To 2011

This is an exciting post to write because it’s the last one in 2011!   I have a deeper appreciation for New Years and what it means (to me).  It’s a time of reflection and perspective.   Where I was 6 months ago, wasn’t where I was 3 months ago, isn’t where I am today.  And where I am today is a pretty cool place.

2011 was a year of personal growth and change.  I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.  As one very famous and well-known actress said, “People are unbelievable.  We have such resilience”. Amen.

2011 kept me humble, focused and determined.  It made me to dig a little deeper, work a little harder,  and for the first time made me feel truly proud. 

You 2011, you little rascal.  I’m ready for 2012 but will remember 2011 for some of my greatest accomplishments to date. So thanks.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!  See you then!


Photo Source:  Mark Brooke Photography found at A New Year’s Eve Party for the Two of You


Challenge Me Pink

Yesterday I tweeted (click to follow CharlotteLucey on Twitter!) about a challenge I gave myself… a pink inspiration board. I’m not knocking down pink as a color, but truthfully it’s pain-staking sweet and is overwhelming as the dominate color choice for any wedding.

Pink is best-used as accents in various shades.  This creates what I like to call “the blushing effect”.  You know, kind of like when your cheeks get flushed after someone you fancy pays you a really great compliment and you laugh awkwardly and the corners of your mouth hurt from trying not to smile too much?.. I digress.  The blushing effect is a constant flow of color that is both inviting, warm, and creates the overall effect of “pink".

I wanted to think of pink as more than just a color, but rather as an attitude. It also helped that “Pink” by Aerosmith streamed through my head which is how this lovely thing came  to be. I'm also pleased with the fact it rests just above Stag on the Boards page.

P.S. Another shout out to GreenWeddingShoes!

Photo Sources:  Rebecca Thuss Silk Glossary, Whimsical Love, Sew In Love Tablescape, Ruffled Cakes, Peony Birdcage, Red & White Wine, White Roses, Pink Plaid


They're here! They're here! Bella Figura 2012

I think I might be drooling- Bella Figura unleashed their new 2012 designs.  It's no surprise that Bella Figura has been my go-to for letter press wedding invitations.  I was so excited to hit the "enter" button and find their new inventory right in front of my face.

There is a greater emphasis on color and pattern which will be extremely popular in spring and summer.  Bold hues are everywhere and will make an even greater impact.  I was also very happy to see some more robust and rustic pieces perfect for this winter and next year’s colder months. (BIRCH)

Bella Figura is still offering their 2011 which is classic, whimsical, and unique! But for now… let’s let the newbies have a little spotlight. 

Photo Sources: All Bella Figura.  Birch, Fresh, New Calligraphy, Overlook, Refined Study, Studebaker


Found it! A Perfected Winter Wedding

Hello Monday!  I apologize for taking an extended lapse in my blogging. All things aside, I’m so excited to post some pictures from this amazing winter wedding featured on GreenWeddingShoes.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Kezia & Ashton's Wedding

I've been looking for something like this to post about all month and couldn't ask for a better find.  Set against the  Bear Creek Lodge in McCall, Idaho, Benj Haisch captures how Kezia & Ashton created an intimate and warm atmoshpere against a snowy backdrop. Rustic, elegant, and beautiful.  

A canvas requests guests to "add a little something of your own" to take place of a standard guestbook. Bubbles greet the couple as they depart from their fete, and Kezia has the coolest fishtail braid I've ever seen.


Glitter Everywhere

CharlotteLucey will be back and running next Thursday! Have a great weekend and first half of next week.



Sneak Peek! Bella Figura NEW 2012 Invitations

As most of you know Bella Figura is my PERSONAL FAVORITE for wedding invitations.  I was just on their site and they are showing a glimpse of their new 2012 selection- 80 new invitations coming our way. I'm beyond excited- wait! Is that an invitation that looks like a vintage tattoo?!

Amazing. Full of color and whim, with 7 new calligraphy styles being introduced, new styles, and new fonts, 2012 is going to be a great Bella year!

Photo Sources:  Bella Figura

For Monday

This video will make anyone have a good Monday.  I've been asked on occasion "why did you start this blog?". The answer is simple. Because of moments like 4:50.  Admist everything, all she can think of is that she's in her pajamas. Great moment.

I found this video on GreenWeddingShoes.  Meet Jason, a musician who wrote this song to propose to his fiancee Carol.  Jason also enlisted the help of InFocus Cinema to help document.