One of Those Days

Typically when we hear, “I’m having one of those days” we assume it’s something bad. In this case, it’s GOOD!  I am having one of those days where it’s just a really good f-ing day and it’s not even 10 AM.

I read in an article that doing something at least once a week that’s different from your regular routine is good for your cholesterol. Sometimes instead of taking the elevator, I take the stairs.  Or may be I opt to drive a different way to work.   Today I woke up and went to a ninja spin class! 

The word ninja in this context doesn’t literally mean “a ninja”.  It just means something really bad ass and awesome.  Coined by thunder buddy, Pam!

I don’t know if it’s normal to be so excited about trying something new.  May be it was because I knew that this new thing was going to be good for me. I got to the gym pre-sunshine, chose my seat, and started moving my legs.  45 minutes later as Will.I.Am wrapped up there was this rush of “Holy Moses this is awesome, this is what I needed, this is bad ass, this is just SO GOOD!"

Can you tell the endorphins haven’t really kicked off yet? 

Point is- today is Friday and it’s awesome.
Ask yourself- Whats something that I can do that will totally get me pumped up?
Holler at this commercial because it just does it for me.

So yeah, I'm totally having one of those days. And it's freaking awesome.  Have a great day and weekend y’all!



Save Face

Soon-to-be brides see an array of specialists and industry gurus before they say, “I do”. Everyone from personal trainers, to event specialists, caterers, photographers, it goes on and on…

One of the most sought after go-to folks that brides make appointments with on multiple occasions before their nuptials are dermatologists- the savers and magical genies of our facial epidermis.

Dr. Ronald L. Moy, a contributor of HuffPostWeddings explains some of the things brides can do to prep their skin to achieve an even more radiant and glowing face.

1.  Repair your damaged DNA
Believe it or not our DNA structure becomes compromised when exposed. This damage actually builds as we grow older, but something can be done!  It can be restored.

How?  Find a skin care line that contains DNA repair enzymes.  This will reprogram your skin to act, behave, and look the way it once did before things like UV rays, smoke, and pollution got to them.  It’s suggested hat you begin your regime 8 weeks prior to your nuptials for full affect.  And keep up the good work afterwards. It doesn’t take a lot of time in the morning or night and you’ll feel and see a noticeable difference.

2.  Resurface, tighten, and thicken skin with specialized facial treatments.
Facials at spas are great, but go to the dermo.  Many dermatologist offices now offer facials and treatments that are actually better at targeting skin ailments. They can also perform more specialized treatments such as peels and lasers which you can’t always get done at a spa- nor would I want to. 

Typically when you leave you’ll have a goodie bag with you with the products that were used on your face to keep up maintenance at home.  My recommendation would be to get a facial every couple of weeks (every 6 to 8- like a hair cut) leading up to your I do.  This might sound like a lot, but it’s not.

Dr. Moy suggested that you can get a facial or treatment even 1 day prior to your wedding, but I don’t recommend this.  A lot of the times when people get treatments on their face, there can be blotching redness, and you can even break out a little.  This is all normal, but you wouldn’t want this happening 24 hours prior to your wedding.  My suggestion would be to get your last facial 7-10 days prior to wedding, and have an emergency, regular dermo appointment schedules 48 hours before.  If there’s a blemish or something that needs a quick fix it won’t disrupt your face. 

3. Consider custom laser protocol. 
I don’t think this is necessary. However, if you’re going for the big enchilada schedule an appointment with your dermo to discuss your options.  For dark spots, scars, or other more serious ailments laser treatments can be used to resurface the skin. 

Just don’t put a light saber to your face.

4.  Drink plenty of water!
This is my recommendation! Take that, Dr. Moy, just kidding.  But this is really important. I get facials and it's been drilled into me by every Aesthetician to drink MORE water.  Water is vital to healthy, glowing, elastic, baby-butt, smooth skin.  If you're not drinking as much water as you should, start today! Not only do we need water to survive, but it helps to flush out toxins in the skin- the ones we don't want  showing up on wedding day!

You can see a noticeable difference if you just upped the water-intake, use a Dove soap bar, and apply Aveeno (non-scented) moisturizer. And try not to sleep with makeup on.  Works for me!


PhotoSource: http://modernhepburn.tumblr.com/page/3


Fall Camping Inspiration

Fall is here!  The air is a little crisper, the mornings are a little chillier, and we get an extra hour of sleep coming up- whoo hoo!

After the running around and care-free craziness ( a #goodthing) of the summer, its nice to regroup and settle into fall.  Things get a little cozier, a little warmer, bundling is preferred and encouraged, and it’s time to reap the benefits of a year that is almost coming to a close. 

Rusted clay and mustard (duh) are the color inspiration, but the main attraction is certainly the black and white photo.  It's pretty darn good- I'm a sucker for these.  

Get creative and rustic- give your guests Cinnabons, provide wool blankets, and retreat in your decked out tent. Cozy!

Photo Sources:  Jeep Wagoneer, Shabby chic vow wall, West Elm bedding, B&W kiss, rust table setting, I Love Camping vintage sign, yellow and brown wool blanket, Cinnabon


Bitchless Bride: 5-Minute Planning


I came across an article from fellow bride-blogger, Bitchless-Bride that I thought would be of interest to you all! If the name doesn't grab you, her article will.   She is, and I quote, a “Straightforward, Foul-Mouthed Wedding Planner”. Totally up the CharlotteLucey alley.  Her most recent article is a home-runner for brides who have a knack for not getting caught up in the petty details of planning a wedding. Chillax, enjoy, breathe. 

Bitchless-Bride ,who is also an event planner, wants you to know that you can save the drama for your mama (or the grooms mama) and plan your wedding in literally 5-minutes with 5 things to keep in mind things.

Yes your wedding day is going to be awesome, but the planning process should be also (ah hem, have you read my "About". It makes me sad when I hear brides say, "I just want this to be over with”. That is so not the point or attitude you should have. Everything from the initial “Will you marry me?”, through cake or cupcake tasting, venue picking, and so on should be…. Dare I say it?  Enjoyable and fun?  It’s your wedding!

Below are Bitchless-Bride's steps. Although only 3/5 are my personal preference, I understand how all 5 can help your cause of staying sane, planning an awesome wedding, and having it be about you and the hubs-to-be!  #1 is a home-run. 100%. Cheers!
  1. Don't ask everybody and their mother what they think about your wedding plans. Honestly, "don't ask, don't tell." In this case, it'll keep you sane.
  2. Don't second-guess yourself. If you find "the wedding dress", then quit looking. If you love red velvet cake, then get red velvet cake EVEN if not everybody likes it. Screw them; it's your wedding.
  3. Don't get band, get a DJ. The great bands book several months to years in advance. Meanwhile, there are some amazing DJs out there that have a much shorter booking span.
  4. Don't have a sit down dinner, have a cocktail party. Ask the venue or caterer to choose their favorite or most popular passed hors d'oeuvres and stationary items, and skip a tasting. (You could even pass mini cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. Yes... even though I'm over the whole cupcake trend, when they're mini, they get a free pass.) A cocktail party also means you don't have to worry about escort cards, place cards, menu cards, etc....
  5. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the minutia of how crazy you're supposed to be. Educated decisions don't necessarily have to take a long time. The just have to be, um, educated.
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Hipster Wedding

We all know what a hipster is- or what we think a hipster is. If you’ve been watching Gallery Girls on Bravo (Monday nights at 10 PM) I don’t think anyone would debate that the ladies from Brooklyn are hipsters. Brooklyn is probably known as the hipster capital of the US. Just saying folks.

A friend of mine from high school recently posted a link to her Facebook which I thought was great- Are You At a Hipster Wedding?

You can find great examples of weddings that are definitely hipster on the Internet, but you don’t have to pigeon hole yourself for making unique style choices for your wedding. It’s a reflection of your personality as a couple remember?

Having bold, box font on your invitation, a bearded officiate, and a ceremony in a barn doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re throwing your hands up at a traditional affair. We put lots of labels on weddings; traditional, classic, bohemian, shabby chic, hipster….etc.

As long as your wedding isn’t a cluster you–know-what, incorporate your spirit, your story and your personality as a couple as much as you want.  

…But take a look at the road map from Refinery 29 and see if you’ve ever been to a “hipster” wedding or planning one yourself. Cheers!


Hump Day Photos

I love BuzzFeed.  What? Never heard of it?  Well basically it's every amazing thing that lives on the Internet right in front of your face. And today they posted "The 50 Most Romantic Photographs Of All Time". Couldn't resist- favorites  below, but click here for all photos!


Photo Sources:  BuzzFeed (1. Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.Image by Time & Life Pictures - Alfred Eisenstaedt / Getty Images, 2.Photo by Rich Lam.Image by Rich Lam / Getty Images, 3.Photo by Shannen Norman. Source: shannennatasha.blogspot.com, 4.buzzfeed.com , 5.buzzfeed.com Smoking photo by Philippe Halsman, 6. everyday-i-show.livejournal.com, 7&8: Photos by Tim Dodd. See A Love Story In 22 Pictures for more.  Via: timdoddphotography.com, 9. all-that-is-interesting.com)


Perfectly Imperfect

Guess where the inspiration for this board came from.  PS- Hi! It’s been a ridiculously long time. I thought this board was appropriate because I am proud to say that I’m imperfect. This blog is imperfect.  I love that.

I don’t think perfect exists except for the “big man in the sky” if you know what I mean.
So here is my perfectly imperfect board and post.  Cheers!

Photo Sources: Table setting, Love is Sweet box,  Dandy Bread Candy "Perfectly Imperfect", dessert table, B&W maxi, Bella Figura Florian invitation,   Chanel compact, JCrew tuxedo bow bracelet,