Love to Nora Ephron

 At first, you may not know the name.  You certainly know her work.  Nora Ephron is responsible for many of the tear-jerking, best-written, laugh-out-loud, heart-throbbing, hold-your-breath, can’t-get-enough of lines that we've heard in the movies.

Her movies are the reason people have faith and a sense of humor when it comes to love. Her plots are never SO outrageous that we can’t believe them to just be possible.Your best friend may fall in love with you.  The man you despise could win your heart for all the right reasons. You could look up one day and realize "they're the one" all the while faking an orgasm in a diner.   My personal favorite below.

Thank you Nora for an endless stream of laughter that brings such light and warmth to our hearts.

Photo Source:  People

WeddingPaperDiva Production Schedule

Whoop whoop!  The sound effect was needed.  WeddingPaperDivas- another vendor favorite- provides services and stationary that are affordable and creative. 

If you're going at the planning process alone, you're really not.  Check out their schedule of "to do's" or as I like to call it... your production schedule.

8 Months
Create your wedding website (good news… it’s absolutely free!)
Order your save the date
6 Months
Send your save the date
Order your wedding invitations with response cards, enclosure cards and thank you cards
4 Months
Order thank you cards for your shower
Get your guest list organized and envelopes ready to be addressed
2 Months
Mail your invitations (and prepare for the oohs and ahhs)
Order your programs, menus and place cards
1 Month
Order your favors or DIY them
Post Wedding
Send your thank you cards within two weeks of returning from the honeymoon.
CL personally believes you can give yourself 4 weeks.  You need time to unwind and get back into "normalcy"

Photo Source:  Russel and Hazel


Picture Says More

I came across this photo in GreenWeddingShoes, shot by Max Wanger.  When you can find a photographer that just "gets it"- you're pretty darn lucky.

Photo Source: Cupcakes & Cashmere


It's Henry!

It’s no surprise to anyone that the only Kardashian I can stand is Khloe.  She's a total wack-a-doo, has a huge heart, and in my opinion, is the most sane.

Khloe’s beloved LamLam gave her Henry as a gift to keep her company while he’s away -lets keep our fingers crossed that he will soon join the LA Clippers!  I digress… I love Henry because who would’ve thought that one of the most lovable characters in the whole Kardashian series would be a 6 foot tall, plastic, blow-up giraffe?

SO!  Here’s to Friday, here’s to Henry, and here’s to Khloe Kardashian who always looks fab riding Henry in her kitchen while wearing an Indian headdress.

TGIF folks- have a great weekend!!!

Photo Sources:  Khloe & Henry, Unplug & Get Your Hands Dirty, Orange Wedding, Giraffe Legs, JCrew Edie Calf Hair Wallet, Man Dancing, Bella Figura Ikaty: Antique Gold & Papaya , Coffee & Cream, JCrew Stripe Crystal Stretch Bracelet, JCrew Woven Bangle, Hermes cuff, Hermes gift box, Whiskey Bar, BHLDN Glass Glitter: Gold


Life's A Beach: Beach Wedding

I love big buns, flowing dresses with deep, scoop backs, and a certain amount of carelessness that comes with summer. Shoe’s optional.

The same rules can apply to a beach wedding. 

Photo Sources:  Love+Shipwrecked Bride, Glass bottle tabletop, Hanging fabric, Beach PicnicDeep scoop dress, Cascading glass bottles, Our Labor of Love Photography 'Welcome!', Anthropologie Habor Coffee Table, Cherub Girl, JCrew Starfish Ring, Cigar &Bottle Opener favor box


Inking Your Promise

Quick shout out to Ms. Lauren Hodgin (soon to be Mrs. Berkey) for inspiring this post!

A lot of my friends who are getting married right now have told me that they are writing their own vows.  This is nothing new.  What is unique about my inking group is that they sit with their soon-to-be-hubs (husbands *wink) and write their vows together.

Usually when someone says “we’re writing our own vows” it’s assumed that the other person is going to be surprised, but in this case, no.  Writing your own vows as a couple is declaring the foundation and promise you two are making to each other as a couple. 

May be not everyone believes in “for better or worse” or “as long as we both shall live”…. May be you believe in “we work hard, we communicate, we will be honest with one another and trust one another”.  May be some people believe in “as long as we’re both two, cool, blue souls” (anyone read Eat, Pray, Love recently?).

Writing your own vows is no longer looked at as being that totally rebellious, new-age couple.  It’s declaring the guidelines for your relationship and then using your faith, love, and dedication to make it work.

How would you two write your own vows? 

Photo Source: Trendy Bride


A Point of View

Did you know that the word HOBO actually refers to the phrase “homeward bound”?  Neither did I up until a few days ago, but kind of cool.  So I'm a hobo beginning tomorrow for my little sisters graduation from school.  Congratulations Tina!

My posting will be limited this week so in case I don't get the chance to hop on and write... I leave you with some boards that should suffice.  Enjoy!

The inspiration for this board was the marriage of the "Big City" (NYC) and traditional Southern charm and values. The bride I worked with on these pieces had a distinct point of view which made it very easy to create the inspiration boards. 

Weddings are a time to convey emotion and create that kind of intimate setting that doesn't necessarily come with dimmed lighting (although that's always nice!).   Small hints and keepsakes of your individual and married personalities should be present so your guests can feel who you are as a couple and celebrate it. Etsy much?!

Each wedding is its own personality.  Don't be afraid to put yourselves into the day, rather than colors and gimmicks.  Guests aren't there to celebrate gimmicks- they're celebrating the pair of you.  Your union. Your unique personality.  

 Photo Sources: 100 LayerCake, 1991 Jeep Wagoneer, Amsale G560C Bridesmaids, Amy Atlas, Bella Figura hanging table cards, BHLDN Moonlit Peep Toe with Pom pom, Georgetown Cupcake, GreenWeddingShoes, Rustic Bard Wedding decor with chandeliers, SparklersOnline, Tonya Peterson, TwoBirdsBridesmaids


It's OKAY To Say No

This can be a doozy. I’ve received my fair share of frantic phone calls asking “how do I say no?”  Confrontation is not fun, no one likes it. It’s awkward and oh-so-present.  We can only shoo it under a rug for so long until it pops its nasty little head out and OMG, it has to be dealt with.  I promise… this won’t hurt a bit.

Mothers of the Groom (and Mothers of the Bride) are a unique species. They’re kind of nuts. Yup, I said it.  I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I referred to my mom as “the dragon” when my sister got married… so believe me when I tell you I’m not shouting from the rooftops without taking a slightly personal jab at my own family. Love you mom!

I digress… You have a set idea and plan in your head for what you want and how you want things to go. Like all plans, there are going to be some detours, questions, pop-ups, and things you’ll have to work around or make plan B’s for.  Depending on how involved your mother in law wants to be is going to determine how many times you’ll have to say “no”.  I fully understand that every situation and mother of the groom (MOG) is different (especially if his family is contributing funds to the wedding)... but we'll save that for another blog.  

I truly believe MOGs come from a good place- they want to contribute and be a part of your special day, but sometimes it can come off as slightly invasive, dramatic, and pushy.  Stay calm and carry on! 

Some ways to say “No" here and there:

I really appreciate your ideas, but we’re going to go with…
That’s a great idea- I think we’re going to…
We’ve already set/ordered/paid for and so we’re selecting…
To make things as easy as possible for everyone…
I like…, but thank you for the suggestion.

Halt, I am Reptar! (Rugrats? Nickelodeon? Anyone, anyone?)

The last one is my favorite... but that's just my sense of humor. If you forecast a ton of input and opinion that you don’t want distracting you, a FAMILY EMAIL OR LUNCH is best prior to the beginning of the planning process to express and communicate how you feel:

“I’m really excited to begin the planning process for our wedding! I want to make sure that the time between now and our walk down the aisle is as stress-free, fun, and pleasant for everyone as possible. I appreciate that people will have an idea or something that they would like to contribute and {name of groom} and I are fully open to hearing everyone’s suggestions, but please keep in mind that we have our own thoughts and plans for the day and want to make it unique and special to us."

Polite, to the point, and respectful.  If you start to fluff or go around the subject for the sake of saving awkwardness, you’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favors. Overall, be kind and positive. Say thank you for any input and ideas you receive, but be direct.  She’s going to love you, her son, and the whole day no matter what!

Photo Source:  "It's OK To Say No"


Signature Cocktail

I get it; it’s been done before, the Bride-Ini or Groom-Driver.  A drink that intertwines the name of the happy couple with a libation served at the cocktail hour or reception. How about a more subtle approach? Some of my favorite ideas keep trendy or fad themes discrete. Kind of like your garter. We know it’s there, but it’s hidden (and for good reasons!)

BHLDN has created a colorful menu of cocktails that incorporate flavor in more ways than one.  What you can find are 5 recipes and descriptions that will surely add to the festivities by clicking HERE.

 In the words of BHLDN:

 “…we turned to some of the top practitioners from America's burgeoning craft-cocktail scene for their take on bespoke wedding cocktails, which run the gamut from understated classics to true marvels of modern mixology. Click through for recipes and tasting notes from our favorite bartenders in New York, Chicago, New Orleans and more.”

Sounds pretty legit to me.

PhotoSources: BHLDN


A Little Neon Never Hurt Anybody

Happy first Monday after the wonderful 4-day week, last week.  Who else agrees that places of business should only operate four days a week from Memorial Day through Labor Day? It’s a little dark and a little drab outside today so this post is perfect to literally ‘brighten’ things up.

Neon is a huge trend that’s being embraced by summer. It’s refreshing to see that people aren’t afraid to use color!  Go get a cupcake and enjoy!

Photo Sources:The CreamEvent, Broach Bouquet, Georgetown Cupcake in Lemon Berry, Sunshine, Bubblegum Pink), Balloon Ribbons, Holi Festival ofColor (Utah), JCrew Patent Leather Skinny Belt in Neon Peach,  FACE Stockholm® nail polish for JCrew , The Cream Event place setting.


Gold On The Ceiling

The Black Keys are undoubtedly one of my favorite bands and ‘Gold on The Ceiling’ finds its way on repeat most days. 

What resulted was my first inspiration board of the summer. Love.

Photo Sources: Bella Figura 'Fugue' letterpress invitation in Silver Shine + Gold Matte, Gold Maxi Sequin Gowns, Goldfrapp, 'I woke up wanting to kiss you', JCrew Bracelets: Track Link bracelet, Classic Pave Link bracelet, Classic Link bracelet, Judith Leiber Butterfly Minaudier, Gold Camera, Gold Skull, Chanel Gold Fingers, JCrew Girls Pearl Bobby Pin, Fashion Institute of Technology with mentor Preston Bailey Chandelier


Hold the phone. Yes I know it’s been a ridiculously long time- way to go! Often the floodgates open and there’s a plethora of creative juices flowing and information spills out of these fingertips with the greatest of ease. Other times, although information is plentiful, there is a lack of inspiration.

Instead of re-posting articles and summarizing what the majority of you have already probably seen with your own eyes I chose to keep mum on the blog. Then BAM!  Hi June 1st.  Another funky Friday, but this time announcing the re-roll of the CharlotteLucey blog.

I have a few things helping me:

1) The kickoff of summer
2) Fresh perspective on the summer-season
3) Weddings I’ll be attending myself
4) Pandora streaming (The Black Keys and ‘Starships’ channels)
5) Don’t you laugh at that!

The point is there was a while where I had to do some figuring out, some deep sea fishing within myself, and now guess what. Let’s do the damn thing and bring this saucy blog back to life. Mwahs my loves. I’ve missed you!


Photo Source: Green Wedding Shoes Colorful + Fun Austin Wedding: Lauren + Sam