have a good Monday.  I've been asked on occasion "why did you start this blog?". The answer is simple. Because of moments like 4:50.  Admist everything, all she can think of is that she's in her pajamas. Great moment.

I found this video on GreenWeddingShoes.  Meet Jason, a musician who wrote this song to propose to his fiancee Carol.  Jason also enlisted the help of InFocus Cinema to help document.



In celebration of the "Sexiest Night On Television" (the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show) I decided this would be a great time to post about wedding night attire.  Don't be nervous.

One of the items you will purchase pre-wedding is what you'll be wearing post-wedding that night.  What you wear or don't wear is completely up to you, but its a continuation of the excitement and celebration from the day.

We've seen in the movies women shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue or LaPerla (tres expensive) for their underpinnings, but you don't have to shell out a ton of $$$ if you don't want to.  There are a lot of affordable options that are just as great as boudoir boutiques. 


I love the term underpinnings, it's flirty.

For some more affordable options consider shopping outside of the bridal section.  In my opinion you'll find better choices.  You also don't have to wear something white- you've been in it all day!  Have you considered American Apparel?  Yup, left field, came out of nowhere and guess what?  They have some great pieces that are significantly less expensive than a department store or specialty shop- their accessories are affordable too.

Believe it or not your future husband thinks about the wedding night just as much as you do, probably more.  It should be of no surprise that he's most likely hoping that you're going to put something on that he'll immediately want to remove with his teeth. Don't stand there looking like a cupcake with frills.  Be adventurous, but be sophisticated.  Be confidant, be sexy.   It's your wedding night- tea time is over.

Photo Source:  BHLDN Chantilly Romper


Post-Holiday Message and Cyber Monday

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!  I love Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday that doesn’t seem rushed.  It’s always on a Thursday so you know you’ll have a long weekend. You know it takes time to cook the Thanksgiving meal so youre not killing yourself to get it done (at least in our family… and we still manage to eat by 6PM).  It’s just one of those kick back, enjoy your time, eat and be merry types of holidays.  And also having a holiday that revolves around “what are you thankful for?” is always a good thing.

I don’t want to take away from the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving, but I’d like to remind everyone that today is Cyber Monday.  Online shopping is having tremendous sales and discounts that you should take advantage of.  Don't just think of Cyber Monday as an opportunity to complete upcoming holiday gift shopping… next years wedding registries are already up online!   BUY YOUR GIFTS NOW.  You'll receive a great discount and won't pinch your pennies so much.  I have 3 weddings in April, May, and June.  I'm fully taking advantage of today!

Photo Source:  PSF Web- Blog Perspectives


Lavender Comforts

The weather's been a little inconsistent.  Jumping from 60-76 in 2 days, in November, pull it together Atlanta.  I'm looking forward to constant colder temperatures.  When I think about being comfortable, I think about being warm. 

Side note:   I still find an uber amount of happiness wrapping myself up in warm towels when they come out of the dryer. I make no apologies for these types of decisions.

When I think about being warm, I think about blankets and candles. When I think about candles, I think about my Chamomile Lavender LAFCO.  Make sense? Doesn't have to.

Photo Sources: Hanging lavenderHeidi & Jeff,  Bella Figura, BHLDN Tuileries InvitationOlive Branch Headband, rustic white wedding, Lavender Box, Wedding Barn, Purple shoes, I DO box


Tips & Tricks: Effortless Evening Makeup

Makeup artist Jemma Kidd provides a great tutorial for how to apply sohisticated evening makeup.  Perfect for weddings or all of those holiday events coming up soon!

P.S. Always do a makeup trial before any event.

For more information on the products in the video visit Jemma Kidd Makeup.


Hint of Winter

With December approaching I can't help but share some of my excitement for the season. I'm looking forward to sending out holiday cards (I found a great set), smelling fresh cut pine and a crackling fire, wearing camping socks and fleece leggings, and kicking my Sorel boots by the door.  I also like it when I can feel my nose and cheeks blush from the cold.

It's a whispy sense of humor and the result is below.

Photo Sources:  Winter Bride, Anthropologie Jack Club Chair, Anthropologie Lunet Chair, Mens Tuxedo, Bella Figura Empire in Espresso Invitation, Wedding Hot Chocolate, Blitzen Trapper "Furr" lyrics, Tablescape in Cabin

*  The source for Tablescape in Cabin could not be located.  Please verify source by emailing CharlotteLucey


Another Proposal

In the past few weeks I've seen several photos and updates from female friends who are happily and excitingly accepting their "Will you be my bridesmaid?" proposals. A few years ago the typical invitation came in the form of a phone call, email, or trip to lunch.  Now brides are becoming more creative and indeed are offering a proposal themselves to their leading ladies.

Some fun ideas on how to ask!

I mentioned Design-her-Gals a while back (click here for post).  This site allows you to create a custom "mini-you" or "mini-person". You design everything from your skin tone, eye color, hair length and style and of course clothes. You can add accessories, pets, the list goes on and on just like the types of items you can order.  Labels, stickers, note pads, mugs, phone cards....

My cousin (hi Sara!) used Design-her-Gals to ask her troupe of bridesmaids if they'd like to say yes by creating personalized key chains each with their own mini. 

Georgetown Cupcake
I am 100% biased. Georgetown Cupcake is from my neighborhood- Washington, DC and I'll be darned if anyone has said they are not impressed with the cupcakes.  Cupcakes can be delivered (within the greater Washington DC area) or shipped anywhere in the US. 

A sophisticated and sweet pink box will arrive on their doorstep and a personal note may be inserted as your formal invitation.  Custom monograms or labels can also adorn the petite treats.


DIYCare Package
If you love making things (as I do) and personalizing them for people this option is for you.  I love the idea of creating a small gift-box that has fun girlie things in it.  Essie nail polish, a LAFCO Little Luxuries candle, Anthousa Diffuser, a framed photo of you and the person you're asking, etc.Consider choosing a unique wrapping paper for each person, may I suggest PAPER SOURCE?  And please oh please secure it with twine or string. It's so lovely.

FedEX Kinkos
Not the first thing you think of for all-things-wedding, I know. However they have really affordable photo-printing that can be placed on tee-shirts, mugs, aprons, sweatshirts etc.  Again, take a photo of you and your maid-to-be and place it on the front. On the back- "Will you be my bridesmaid?" and you can also put the date of your wedding below. Cute.

Just some fun ideas to think about!  If you have more stories or ideas feel free to SEND AN EMAIL!


Take A Minute

Take a minute and pause today.  Sit back, close your eyes and take in a deep breath.  Then let it out.  Drown out any interfering noise and only focus on your breath.  Stay here for a moment, or a minute.

Every day we are pulled in lots of directions.  We're asked to make choices, affirm decisions, back-down, buck-up, run in circles, and stand perfectly still, sometimes all within one day.  It's very easy to get "caught up".  Especially when everything around us seems to be spinning and then it can happen in an instant. We lose our temper. This happens in life and will happen during your planning process. 

It's important to remember during these high-stress moments to pause and catch yourself.  There will undoubtedly be many opinions given (or thrown) at you for how your wedding should be prepared.  Ultimately it is you, the planner, who will need to set the tone for how the process will continue. 


I know a bride whose bridal party contains many different personalities... one that is particularly difficult.  She asked me the best way to go about speaking with this BM (bridesmaid) to ensure that no ones ears would spout steam.  I told her about The Little Book On BIG Ego by Joel Epstein.

This book is one that everyone should read whether you're planning or involved in a wedding, or not.  The book is great in explaining how to take information in, process it, pause... then respond.  I think too often our inherent reaction is to react. We forget sometimes to take that extra second to fully digest the information we're given.  We are such little egomaniacs. 

Most often, the people who are the most difficult or unyielding are the ones who lack the most confidence. The loudest person in a conversation typically has the weakest argument, and as such, uses stubbornness or volume to try and maintain dominance. 

Remember this and remember to stay in your moment.  Allow an open ear and respond accordingly. Be cool, calm, and collected.   It's easier said than done, but an excellent exercise for anyone to try or consider.  Taking that extra moment to allow your "information traffic cop" to fully interpret the message being received will save a great deal of mental exhaustion and unnecessary annoyance. 

Oh and what about that bridesmaid?  The bride kept her ears open and in a firm, yet friendly manner laid the ground work for her day. The bridesmaid understood, didn't argue, and is happily moving forward with the rest of the bridal party. 

Wishing you a very calm rest of your day :)


Gift Returning, Exchanging, and Donating!

Hello Monday!  I've been asked by numerous people why I chose not to cover the Kardashian/Humphries wedding...it's self-explanatory.  I won't lie and tell you that I haven't been following some of the recent updates, but what I find to be most interesting are the points made by event and etiquette experts about "returning the gifts". 

I'm not going to discuss when a marriage dissolves and what to do, but rather flip it to a conversation about what Brides and Grooms should do when they want to return or exchange a gift given to them. This post is about the gifts you don't want, the gifts you don't need, and a way to respectfully return them. One thing you should know is that it's 100% guaranteed that you will be returning or exchanging a few of the gifts you receive.
The easiest gift to return is one that can be exchanged.  This is a gift purchased from a store you registered at, but isn't on your registry. What makes this easy is that an easy exchange occurs and the unwanted gift is credited towards something you do want.

RULE OF THUMB GIFT GIVERS:  If you are purchasing an item OFF of the registry, make sure to purchase something that is ON the registry as well. 

I attended a wedding in May and wanted to play up a "salad theme".  The bride and groom were registered for a set of salad plates and a salad dressing mixer. I purchased those two items with some money left to spare in my gift budget. Because of that, I decided to buy an item related to the "salad theme" that wasn't on their registry, but from the same store.  It was a large salad bowl and tong set. If the salad bowl and tongs were returned at least I had purchased two items they wanted and the credit of the salad bowl could go towards an item they hadn't received or a future purchase at the store.  Who would be offended by that? Not me.

ANOTHER THING TO KEEP IN MIND:  It's very rare that someone will be outwardly offended if you return a gift.  Guests should know and understand that a registry is a wish-list.  Any off-the-list items may be exchanged for something not fulfilled. 

IF YOU ARE CONFRONTED:  This shouldn't happen and is incredibly tacky for a wedding guest to do, but if you are confronted with someone wondering where their gift is the above paragraph can help, or the response below...

"We appreciate your thoughtfulness.  There were still some key items from our registry that hadn't been fulfilled so we decided to exchange the items we hadn't originally needed to put towards purchasing those from our list."

It's polite, to the point, and honest. It also shows your appreciation. A guest should be more than happy that their item was used towards something you really need. Are you going to keep a ceramic, rooster-shaped cookie jar that you didn't need, want, or ask for? Or put it towards completing your flatware order? Just saying.

A GIFT OUT OF LEFT FIELD:  This is a gift you can't use, don't want, and can't return.  I love these gifts.  My sister and her husband received a few of these for their wedding.  These are what I like to call "mystery gifts" because no one knows where they come from.  Sure, we know who the sender is, but there is no gift-receipt, logo, or name on the box.  It just came from nowhere.  So what are you supposed to do?

Don't keep things in your house that you can't use- it's a bad habit. It also causes clutter in more ways than one. Every gift you receive you should appreciate because someone took the time and money to give it to you.  However, if you're never going to use it it has no place in your home.  Don't shove it under your sofa or bury it in your closet hoping its existence will fade with time. It won't. All you're doing is avoiding the inevitable.  Throwing out a gift is hard because we don't want to seem unappreciative for what we received. There is a fantastic alternative though- donating!

Donation centers are always happy to received household items, especially unused ones.  You'll feel better knowing these items can go to a place where someone may be able to really use it for themselves.  You're doing your part to contribute to the community and not be wasteful.

Enjoy your gifts and enjoy exchanging, returning, and donating the ones you can't use. It's all a part of the fun!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email CharlotteLucey!



I can't believe it's already November.  I thought 2010 flew by, but 2011 proved to move much faster.  Only 60 days until the New Year! I digress...

When I think of November the usual things come to mind:  Thanksgiving, the Fall, turkey, food.  LOTS of food.  I also thought about how easy it is to have a fall-inspired wedding, but how do you make sure that when your wedding takes place in one of these celebratory months that it doesn't fall victim to cliches and gimmicks?  Well here's some food for thought (pun intended).

Idea #1- Hors d'oeuvres Inspired by the Holiday (not main course)
Butternut squash shooters
Turkey meatballs
Twice-baked potato canape
Roasted vegetable mini quiche
Sweet potato skewer with marshmallow dipping sauce

The reason why I don't think the main course should reflect holiday fare is because it will scream "THIS IS A THANKSGIVING WEDDING".  I don't like things that scream, only things that suggest.

Idea #2- Seating
The usual 10-12 person rounds can always be expected.  Try something more rustic.  I love farm tables. Long, rectangular, communal farm tables. They can be of various sizes and accommodate different numbers of people.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Bella Figura Villie-Marie 

Idea #3- Family Style Eating 
I've never been to a Thanksgiving where I was served a plate.  I've always had my food passed to me by the person to my right or left.  I love this style of eating.  It's very much in the spirit of giving and receiving and always being thankful.

I know what you're thinking.  Do I really want to wait for lots of dishes to be passed around the table?  Is it too informal?  Will it make the tables look cluttered and distract from the centerpieces?  What happens when/if the food runs out?

At large tables, request that each side of the table be treated like a separate group.  They should each receive their own sets of all of the dishes.  Your catering manager will be able to assist in portions.  If you are plating meat, typically there will be only one portion per guest which is easily seen, so no one should take more than their fair share.  If they do, slap their hand.

Family style for the most part is less expensive than a formal dinner service, but I still consider a sit-down meal.   There is a way to incorporate individual service to your guests through dessert.  Individual slices of wedding cake is always a great presentation along with coffee or cider service. Learn where you can save your pennies, and where it still counts to have that extra attention to detail.

Idea #4- Use of Natural Materials
I beg of you- please DON'T place a cornucopia in the middle of your table and call it a day.  Bring natural elements into your decor such as trees, twigs, reeds, and wood.  Flowers should be warm and inviting, and rich in color.  Play up your candlelight by using cream or brown wax.  If you want to add an industrial or metallic element, consider copper or rust colored accents.

Oh yeah, let me mention my personal favorite.  As always, it's a Bella Figura letterpress invitation.  I love how subtle it is.  Extremely appropriate and is just enough to say "join us for an autumnal holiday affair".


On-Site Coordination with LaFete Events: A Must

"Guidance during the last critical month and on the wedding day."- LaFete Events

On-Site Coordination.  The finishing touches, wrap-up details, and confirmations can overwhelm anyone as the days approach to your walk down the aisle.  This is where Katie and the LaFete team come through.  LaFete Events begins this process 2 months prior to your wedding day and coordinates all of the "game day logistics".  Once everything has been organized and put into place, it's just a matter of showing up and enjoying oneself. 

LaFete offers the following for their On-Site Coordination services starting with your planning meeting:

  • Rehearsal, ceremony, and reception management
  • Timeline creation for rehearsal and wedding day
  • Vendor and venue liaison and contact
  • Management of personal belongings and gifts of the bride and bridal party
These are all of the little odds n' ends that you and your bridal party won't want to deal with the day of your wedding... there are WAY too many other things going on.  Katie and LaFete will take care of all of this, and then some, for you.  They literally take all of the worry out of your head and hands. 

I have to give Katie a shout out for being completely in-tune with the needs of her clients.  She's not afraid to be honest when telling her clients that planning a wedding takes time, energy and a certain level of commitment to ensure that their vision becomes a reality... She always delivers!  Great job LaFete, we'll see you next Thursday!

Photo Source: Walters & Walters Photography


General Knot & Co. Weddings

Last week I introduced you to my Tuesday obsession, General Knot & Co.  Before posting last weeks blog I reached out to General Knot & Co. to alert them of my interest in writing about their shoppe.  I was hopeful for a good response since weddings are probably not the first target of any entrepreneur specializing in men's accessories.  I was happy to receive the following answer from Andrew, Creative Director and Lead Designer...

"A very happy surprise, though!  I've had such a great time collaborating with the grooms and brides to make their special designs.  They really seem to enjoy not only having a true part in the creative process, but also being able to create unique designs that only they and they alone will ever have."- Andrew

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Black Chambray & Navy Deadstock Floral Two Tone Neck Tie 

This is what I love. Not only are the ties unique in their own right, but you can actually work with General Knot & Co. to create a custom tie just for your groom or all of the groomsmen. If you don't want a completely random assortment consider choosing the same main fabric for the face of the tie and selecting a different accent piece.  For example...

Like the evolution of bridesmaids gowns, members of the grooms party are also considering their options for what makes them look good.  Fashion has sneaked its way into the fox den and so far I don't hear any complaints.

Photo Source:  All General Knot & Co. Neck Ties.  Black Chambray & Mountain Green Check Two Tone Neck Tie, Black Chambray & Navy Deadstock Floral Two Tone Neck Tie, Black Chambray & Jacquard Pickstitch Stripe Two Tone Neck Tie, Black Chambray & 1970s Check Flannel Two Tone Neck Tie


Happy Halloween!

Halloween has a special place in our family- my little sister Tina was born on Halloween.  Because Tina was deemed the "pumpkin baby" any Halloween related book, movie, or song was always readily available in our house. 

Our family has taken a strong liking to Tim Burton and his creations. His characters, although ghoulish and ghastly, are always romantic and sweet.  There is something very special about a skeleton serenading his love under a harvest moon (sigh). It only seemed appropriate to post this 13 days leading up to All-Hallows-Eve.  

Sweeping black chiffon, candelabras with glowing ivory wax, and creepy crawlers who appear before you on your plate make interesting guests...

Photo Sources: Pottery Barn Mini Skull Vase Filler, Amsale Blue LabelDahlia” gown, Pottery Barn Curiosity Appetizer Plates, BHLDN Moon's Realm Booties, Ghost Photo by Ashley Garmon, Jill Johnson Halloween Photography, Bella Figura Natalia, Vera Wang #61, Pottery Barn Happy Halloween Wall Decal, Halloween Reception


Tuesday's Obsession: General Knot & Co.

Two guys walk into a bar... but that's not how the story goes.  Actually, two guys rode the same train one day in New York City and discovered a shared admiration for what would turn out to be an extremely successful and unique shoppe and CharlotteLucey's new Tuesday feature.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  General Knot & Co.

Andrew Payne is the Creative Director and lead designer for these pieces of American art.  How so?  The fabrics collected that create every necktie, bow tie, and pocket square range from 40-90 years old and are masterfully wait for it...wait for it.... mixed n' matched!  Every tie has an accent and a hidden surprise. So how does General Knot & Co find their fabrics?  I'll let them explain...

"We curate our tie fabrics through a countrywide network of collectors, dealers, estate sales and auctions.  We especially love this part of our work. There's nothing quite like the thrill of finding an amazing vintage fabric and giving it another lease on life." - General Knot & Co.

The inventory General Knot & Co. possesses is impressive, and one that I intend to begin collecting for myself.  The ties are beautifully crafted and the story General Knot & Co. narrates amplifies the amount of care, attention to detail and love that goes into the product and craft.

If you see a tie you like, need or love, don't wait too long.  Supply is limited because of the nature of the fabrics... they are 100% authentic, vintage fabrics that can't be duplicated.   As General Knot & Co. says, "History has woven a story into every design".

Photo Sources:  General Knot & Co. 


Creative Consultation with LaFete Events

The other week I introduced you to Katie Dunn and LaFete Events, a full-service event coordination team based in North Carolina.  Katie and LaFete offer a tiered system of services that cater your your needs whether you need a part-time consultant or full-time coordinator.


With the amount of resources available at your fingertips, it's completely understandable why you may not need a full-time coordinator.  If this is the route you choose, a Creative Consultation is the way to go.  Katie and her team work with you on an hourly basis to help you with (but not limited to) the following:

  • Venue search
  • Budget development and cost-savings solutions
  • Vendor selection and referral
  • Personalized decor and design 
  • Rental item selection and coordination
  • Timeline development and action lists
  • General wedding planning tips and advice
  • Pre/post wedding events
One of the things I really enjoyed learning about Katie when I met her was the amount of time she takes to get to know her clients and what they need from her.  This helps communicate the process of setting expectations between you (the planner) and your coordinator.  A Creative Consultation also allows for greater flexibility in the planning process:

  • Budget.  You only pay for the services that you need. 
  • Time Management.  You take care of the items on your punch list and your coordinator picks up the rest. 
  • Resources.  A Creative Consultation gives you access to an abundant amount of resources that Katie and LaFete are happy to share with you. Through them you are able to research and manage the process for obtaining your vendors through trusted referrals and advice from the experts!
Until next Thursday!


Life is Sweet- Super8

Last night I toasted to my (and CharlotteLucey's) one month anniversary in Atlanta!  I'm so excited to be down here and have met some great people to work with.

The video below comes from Birdhouse Productions in Pennsylvania.  The couple are filmmakers and the guy couldn't help it, but to use his talents to propose to his girlfriend.  Wishing everyone a sweet and happy weekend.  Life is sweet.

Life Is Sweet. from birdhouse productions. on Vimeo.


The Paper Nickel Stamp Company

Have you ever noticed the perfectly fixed stamp on a wedding invitation?  Do you notice how the stamp matches the invitation inside or event theme?  This is no coincidence.  Yes, a careful eye spent time perusing through a selection of stamps in order to play matchmaker between the stamp and it's soul mate, the envelope.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  The Paper Nickel Stamp Company 

Wouldn't it be fun to have authentic, vintage stamps as part of your weddings identity?  May be from the 70's or late 80's?  What about the early 1900s?  If you purchase stamps from The Paper Nickel Stamp Company that's exactly what you'll receive.  A colorful mix of authentic and handcrafted stamps from a multitude of decades.

"Holly (owner and founder) handpicks a cache of colorful and charming collections for each and every order, pulling from her enormous inventory which spans a variety of decades from the early 1900s through the late 1980s"- www.thepapernickel.com

Piggy-backing from the post yesterday, you can select to order a completely random assortment sent to you or you can specialize your order.  A great example is the photo below. We can assume the theme of the invitation or event is navy and red.  The stamps don't match, but remain within that color family.
A pack of stamps equals $.44 cents- the amount required to send a one standard piece of mail.  Sometimes a pack will contain 3 stamps, sometimes it will contain 5.  It all depends on the value of the stamps inside. If you are placing a large order that requires multiple packs, please allow several days for your order to be complete.

Tips & Tricks:  When you order your invitations ask the company or your event planner to send you a sample of the completed package that will be sent to your guests (inserts and all).  You can take your invitation to be weighed at your post office which will determine how many stamps you need for each one.  For safety, I always tack an extra $.02-$.03.  It's always better to round up by a little and know your invitations will be delivered safely than have them be returned back to you.

Have a great time with these- it's artistic, unique and classic!

PhotoSources:  The Paper Nickel Stamp Company 


Mix N' Match

I went through my usual resources and, as always, found what I wasn't looking for.  A stacked set of topsy-turvey, non-matching teacups.  Too often we worry too much about how things should fit together. How they should match to the perfectionists eye.  With all due respect,  screw the eye. It's the imperfections that give a setting, a person, a moment, and an environment their uniqueness and memorable qualities.

Anthropologie hosts the most perfect atmosphere for mixing n' matching.  The home nooks are stacked and cradled with things that have no business being in the same corner, but make perfect sense together.  Plan carefully and be modest with your choices.  The result will be extravagant.

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It's Here

It's official- Fall has arrived.  60 degree temperatures, clear skies, light winds, and flannel. Yesterday was a typical lazy Sunday, but I spent the majority of it outside.  I found (and purchased) some things along the way that reinforced the change in season. Click to view full post and photos.

This is a house I pass regularly in one of my favorite "pockets".  I'm a dork and utter fan of craftsman style homes.  They're cozy, have tons of character, and my favorite.... are larger than they appear. Like me :)

I will own a Wagoneer one day.  This is my sports car, my toy, my weekend joy ride. Oh yes, it will be mine. 

Wood chips.  I've taken a loan from Urban Cottage in the Highlands.  If you like shabby, vintage, beach meets log cabin-like homes- this place is for you.  A fun and affordable small treasure... I'm choosing a wash for my miniature bench!

Sorel half boots.  Half Moon Outfitters. Enough said. 


Vendor Profile: LaFete

Considering that I now live in the South, it's time to highlight some local party-pals.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Abany Tschupp of BROWN LINEN COMPANY a while back- Abany will be back soon (she is planning her own wedding right now!).

I would like to introduce you to Ms. Katie Dunn, founder of LaFete.  LaFete is an all-inclusive, event production, design, and bridal consulting team.  Katie and her team are based out of North Carolina, but travel all over the region to work with their clients.  I had the pleasure of meeting Katie in Atlanta through a mutual friend, and was very impressed with her excitement and passion for the work she does.

As always, I can't just post once about a vendor and call it a day.  I'll be writing a series about LaFete and the services they provide which fit nicely into the following categories:

Creative Consultation
On-Site Coordination
Event Production 

What I like most about Katie's positioning is her flexibility.  You can use LaFete's services as much or as little as you like. Mix n' Match!  It's your day and as Katie says (and CharlotteLucey agrees)...  "Save the drama for your grand entrance"!

Stay tuned.  LaFete will be featured for the next few weeks on Thursdays.  Cheers!

Photo Source:  Carolyn Scott Photography


Food Trucks!

Every Wednesday around 7/730 PM, you can find me on N. Highland Avenue sampling some of Atlanta's finest cuisine.  Food Truck Wednesdays.  8-10 food trucks deposit themselves in an open lot where you will find local foodies with their dogs, blankets, lawn chairs, and coolers (BYOB is permitted).

I look forward to this night of the week every week.  It's fun, social, and the food is fantastic and so affordable.  I can buy 5 items and pay less than $20.  Completely satisfied and full after each visit, I'm hoping food truck night lasts well into the Fall- that photo was taken 2 weeks ago on-site. 

MUST TRY:  Pulled Pork Taco and Sesame Fries

I keep seeing and hearing more about people straying from traditional wedding favors and moving towards things their guests can consume.  Whether it be a late-night hamburger, slider pack, or warm cookies and milk, there's just something about food at the end of the night (especially after alcohol has been consumed).  So why not try and combine two fantastic things?

Some food for thought (pun intended)... You're having the time of your life dancing, singing, partying, and being with your friends at a wedding.  The party ends and as you leave the venue, BAM!  A food truck is waiting right there for you and all of the other guests.  Paid for by your hosts, all you're required to do is point, order, and consume a complimentary and fantastic post-wedding snack menu.

I've never seen this done, but think it would make for a fantastic send-off.  After working off your meal on the dance floor, why not have a flavorful and memorable departure? If I see or hear about someone trying this, I might just have to give myself a little pat on shoulder.

Worth the Wait- Missoni

 Yes, it really did take me 13 days to put this together and I make no apologies for doing so.  Missoni flooded Target and crashed its site.  It also paved the way for a slew of inspiration filled with a colorful appetite and stylish palette. Yay Monday!

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Missoni Missoni Missoni

I hope everyone at least took a peak online to check out the Missoni for Target line that premiered today.  Target has had plenty of guest designers who collaborate with them as the leading retailer that is the most cost-effective and wallet-friendly, but this was special.  It's like Christmas came early this year!

That's not the point.  The point is that I got my little hands on several items that are Missoni.  It's not Target doing Missoni.  It's Missoni for Target. It's Missoni. And $45.00 for a pair of pumps, shut your mouth- a regular label Missoni scarf costs $175-200.  I'll take the Missoni for Target. Yes please!

* Please note that this link directs you to the look-book for the full Missoni for Target line (since the site has crashed). 

But out of the small basket of goodies I brought back to my apartment, my absolute favorite has to be the set of 5 cappuccino cups with matching saucers and mini spoons.

I'm a big fan of mixing and matching as most of you know.  It's probably my biggest "I love" for this item.  Each cup has it's companion saucer which I'm sure look perfectly nice together. But why would you do that?  Mix 'em up!  I promise you, the combinations are random and may not make any sense, but fit together perfectly.

Don't think for a moment that this hasn't caused some serious thought for the next post.  Stay tuned.


More Than I Do

Labor Day weekend was filled with driving, assembling, and settling.  I, and CharlotteLucey, are not headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia!  I can't tell you how happy I am to be posting again.  Before I get started I have to share my appreciation for 2 things:  1)  The drive from DC to Atlanta.  It's long. 2) Power drills.  How people assemble (not build) IKEA furniture without one is beyond me.

Green is on the agenda today.  Not with envy, but with transition.  Again inspired by the change from summer to fall, Green is a color that when paired with neutrals creates a very warm atmosphere, while remaining fresh.  Fall favorite? Absolutely.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Bella Figura:  A Vintage Chic New Zealand Celebration

Pair this with Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You" (which just happened to play on Pandora while I began creating this).  I think they pair up quite nicely. Enjoy and happy Monday!

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