The Good Stuff: Handmades

I’m not where near finished highlighting or talking about Brown Linen & Company, far from it!  This is the last category of Good Stuff- 'Handmades' which are so endearing.  I’m not quite sure how Abany creates her pieces, perhaps oil or water color paints, but the results and work is beautiful. 
For whatever type of occasion you’re having, special memories that take on tangible forms are always a thumbs up. 

Abany takes the time to create your item with love and care. The attention to detail is unparalleled and a timeless keepsake.  Everything from necklaces, to totes, to personalized love notes- rhyming not intended :)
Thanks Abany!

*Pricing based on item created

Photo Sources:  Brown Linen & Co., Achor & Eden, B Steel Photography


First Day of Summer: Watermelon Social

It's officially the first day of summer.  And according to the news DC will get a full 15 hours of daylight- nice! As a kid I remember summer began as soon as the last bell rang, letting us free for 3 months.  Now at 25, summer starts when the first firework lights up the sky.  It's a feeling I get, can't explain it. I was inspired by summer, Big Fish, and my friend who just bought a watermelon knife- made only to cut watermelons. It has holes to accomdate seeds, simple perfection.

Personal Favorite:  Watermelon Knife



Who Says You Have To Pay For It All?

One of our beginning posts was about  gown shopping and what to look for when you go to your appointment (not to worry, we’ll have more posts soon about this subject!).  As always, one of my sticking points was knowing your budget before trying on gowns. I had made the suggestion that if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but want a designer gown, to consider purchasing a resale gown. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  PreownedWeddingDresses.com

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses (POWD) has over 7,200 dresses that are new sample dresses or used gowns (ah hem, used meaning worn once for may be 8 hours).  You can sort by designer, size, best deals, dresses they love, and their most popular choices.  POWD will help you find your dream dress at 10-90% off of the retail price, with over 700 accessories to match.  They don’t have a physical location 

Want to sell your dress? You can do that as well.  POWD lets brides know that about 40% of the dresses that are listed actually sold. The competition comes from the new sample dresses they receive which haven’t been worn.  I saw a sample Vera Bradley gown, never worn, for $3,800 (from this previous season!).  I think that calls for a toast.

Don’t just settle for a dress because it’s in your price range. If there’s a will, there’s a way- do your research and homework to find out how you can find your dress at the price you need it to be.    Prices on POWD are determined by the seller.  If the dress you want is pre-owned, you have a better chance of being able to work with the seller on negotiating the price.

If you're worried about not having your gown be "your own".. psh!  It is your own because the day you purchase it and say "I do" to ghte gown, it becomes yours. And who says anyone has to know your gown is a sample or pre-owned.... a lot more people do it than you think, and you would never know :)



Where have I been this week?! I'm working on adding some new pages and features to the blog for your viewing pleasure.  I appreciate all of your page views and feedback.  What's in store?
  •  Pricing and sample Weddingscapes
  • "About me"
  •  Contact information
  •  Inspiration board scrolls
  • Tips & Tricks
Can't wait to share next week- everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Something Truly Funky

Happy Friday! First off, a BIG thank you to Abany of Brown Linen Company who was gracious enough to mention CharlotteLucey on her blog.  She's our first BIG Internet pickup and I can't thank her enough for her kind words!  Make sure to check it out at http://www.brownlinen.blogspot.com/- WHOO HOO 2 posts in 2 days!

A friend of mine created this fantastic comic strip using some of the photos from Lauren and Aarons Engagement (She Said Yes!) I immediately asked her how she created something so fantastic and she told me to go to...


I have been playing on this site for 2 days straight and can't get enough of it.  How fun is this?!!?  You can edit, apply effects, and get artsy with your photos.  I'm a huge fan of vintage photos and within 3 seconds can make your own. I also like turning myself into a cartoon which is always fun to see.

Have a great weekend, be inspired, and add some funk if you can. Cheers!


Brown Linen & Co.- The Good Stuff Calligraphy

It’s not your everyday handwriting… or calligraphy for that matter.  We’ve officially introduced you to Brown Linen & Co and “The Good Stuff”.  Next to share with you is Abany’s Calligraphy.   I couldn’t say it any better myself so will let you read the philosophy behind the creation of such unique script.

CALLIGRAPHYInvitations and save-the-dates are often the first opportunity to convey the look and feel of your special day.Whether it is the simple lettering to grace the face of envelopes, or the invitations to announce a momentous occasion, Brown Linen & Co. prides itself on creating delicate and polished calligraphy to commence your event.

What I love about Abany’s unique style of handwritten treats is that they can be presented in a formal or casual setting.  Earlier, when I first introduced Brown Linen & Co. on the blog I stated there was a certain rusticity that accentuated the uniqueness of the creation.  As you can see there is no exception to the pieces shown. Contact Abany at abany@brownlinengoods.com and go to www.Brownlinengoods.com

Photo Credit:  Achor & Eden & Candace Moore


She Said Yes!!!

It's official!  Congratulations to Lauren Hodgin, who just said YES, to Aaron Berkey :)  I couldn't be happier for the both of you!

With Love, 

Funky Friday: This Time Sweet

Just hanging around until I can make a very special and exciting announcement later this evening... stay tuned!

Photography:  Mandy Lynne


The Good Stuff: Styling

Before the holiday I introduced Brown Linen & Co. along with founder and designer, Abany Tschupp.  We graced over her specialities and “the good stuff” which includes:  Styling, calligraphy, and handmades. Brown Linen & Co. has a unique perspective that Abany offers her clients.  As such we wanted to make sure the CharlotteLucey audience had as much exposure to Brown Linen & Co. as possible. Which takes us to the first “the good stuff”, styling (and this isn't even scratching the surface)...

Photo Credit: Achor & Eden

At Brown Linen & Co., we believe that each event is an opportunity to unite even the smallest detail to create an aesthetic that is cohesive, as well as uniquely you. From handmade menus to the very lights that twinkle above the heads of your loved ones, Brown Linen & Co. will craft an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests. www.brownlinengoods.com

Abany offers event design and styling for weddings, photo shoots, and social occasions.   Based in Atlanta, GA, Abany will travel and work with clients wherever they, or their events, are held.  Like CharlotteLucey, Brown Linen & CO. works with you to brainstorm and create a memorable experience for your occasion.

Most recently, Abany won the competition at the Wedding Day Hooray in Atlanta on 5/21-22 for her tablescape (photography by Achor & Eden).  You can see the vast range of talent from the thoughtfulness presented in Abany’s event design as well as her styling expertise for photo shoots as pictured below from photo shoot with Atlanta jewelry designer Mickey Lynn and photographer Andy Brophy.

Take Our Breath Away!

BHLDN continues to amaze me with the addition of honeymoon inspired clothes, jewelry, and other accessories.  Whether you have a Seaside Honeymoon, Romantic City Honeymoon, or Countryside Honeymoon... BHLDN has you covered!

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Vivid Fuchsia Maxi Dress


It's All About the Choos!

Jimmy Choo that is.  Jimmy Choo is one of the world’s leading women’s wear shoe designers with classic, modern, trendy, and over the top soles and sacks (purses). I’ve kept these shoes to myself for too long and must share!


It’s not sequence or glued glitter; instead it’s a glitter fabric that covers this platform sandal.  The fantastic part about this shoe is that it can absolutely be worn again for any type of occasion.  The sandal silhouette with middle cut out and open toe is perfect for any night out on the town. 

The price is steep, I’m not going to lie. But if you decide to splurge on something, and you want it to be your shoes than it has to be this one.  Especially for the fact that many brides, like their gowns, only wear their bridal shoes just once. If you’re a fashionista that splurges on accessories, budget for one pair of shoes instead of buying 3! 

I can’t help but imagine a ball gown or full a-line skirt hiding these underneath the layers of fabric. 

Personal Favorite II: Amsale Calista and Meghan

Private in the bridal collection on the Jimmy Choo website is only available in glitter gold, but comes in full and half sizes.  I haven’t seen these shoes in person, but the gold looks light enough that it could match silver/platinum accessories if you’re a stickler for matching.  Or if you simply love them that much than who cares, especially since they’ll be a hidden surprise on your feet.  You’ll stand a full 120mm taller- 4.7 inches!  Might I suggest having an extra pair of shoes or sport some flip flops at the reception.  Your feet will get tired. A little glitter or height never hurt anyone and it’s just such a fun shoe!

A really fantastic trend I'm noticing are colored shoes. It's not just about gold, silver, or ivory anymore. Brides are matching their shoes to their choice colors or incorporating them into their "Something blue". Remember the 'Newport Nuptials' blog not too long ago?  Jen Board had the perfect pair of satin blue Badgley Mischka pumps.  Our blog from yesterday (below) also featured yellow bridal shoes. 

For fun and flirty bridal shoes with a twist visit BHLDN's 'Shoes'. CharlotteLucey love items.