Girls- They Wanna Have Fun

Back from a great weekend that kicked off with Olympic excitement! This Monday brings something a bit more delicate and flirty. The inspiration for this board comes from the photo of Ms. Lana Del Rey.

Her voice is sultry, she’s uber feminine, and always a little weird and quirky.  What’s not to love? And who wouldn’t want that pig piggy bank!  Oh yeah, and being a girl/a lady/a woman- it's totally as fun as it looks!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was necessary, but I thought of this version by Greg Laswell instead. Enjoy!

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A Small Act of Kindness = Awesomeness

 Sometimes I use this blog as a way to just get some thoughts out or tell a story that has absolutely nothing to do with Pinterest, or fun ideas, or boards, or events, etc.

I’m not the most diligent twitter-er but wanted to rush to the glorious 65 people who follow me (we’re the little blog that could) and just tell the small twitter-verse about my morning:   a total stranger just made my day- and it's only 8:55 AM. what will you do? ‪#actonit‬ ‪#payitforward‬

This is how that tweet came to be.

I decided to go to Starbucks this morning. The ‘bucks on Peachtree in Brookhaven has a really small parking lot.  Some people park on the other side of the lot (5 ft. difference) and some people stay in their cars and go through the drive-thru.  I chose the drive-thru considering I was in gym clothes.

There’s an odd area by the entrance of the drive-thru line where cars can come in from two sides.  You can either continuously inch your way closer and closer to the car in front of you so THAT person, in THEIR car, OVER THERE, doesn’t CUT YOU OFF… or you can let someone go. Yield- it’s a beautiful thing.

But there is no yield sign.  It’s just me and the morning. Me and the radio. Me and my brain thinking about what we could get at Starbucks but ultimately agreeing on “Nah, you always get the same thing… iced skim chai latte”. I was in no rush, I was just there. In my car, enjoying the morning and getting some Starbucks. 

I saw what could have been a competing SUV perpendicular to me. “I’m not going to fight you for that spot in line.  I’m just chillin’.” It wasn’t a big deal to me, never has been.  I didn’t think too much about it; I just let them go ahead of me.  The person ordered their drink and 20 seconds later so was I (wow what a wait!).  I said good morning to the person on the other side of the intercom and placed my order.

Once I pulled around, I saw the arm of the person in front of me with multiple beaded bracelets pay for her order and do some fun little gesture with her hand- I always wonder what people are saying.  She pulled away and I had my $5 ready to give to the Starbucks register… “The woman in front of you wanted me to tell you thank you for letting her in front of you AND she has paid for your drink”.

Are you serious? What? Me? May be you don’t think this is a big deal. May be stuff like this doesn’t make you excited or feel good. I felt awesome.   Letting someone go in front of me at the Starbucks drive-thru is not some huge, grand gesture in my opinion, but this woman felt I did something worthy enough for her to pay for my $3.91 beverage.

The “are you kidding me?” reply spilled a few times as I looked ahead to see if the woman was still there, but her and her SUV had pulled away.  The Starbucks guy got a nice little laugh out of my surprised reaction and sent me off with a smile and "Have a good one!" Oh believe me I will.   Pretty good stuff if you ask me.

I wish I could say thank you to her.  So to this perfect stranger who made my day, “Thank you.  Your small gesture of kindness put me in such a wonderful mood and mindset for the rest of the day.  Whoever you are, you rock. Or as I like to say, awesome-sauce."

Question:  How can you make someone’s day- even a strangers? #payitforward #goodthing #awesomesauce


Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!  Coincidentally it’s also National French Fry Day.  This was brought to my attention by the wonderful JCT Kitchen & Bar here in Atlanta, GA.  If you haven’t been make your reservation today!

I love Friday, the 13th.  Not in a creepy, horror, Freddy-meets-Jason type of way, but I’ve always liked the number 13…. And it’s Friday!  Whoop whoop! So enjoy the weekend, may be let your freak flag fly a little bit more than usual today because lets face it- we’re all kind of weird.

Have a great weekend!  

Photo Source: Black Truffle Fries


Don't Be Late.

Please, please, please, please, please… and one more… pleeeeeeeeeease don’t be late.  This blog is being discussed from a general, all-around point of view.

I worked at a boutique, started-out-as surf/beach shop when I was 16 all the way through college. I met some of my best friends working there and calling ourselves  “Moonies” was always fun (still is).

My Manager at the time always appreciated when us opening girls arrived early. Usually 15 minutes prior to the store opening to straighten, settle with our coffee, and if necessary grab an accessory to prance around the store in so customers would notice and want to purchase!

As we stood around waiting for the 10 AM ding to hit the computer, the topic of punctuality came up. I don’t remember the story or who/why we were on the subject, but I’ll never forget what she said…

"When you are late, you are telling other people YOUR time is more important than THEIRS."

I was 16. This stuck like the stickiest of post-it notes in my brain and has for the last 10 years. My family is notorious for being early.  Always have been, always will be. “If you’re early you’re on time, and if you're on time, you’re late." Period.  That’s how I was raised.   I prided myself (and still do) on getting to work early.    But having my 5’10, blonde haired, Cameron Diaz, surfer chic, superior at work say this just stuck in a different way. Don't be late.

So how does this apply to you?  It applies to everyone.  I recently had a coworker of mine tell me about a disastrous bridal shower which started 2 hours late because the bride simply didn’t show up until then. Guests began to leave within the “first hour” the bride was there.  Well technically it was the third and departing hour, so she had no room to complain or be upset with anyone.

For guests?  I'm yodle-lay-hee-hoo'ing you.  Don't think that a wedding starting at 6 PM means you can show up at 5:55 PM.  A proper usher or day of coordinator will block any guest from entering the ceremony 5-10 minutes prior to start time.  Sorry you were late.  It's suggested to arrive 20-30 minutes early to any ceremony.

Do not expect people to wait for you. You, Bride/Groom/Maid of Honor/Brides Maid/Best Man/Parents of the Bride/Parents of the Groom/ Guest- you, all of you- don't be late.   The world simply cant stop for all of us at the same time to cater to our watch.  That’s why we have iPhones.

I miss the moon- Dusty, Tiffany, Lyndsey, Lisa, Nicki- My Moonies.

Photo Source:  Bad-ass clock


Blue Hues

  1. Masculine + industrial
  2. Keep it clean
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Keep it cool
  5. Just like this blog.
  6. Glitter. Always glitter. Enjoy. 

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Monday Monday

And we're back!  Hoping that everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July and that your recovery has/is going well.

I'm very happy to announce once again the engagement of my friends, Anna & Ben! I received the wonderful news via a splendid GChat "Hey!"  I thought my friend was telling me she was coming back to Atlanta for a work which would have demanded a cocktail or dinner (time permitting).  As I blurted out "ARE YOU COMING TO ATLANTA?" I received the "Ben and I got engaged last week" message.  A big, speechless-with-excitement "Oh!" expression appeared on my face and anyone walking by my door would've automatically known it was because of fantastic news.  I couldn't be happier for my friends as they begin this very new and exciting chapter of their lives (together). Xxoo.

I'm also very excited to announce the engagement of Erin & Robbie! Erin and Robbie had mutual friends, but didn't know eachother.  It wasn't until our friend (all 3 of us), Harriet, introduced Erin and Robbie during a regular night out with friends.  As fate would have it, Erin and Robbie got along immediately and the pieces just fit.  It also helped that Diesel, Erin's beloved English Bulldog, approved. Congratulations you two!

What shall we do this week? There are a couple of boards in the works- EMAIL ME if you would like to see a specific board on the blog.  I'm extremely happy that we've reached 95 likes on Facebook and are growing.  THANK YOU for your support and for spreading the word about the little blog that could :)

Make sure to tune in to The Bachelorette tonight at 8 PM on ABC.  For those haters out there- PSH!  I know you watch.  Have a great Monday y'all!


Happy Fourth!

Wishing everyone a GREAT Fourth of July holiday!  The Wednesday thing is a little tough, but the decision to take Thursday off was a must. Here's to tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday.. AND to you Old Glory!

Below is just my idea of an awesome Fourth of July celebration with some of my favorite things- I might try to put that in a song. Enjoy your week and weekend, be back Monday!

Photo Sources:  Jean Shorts, Crab Feast, Etsy Old Glory sign, Sparkler kiss, JCrew Indian cotton short-sleeve shirt in Palermo plaid, Macguire plaid, Newfoundland, Mansai Rope bracelet (red & blue), Mansai Hook bracelet, Wood skateboard, Ray Ban sunglasses, Van Boat Shoes, Georgetown Cupcake Red Velvet, Woodford Reserve bourbon, Old Glory