See You After Labor Day!

CharlotteLucey will be posting on a regular basis after the Labor Day weekend!  I'm excited to announce that CharlotteLucey will now be headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia!  I'm really looking forward to meeting new prospective clients and being introduced to a completely new audience. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and have a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!



Frankly My Dear...

For such a complicated woman, her story is quite simple...Rich fabrics and deep colors cascade all around her.  Scarlet, the very essence of her name, is the color of choice. She's unapologetic, yet completely romantic.

Photo Sources:  The New Yorker "Remembering Gone With The Wind", Priscilla of Boston Style 1610 Bridemaids Dress, BHLDN Glass Glitter in pink, Preston Bailey Elevated Wedding Reception Centerpieces, Kenneth Pool "Royalty" Wedding Gown, Bella Figura Magnolia invitation, BHLDN Pom Pom Shoe Clips in melon, Preston Bailey Before and After Slide 14

Boards Are Here!

I've added a new page to the blog!  BOARDS.   These are probably my favorite things to post on the blog.  CharlotteLucey is nearing 100 posts and scrolling through titles is not always fun.  Click on the BOARDS page located on the header of the blog to view all.  My goal is to begin posting a new board 1-2x per week.

All photo sources are located in the content of the blog that the board was created for. Just click on the title above the photo to be taken to the blog page to read content and to view sources!



Let it Fall!

The first conversation I overheard this morning was between my cube neighbors at work.  Both have been to numerous weddings this summer which will continue into the fall. I couldn’t help but hear one ask the other, “What do I wear to a fall wedding?!” 

Changing of seasons when summer temperatures still linger can be tricky.  If you attend a wedding right after Labor Day, but it’s still 85 degrees outside, can you still wear bright colors and a short frock?  Below are a few FAQs, and hopefully, helpful hints!

Can I wear bright colors after Labor Day?
Yes. Bright colors are acceptable year round.  Bright colors or jewel tones can be worn in the winter, but look best when pairsed with black tights or stockings.  NOTE:  No one wears nude pantyhose, please don’t. Even in winter. Sh. Stop.

What dress length is acceptable for fall?
If you are not wearing stockings or tights, a fall dress should hit right below, at, or above the knee (less than an inch or 2 either way). 

What if I wear black tights?
A short dress with black tights is fine. However, if it’s not cold enough to cover your legs, leave them out. You don’t want to jump the weather wagon too soon.

Is a strapless dress still appropriate?
Leave the strapless behind for fall if you plan on wearing a short or bright colored dress.  They can appear more summer-like.  However, darker colors and a longer length make strapless dresses appropriate.  Pair with a mini sweater or pashmina (thank you JCrew).

What about black?!
When is a little black dress ever bad?  There's a reason why the LBD has been coveted as a wardrobe must-have.  I have to give a shout out to my friend Adrienne for her impeccable taste at a wedding we attended earlier this summer.  Adrienne wore a DVF black wrap dress that was perfection. She paired her LBD with a pair of nude, patent leather pumps, clutch, and neutral jewelry.  It was the ideal wedding guest outfit.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Diane Von Furstenberg, Piperlime, JCrew

When does floor length become acceptable?
Floor length is always acceptable, but it depends on the “attire” for the affair. If the invitation says anything less than formal or black-tie, leave the lengthy duds at home.

Consider wearing a dress with ¾ length sleeves.  I love this idea for fall because it counter-balances a shorter skirt. For my sisters rehearsal dinner I wanted a colorful, shorter dress, that was still autumnal. Guess which one is me!

What are the best colors for fall?
Wine/Burgundy, Neutrals, Black, NAVY!  Navy can be worn year round and doesn’t discriminate- EVERYONE looks good in Navy.

Email any questions to charlottelucey.info@gmail.com Have a great fall season everyone! 

Photo Sources: DVF Genevieve Wrap Dress, JCrew Ashley Dress


Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Not the case for this Bride-to-Be. UCLA student and Ph.D candidate, Kjerstin Gruys (Photo Source: Courtesy of Kjerstin Gruys/YouBeauty.com) has vowed not to look in the mirror for 12 months- six of which will lead up to her wedding.  Her blog “Mirror Mirror Off the Wall” details her quest to not look at herself in a vain manner. 

To take it a step further, the 12 months that Kjerstin won’t be looking at her reflection goes through her wedding date of October 2011.  The project doesn't end until March 2012. I can’t help but wonder, why go past your wedding date and not right up to it? 

I would at least hope that may be, just maybe, she will allow herself to look in the mirror on the day or her wedding.  I’d bend the rules for that- any bride should.  But it's not my project and an interesting one at that.  At least she's given herself an escape clause in Rule #8.  Thank goodness!

Would you be able to not look in the mirror for 12 months- even on your wedding day? 

Kudos to this bride. This is not something I would be able to do for the simplest of reasons:  When it rains my hair frizzes and there’s no way I’d walk out of my door without making sure the beast was tame- woof.  Check out her rules below and take a peek at her blog!

  1. The project started on March 26th, 2011 and will end on March 25th, 2012.  (FYI - I'm getting married October 1st, 2011!)
  2. I allowed myself a 1-month transitional period.  This is when I figured out how to navigate/avoid mirrors in my daily life, and how to apply make-up, style my hair, put in contacts, etc. without using a mirror.
  3. Reflective surfaces do "count".  Window shopping has become very tricky... :(
  4. Of course I use my rear- and side-view mirrors when driving.  I just can't use them to check myself out!
  5. I'm allowing myself to look at my shadow.
  6. When using Skype or other video-chat programs, I disable features that allow me to see my own image.
  7. My readers voted on Day 36, and I'm NOT allowed to view photographs of myself throughout the year ... with the exception of my wedding photos.  ***NOTE - I'm not actually sure whether I'll look at my wedding photos, but it's nice to have the option!
  8. Any/all of these rules become null if this project makes me go insane. 


The Oscar Peterson Trio Play

There is nothing new to say about Oscar Peterson.

What follows is self-indulgent, sincere, modestly idolatrous, and somewhat febrile.  It is meaningful only to those who share my belief that Peterson is one of the most incredibly talented pianists jazz has nurtured... 

This is not my work.  I took the above from the back cover of the original The Oscar Peterson Trio Plays vinyl (year unknown). Today is Saturday, usually not a blogging day (especially in the final month of the summer), but here I am 2 weeks away from my move and organizing and packing seem to be taking over my life- in a good way...

It’s 6:57 PM and I couldn't be happier spending my evening with The Oscar Peterson Trio, a glass of Sycamore Lane cab, (which by the way was only $6.99), and a great view.  I almost discarded the wine.  Not because it wasn’t good, it’s actually really good, but I somehow managed to dispose of the cork with 3/4 of the bottle left.  Sure if it had been a clean garbage bag with nothing else in it I might have considered reaching in and saving it.   But seeing as how I had just made myself a new york strip with caramelized onions and a red wine reduction with shallots and garlic (inspired by watching Julie & Julia mid-afternoon), I wasn’t about to plug my wine with a beef-infused cork. 

What shall I do (speaking in a Julia Child tone)???   And then I remembered what my little french friend at Cork and Fork advised me.  Cork and Fork is a wonderful wine boutique in Bethesda.  This woman knows everything about wine. If you are lost about what you like, or what wine you should serve with your boeuf bourguignon, she’ll know what you need.  I manage to go in every few weeks to try a new Cabernet Sauvignon.  So far I’ve only ventured to Spain and California for my cabs.  Perhaps someday I’ll travel 1.5 feet over to France or Italy, but right now I’m content. 

The last time I was in her shoppe we began a conversation about how to let the wine breathe and how to preserve it- out of the bottle.  She explained to me that any time you open a bottle not to just pour the vin in a glass and gulp it.  “Let eet breathe” she would say.  “Opiiiin it and let it suit on ze counter”.  Most of the time it’s just me enjoying my purchases and I typically am not one to finish a bottle in one sitting by myself. 

Ok Renee so what’s the point?  Well perfect timing as my Grandpa Cappy's favorite song is playing as we speak.  “Satin Doll” by The Oscar Peterson Trio.  I strongly suggest any jazz enthusiast or music enthusiast listen to it.  It’s upbeat and to the point. So here we go.

I threw my cork out.  What to do with the wine?  Well Madame Vin told me that you can place wine in an air tight glass jar, a Mason jar, and it will keep your wine fresh for up to 10 days.  I’m currently trying this experiment.  Indeed I have a small case of Mason jars that I took from my grandmas house- it sits on the top shelf of my pantry.  Typically you know when wine goes bad due to the pungent vinegar odor that strikes your nostrils.  We’ll see if this works.  My gut is telling me yes.

In the meantime, I bid you a good evening and pleasant rest of your weekend. Until Monday.
Hi grandpa <3


Heidi Klum & Mindy Weiss

I love when AOL has video posts about party planning and coordinating weddings!  Celebrity event planner, Mindy Weiss provides her expert tips and tricks for those hiring event planners (and I love this next part) for brides who are NOT hiring event planners.  It's really nice to see reputable coordinators say "yes it can be done without one of us!"

Here are her tips and video below, enjoy!
  1. Choose your location. The details and decorations depend on where your event is taking place.
  2. Look online for great deals on paper, and feel free to add colorful layers with a double stick tape gun to make the invitations more exciting. Try Lehr & Black for celeb-worthy custom invitations or Tiny Prints for affordable invitations with pre-designed templates.
  3. Send a Save the Date, or send invitations at least eight weeks ahead of time so guests can make travel arrangements.
  4. For table settings, use what the venue offers to save on rental costs, but perhaps rent a special charger, table overlay, or chair backs. Mindy suggests Classic Party Rentals, a national company for table and dishware rentals, and Resource One for linens and chair backs.
  5. You can use lighting gels or even cellophane or colored tissue paper to wrap around clear glasses for a bight touch.
  6. Personalize the event by giving every guest a place card and seating assignment.
  7. Flowers can be easily stuck into oasis, which you can buy at the flower market. Color blocking makes arranging flowers simpler and can be done the night before to save time the day of the event.


Crate & Barrel- What I Like

I love Crate&Barrel. I don’t just mean that I kinda like the store and enjoy a quick browse.   I mean I LOVE the store. My friend Elise and I enjoy our trips where time is of no importance.  We’re kind of like Lucy and Ethel.  You’ve never seen two people get so excited, confused, mesmerized or weirded out by things (or people) in your life.  The routine is always the same.  We go to Starbucks first, head for the C&B opening in the wall and then decide if we want to begin our journey to the left or right ( right towards rugs, left towards the world of kitchen stuff).  I digress.

Another reason why I love Crate&Barrel so much is the service they provide through their wedding experts.  Crate&Barrel hosts a variety of events for engaged couples and offers services to assist in making the process easssssy. A great feature C&B has on their website is “What I like”. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  What I Like- Caitin Falls

Caitlin offers her top 10 list of things that are good for a registry, along with a little perspective..  Kudos to Caitlin for actually telling a soon-to-be married couples:

“Don't fool yourself into thinking you'll drastically change your lifestyle after getting hitched. In other words, if you've never been one to whip up homemade muffins in the morning, it's probably not going to happen once you're married.”

Make smart choices when you register.  If you’re not going to use something, don’t register for it and clutter your home. Registering isn’t just about things you need or things you want.  It’s a combination of the two. Enjoy the gift giving for a year- when else does this happen?! 

More on registering to come!


Gratzi Gucci (For the Men)

Gucci Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  Jump to 6:15 to view their formal-wear.  I'm swooning. Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

Gucci Menswear Spring Summer 2012 Full Fashion Show from Devon Nicholas on Vimeo.



...today's presentation. 

Dark undertones contrast with the paleness of the models skin and white fur on the pups. The pop of cognac from what I presume to be an old car is the warm accent needed for this bold tale.  Set in Paris at an old chateau, hosted by a dignitary that no one knows "personally".  Swarovski chandeliers hang from trees and swing from beams.  Wispy hair barely moves in the late nights breeze.  The clock strikes midnight... let the fun begin.

Souces:  Teen Vogue Louis Vuitton advertisement, BHLDN: Sparkler Comb, Bella Figura: Gatsby&Calligraphy Wedding, Vera Wang: Fall 2011 Look 8, BHLDN: Glitter Numbers, Midnight in Paris: screen shot, JCREW:  Ludlow tuxedo pant


Hopped on the "Tweet-Wagon"!

CharlotteLucey can now be found on Twitter! CharlotteLucey was taken, but the letter "B" wasn't (for blog). Check out the fresh, very fresh, CharlotteLucey Twitter account by clicking the link below.


Please follow and tell your friends- fun news!  You can also find all of our social media site links on the "Contact" page.

S'More Please!

It’s not quite here yet, but fall is just around the corner. It’s the way the sun looks now at 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon,  a hint of brisk air here, a pop of plum cashmere there.  Summer is coming to a close shortly.   This inspiration comes from a year round treat that somehow I find perfectly marries the end of summer with the beginning of fall. S’mores!

Recently I've heard more about brides opting out of having just a wedding cake as dessert.  Rather, guests may choose and create the dessert of their choice.  What better way (and fun) way to do this than with a s'more bar.  Relevtively easy to produce, this modern watering hole filled with rich chocolate, buttery graham crackers, and ooey gooey marshmellow is sure to be a hit!  Who doesn't have fun putting together a s'more?

More than a s'more you say?  Chocolate and vanilla ice cream  topped with this warm delight will be a perfect partner. Favors?  Covered.  Whether you're a DIY bride or someone who likes to order items- a small bag filled with the s'moresentials is a great favor.  Don't forget that attaching a tag with your guests name and table number can also serve as your place cards.


Sources:  Bella Figura Soleil, Melissa Sweet Tilda Gown, Elizabeth Anne Deisgns Tent, S'mores Bar, The Knot Mason Jars, Sweet & Saucy Shop Cake, S'mores Photo Gabriel Ryan Photography


Post 75

What is everyone planning for the weekend? The first official week of August has come and gone- summer is slowly creeping away.   With 100+ heat indexes and sneak peeks of new clothes, guess who’s ready for fall?  Last week was full of shenanigans:  My company’s summer outing and a same-day trip to the beach which covered the weekend. I’ll be happy to sit in this weekend and brainstorm for next week.

What have I learned this week? A few things:
  1. If I really dig a new song I’ll listen to it non-stop at work, like I am right now.  Get it Daddy by Sleeper Agent (video below).
  2. There’s a new thing called Google+ which has been described as a social media site on steroids… don’t know how I feel about that.
  3. Navy and mustard is my new favorite color combination for fall.
  4. Motivation is hard because the individual is solely responsible for it.  When some doors close, there’s always a window.
  5. The Jersey Shore will inevitably replace The Real World.
  6. There is a proper way to spell “shenanigans” that my spell check alerted me of.
  7. Risk is worth the reward- there is always one.
  8. I’m no longer afraid of the “Self Improvement” section of book stores via THIS BLOG
  9. It’s OK to give yourself a pat on the back at the end of the week.  It feels really good!
Have a great weekend everyone!


They're Here!

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? I have more than a thousand to say about the new collection of gowns from BHLDN.   If you haven’t done so already by checking out the CharlotteLucey Facebook page, please click on:


This enchanting video previews this magnificent collection.  Immediately I’m taken to a garden in the English Countryside and can’t help but wonder if the first bride magically appeared from Wonderland with a compass laying in her palm or if we’re at a Gatsby inspired affair.  The airiness of flowing fabrics marries perfectly with the melodic tune of a simple piano. Without even capturing a full view of the dress, romantic details begin to emerge with flowers, lace, embroidery and an effortless ability to make me stop dead cold at work and watch.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the logistics of a wedding, but please remember the romanticism. Skip ahead to 1:03 to view a strapless gown being worn to perfection with a parasol and birdcage headpiece. It all ends with the departure of fat white balloons drifting away with the music. I think I’m in bridal video heaven. 

BHLDN- where did you come from? You are ridiculous in the most perfect way.  Hats off to you.

Deal of the Day- 35% Off!

Wedding Paper Divas is offering 35% off of ALL address labels and gift tags- score!  If you're in planning mode this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this deal, especially with all of the "thank you's" you'll be writing in the upcoming months.

Even if you're not getting married, this is a great deal if you want personalized address labels for yourself? I'm a sucker-punch for stationary items... labels, business cards, note pads, etc.

Guest favor tags? Yes please!  Whether you're using them for pre-wedding events or at the actual wedding, this is another great way to tie your theme or introduce your color scheme to your guests.  It gives them a hint and small preview of what your wedding may include.

Personal Favorite:  Wedding Paper Divas Deal of the Day
  1. Personalize your Shop Address Labels and gift tags.
  2. Add item(s) to your cart.
  3. Use code DOD0803 at checkout.
Don't wait too long- this deal ends tomorrow Friday, August 5, 2011!


Currently Reading: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

I’m only 2 chapters in and am excited to go home and continue reading. The reason for posting this on CharlotteLucey is further down, but first

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

A little background…

My friend is currently reading this book and began to tell me about it last week.  It’s not one that I never considered reading because it seemed outdated. However, I thought about how it could relate to this blog and therefore became intrigued and wanted to conduct some research.  I went to Amazon.com to look up the wise old tale about the fundamental differences between men and women.  I was happy to see there was a “Look Inside” button and I began to read snippets of chapters.  I was hooked and decided that a trip to Barnes & Noble was on my to-do list for the next day. 

At first I was a little embarrassed to go down the escalator en route to the “Self Improvement” section (ah hem).  I located the hardcover and carefully tucked the book under my arm concealing the  cover. As I came into the checkout queue I said to myself "screw it" (replacing screw with another explicative) and was proud to march to the counter and place the book down with a smile on my face while asking the checkout clerk “how are you?”. His immediate reaction was “This is a great book, everyone should read it”.  Not that his opinion mattered because I was going to purchase the book either way, but his positive remark gave me a touch of extra validation which is always nice.

So why bring this up on the blog? This would make a great favor to your bridal party or to give as a gift to the bride and groom (especially Mars and Venus in the Bedroom).  The fantastic thing about Men Are From Mars- Women Are From Venus is there is a complete series now which includes: Mars & Venus on a Date, Mars and Venus in Love, Mars and Venus Together Forever: A Practical Guide to Creating Lasting Intimacy.  They’re just interesting and insightful books to read and make fun gifts!

I always think including a little twist or a not-so-traditional gift is always a fun surprise for the receiver.  I won’t lie when I tell you that I purchased a camping tent as a wedding gift (yes it was on the registry) and included the book “Sex in A Tent: A Wild Couples Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature” (not on the registry) and the bride loved it. Be fun and have fun with your gifts.

A small word of caution- make sure that when purchasing these types of gifts that it’s appropriate for the receiver and that it will be well received.  You never want to offend anyone as a gift-giver. 

Will report more as I read more!


Sampling Samples!

There are some stigma's and facts about sample sales, so let's get to it!

What is a sample sale?
A sample sale is when a bridal boutique is trying to sell the discontinued or previous seasons gowns to make room for new inventory.  Instead of placing an order with the store you are purchasing the “sample” dress on display.

Is the dress new?
No. The dress you are purchasing is the sample gown that has been tried on by other people.  Typically when you purchase a wedding gown you place an order with the boutique. That order goes to the designer who makes a new dress just for you.

Why are the prices lower?
There are a couple of reasons why the prices are lower.  First, the store is trying to remove the dress from their inventory.  Drastically reducing the price will attract buyers.  Secondly, the sample has been tried on by other people in the store which means there may be small stains, rips or tears. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Vera Wang 'Eleanor'- Fall 2010

Is the gown used?
Sample gowns haven’t been worn outside of the store.  However, they can be considered used because other people have tried them on when they have come to dress shop.

Does the dress come home with me?
Yes.  Unlike regular ordering, at sample sales you take the dress home with you that day. 

What about fittings/alterations?
Depending on the boutique, you may or may not have the  option to still have your fittings done for you through the alterations department there. Always call the story and ask.

Can I get my money back if I want to return the dress?
Typically sample sales are final because the prices have been drastically reduced.  Every bridal shop is different so make sure to ask before purchasing.

Are sample sales chaotic?
Sample sales are a different kind of shopping experience. They aren’t better or worse, they’re just different. Sample sales are like regular shopping.  You’re with other people who are looking to make a purchase.  Staff  is there to assist you, but may need to leave you to help other customers, and there’s a chance you may not get what you want if someone else has it.

Always do your homework and research before going to a sample sale.  It’s important to understand how the boutique conducts their sample sale and what you can expect.  If you have questions ask them ahead of time.  For example if getting alterations at the boutique is a must for you, but they don’t provide that service for sample gowns, better to know prior to going.  Do they may take appointments or have a special queue for letting customers in?  Can you request a gown and put it on hold prior to arriving?

Research, plan, and be prepared.  The more organized and prepared you are to go to a sample sale, the better the experience will be for you and the people you take.  When planning a wedding sampling is important… food, cake, tablescapes.  Sample the samples and you may get the dress of your dreams at an amazing price.