Black & Yellow

CharlotteLucey only received 1 vote (the audience is still growing), but the worst wedding color combination pick is “Black and Yellow”.   After some research and review, certain color combinations can  be less desirable than others, but done in moderation (such as black and yellow) are very modern and tasteful

Black is typically thought of as an evening color, but paired with the brightness of a true yellow is appropriate for a summer day wedding.  If you want to incorporate black and yellow for an evening wedding, my suggestion would be to go with a softer pale yellow or neutral cream. I was really pleased to find a great blog “Ruffled’ that has wedding inspiration boards and features and they showcased a modern antiqued wedding with yellow.

Personal Favorite: Mix and match bridal party yellow shoes

For a summer wedding, guest favors such as paper fans, flip flops, or honey jars (pictured) are sweet ideas. They can also serve a dual purpose as your favor and place card in one. All you have to do is attach a small tag and name to the item and you’re set.

TIPS AND TRICKS:  I always encourage brides to give favors that their guests can really use or consume. 

Sources:  1 & 2. WeddingPaperDivas ‘Spring Mums’ invitation and response card, 3. Birdeorama 'Black and Yellow Wedding Flowers', 4. Ruffled blog ‘Leah and Tim’ yellow bridal shoes,  5. Ruffled blog ‘Leah and Tim’ cropped bride with maids, 5. BHLDN ‘Glass Glitter’ in gold, 6.  Amy Atlas ‘Mod Dessert Table’ 7. DexKnows Honey Jars

* Ruffled blog photography via Two Pair Photography


Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Funky Friday will commence next week.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day (loooooong) weekend!  Aren't they the best?!

We only got 1 vote (hey, we're still growing our population), but it appears that the 'Worst Wedding Color Combination' is.... BLACK AND YELLOW!  I'm looking forward to getting creative and showing you the pretty!  I'll see you next Tuesday!


La Vie en Rose

C'est simple. Cette inspiration vient de 'La Vie en Rose' par Edith Piaf.

Personally I enjoy the raspy, masculine version by Louis Armstrong.  Nonetheless it's about light and airy, powerful and sweet, beautiful and fulfilling...love.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Monique Lhuillier 'Guiliana' Gown

Sources: 1. Monique Lhuillier 'Guiliana' Spring 2011, 2.  Carrie and Big, Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, 3. Louis Armstrong, Pediaview, 4.  Elizabeth Messina Photography, 5. Bella Figura 'Classic Calligraphy' invitation, 6. Sparkle and Hay 'Champagne Tray', 7. Ron Ben Israel 'No.3' Lace and Beading cake


Not Your Everyday Handwriting

I’d like to introduce everyone to Brown Linen & Co.  Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, owner and designer Abany has created a unique point of view for her clients. Brown Linen & Co has what Abany calls (and what I agree with)… 'the good stuff'.  The good stuff includes  handmades, calligraphy, and styling.

I'd also like to send a very happy CONGRATULATIONS to Abany, who just became engaged on Monday! 

I find the level of intricacy unparalleled.  I have yet to find a calligrapher who scribbles outside of the lines.  Still artistic and formal, the style of calligraphy Abany produces is very modern with a touch of rusticity.   Brown Linen & Co. works with all types of folks for whatever reason or occasion they need items for.

Abany is inspired by"structured chaos [and] has a heart for designing experiences and environments that involve as many of one's senses as possible".

CharlotteLucey is doing a series on Brown Linen & Co. that will feature each category of good stuff.  Stay tuned for Brown Linen & Co. once a week for the next 4 weeks.... and I'm sure much more than that!

What is a Weddingscape?

Thanks to all who have requested and received their Weddingscapes! I have such a great time helping create what you envision for your day!  As a reminder to those who are planning a wedding, or those who are are involved in the planning process (bridesmaids, MOH’s, mothers, etc.) I wanted to take a minute to showcase what a Weddingscape is and how you can get one!

A Weddingscape is the visual presentation of what the client envisions for their day.  It's a jump start to the planning process that provides information on products, items, vendors, etc.  Here's FAQ's to better explain.

How is the process started?
If you’re interested in having a Weddingscape created, email me at charlottelucey.info@gmail.com. 

What does CharlotteLucey need?
The basics.  Over coffee, email, or phone, a simple conversation will help me understand  what you are trying to achieve for your special day.

Depending on the amount of detail, length of the presentation, and number of requests, a Weddingscape can take 5-10 business days to complete and send to you!

How Is a Weddingscape Packaged?
Without giving too much away, I begin my creative process by hand (sample to the right).  From there, I create the Weddingscape using a program on my Macbook and convert the presentation into a PDF that makes its way to you. 

Can I See A Sample?
Absolutely.  Never purchase without a test drive.

Will My Weddingscape Be Shared With Other Brides?
No.  I understand how important it is to keep certain details regarding your wedding under wraps!  It's up to the Bride whether she would like to add her Weddingscape to the CharlotteLucey sample portfolio after her wedding is complete.

Standard 4 Page: $75.00
(includes inventory lists and sources, 2 page concept spread, 1 round of edits)

Additional page(s): $25.00 per page
Additional edits:  $10.00 per round

Custom Weddingscape packages can be made available

Why Does It Cost Money?
Without charging you the cost of a down payment for a new car, I’m sharing an extensive catalogue of venues, vendors, ideas, products and resources.  On average, a full-service event planner can cost between $5,000-$10,000…. Believe me when I tell you that fee can get higher depending on the planners reputation, experience, and clientele.

As a consultant my goal is to achieve 2 things:
  1. To make the planning process easier for you so the $5,000-$10,000 can go towards your wedding, not another person. 
  2. To showcase new and unique ideas to make your wedding as memorable for YOU as possible. 

Other consulting services are available, please email me for more information and cost at CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com


Newport Nuptials

Congratulations to  Jennifer & AJ Board who were married on April 16, 2011 in Newport Rhode Island. Set with a backdrop of sea and sky, the couple’s photo’s look nothing short of an editorial spread.  Despite what had been described as challenging weather, the couple shown through the eye of the lens and captured some amazing photos. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Blue Satin Badgley Mischka Shoes 
Jen did a CharlotteLucey favorite by wearing a pair of colored satin shoes by Badgley Mischka (blue none the less).  The gown designer of choice was Jim Hjelm with a fitted bodice, lace applique and deep V back.  Complimentary to the orange and navy colors, the bridesmaids wore silk-sating dresses and another A+ to Jen for mixing and matching the styles of dresses while keeping a constant color.  

Who photographed the wedding and did a stellar job.  Based out of Connecticut they shoot in CT, MA, RI, and NY regularly, but are available for travel worldwide.  Their philosophy is to produce photos that are unconventional, fresh, and innovative.

 I asked the groom how they came up with the photo where he has his bride over his shoulder, and the explanation could have been better, "You know, we'd been out there in the wind and cold for half an hour and just decided we needed to haul out." Not staged or posed, what you see in Jen & AJ’s photo’s is just them as they are.   Congratulations again you two!

 Click Here for More

Glory to These!

Remember when wearing a paper hat at a birthday party, especially one you created yourself was super fun and considered an artistic achievement? Well here's a fresh take on those early-childhood memories AND a funky more playful way to celebrate the latest hat trend (thanks to The Royal Wedding).


I am happy to report that my mom and I purchased 4 of these when we came across them in a store on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I'm personally fond of mine- it reminded me of the hat I might've worn had I been a lost boy in Neverland or a mischievous nin-come-poop in 'Where the Wild Things Are' (that's mine over there).

Yes we surprised my sister on her 28th birthday in public wearing these hats, and to our surprised she jumped on the bandwagon, put on her purple birthday hat and we all sat for pictures while curious eyes stared at us from almost every table. 

Based out of Fort Valley Georgia, artist and milliner Jennie Hart Robinson has created one of a kind pieces of art to wear on your head.  They are all made using 100% recycled paper and better yet, just putting on one of these hats instantly lifts your mood and will make you giggle (you should've heard my mother snorting in the store when she found these).

Products that make you feel good and encourage laughter is CharlotteLucey approved- as Glory B Hats says, " Each hat is an individual creation –a true expression of the daily celebration of life and laughter".

BRIDES & BRIDAL PARTY MEMBERS:  These make great keepsakes and will contribute to all of the fun memory-building that occurs before, during, and after the wedding.  Want to do something other than a guest book?  Get a bride and groom hat and place them with pens at the reception- it will be a great way to scrapbook all of the fun memories from your day.

Bridesmaids- toss out the regular bridal veil for the bachelorette and get a custom hat that's festive and different!  Brides- want to have something special for your bridal party at your shower?  Get them each a hat that reflects their personality- I promise you'll have some great photos!

We'll be highlighting Glory B Hats often, with new ideas, products, and information about this glorious company!

Thanks Jennie!


Funky Friday

Enjoy "Hello"- truly funky and great for a Friday. See you all next week with a wedding profile, Brown Linen & Co, and Glory B Hats.


Bella of the Ball

Letter press refers to the process where the lettering and design of your invitation or stationary product is literally pressed into the paper. Letterpress typically comes on a thicker stock paper, some with texture, some without, but it has a heavier feel in the hands of the reader.  The ink is set deep and rich within the pages, as the CharlotteLucey Personal Favorite describes.


And that is just a small bite...Bella Figura, based out of Syracuse, New York, conducts their business the old fashioned way using  vintage cast-iron presses. Their philosophy is simple- only use the best, create the best, and do it with love for the product and result. We also love their about them section of the website... why wouldn't CharlotteLucey like them with an "Our Story"page that is just a unique as their products.

Because of the multi-step process, along with the quality of design and paper stock, letterpress can run a bit more expensive than your standard wedding invitation. Bella figura also prints on tree-free 100% percent cotton stock. The result is dynamic, beautiful, and is deeply appreciated by the creator, client, and viewer.  Letterpress takes on many forms, can come in many colors and fits all types of occasions (modern, vintage, and  classic). What else does CharlotteLucey love about Bella Figura? 1% of all sales goes towards environmentally-friendly causes.

All of the photos above are from Bella Figura, and we strongly suggest checking out their Real Weddings  page.  Also for your viewing pleasure is a short video of the Bella Figura pressing studio where you can see the process first-hand.

You may be weary of ordering an invitation without being able to hold the product in your hand- fear not, that’s why samples can readily be made available to you.  Never buy a car without test-driving it first. Request as many as you can and like.  Ink color samples are also available, and as always, proofs of your final will always be sent to you prior to the order being submitted for pressing and printing.

Bella Figura is a one-stop-shop for all of your wedding stationary needs from save-the-date announcements, to invitations, reply cards, menus, coasters, thank you’s, etc. It’s all in one place, match or mix-and-match ready for you.


North Shore Weddingscape

I docaught some surfing programs this weekend and became inspired.  There isn't a whole lot to say other than to say I was focused on keeping this Weddingscape and blog relaxed, natural, and romantic.

Sources:  Bella Figura Moderno 1 Invitation (Antique Gold), Paperclip Place Cards, Green Orchid Bouquet, Mindy Weiss Beach Party, Mason Jar with Sand and Tea Light, Catherine Deane Giselle Gown

Food Favors

How does one go about ordering “food takeaways”.  I got many texts regarding the BIG MAC favors from the wedding I attended in Knoxville.  I’m not sure how the bride and groom went about their process, but if I may throw in my two cents...

Every fast-food restaurant is a franchise, meaning they are owned by individuals. Because of this you can Google the name of the franchise and the city where you are- no doubt, Google will provide a phone number. Voila! Ask to speak to a manager and ask how they go about placing an order of that size that will be picked up at a specific time.

The venue where your reception is taking place most likely has a kitchen and if the food needs to be preserved will be placed in a hot box or refrigerator until it’s time for them to make their appearance.


If you don't want to use the box your food comes in you can opt for a takeout box from Mr.TakeOutBags.com. You can stick a personalized label with your wedding logo and farewell message to your guests, or depending on the side add food to the box.  Here from http://www.stylemepretty.com/ the caterer put 2 sliders, and fries in the box with napkins!

Either way, original packaging or personalized your guests will appreciate the treat!

My apologies for the redundancy, if any, but the CharlotteLucey rule of thumb for favors is this :  It should be something the guests can use or consume.  You don’t want to purchase something that will be thrown out or simply left behind after you’ve spent the money producing it.
If you’re thinking about going the food route, call way in advance so you don’t have any surprises closer to your wedding.

Know what the restaurant requires of you:
  • Is there a minimum?
  • How far in advance do they need the quantity?
  • Do I have to pick it up or is there delivery?
As always, the question at hand is “What is my budget?”  Look out for beach fries on the Weddingscape appearing later this evening!


Back From Knoxville, Tenessee

Back from a great wedding weekend (hence the lack of posting). This past weekend I attended a wedding in Knoxville, Tennessee for the now Mrs. Claire Speight and Mr. Mark Speight. The wedding took place at 6:30 in the evening and was cascaded with beautiful flowers and beaming smiles. 

The groom was standing at the entrance into the chapel to greet people and couldn’t look happier.  We all took our seats and promptly at 6:30 the music began as the grandmothers, mothers, and bridesmaids made their way down the aisle. An impressive 18 person wedding party occupied the alter.  The bridesmaids wore a cloudy lavender Melissa Sweet draped gown.  The groomsmen stood tall in tuxedos with bow ties.  The music quieted for a few moments before trumpets announced the entrance of the Bride.

Claire looked beautiful in a bright white gown with sweet heart neckline, broach at the waste, and modern a-line skirt (the name of the dress will be disclosed when the bride gets back!).
The reception took place at the Cherokee County Club which can only be described as having the best view in Knoxville.  We all had expected bad weather due to reports of constant rain and thunderstorms.  Instead, not a drop hit the pavement and a rainbow crowned the sky before the sun set.

Flowers were the main event at this wedding. They towered the tables and draped from the chandeliers. Claire and Mark had some of the best take-aways/favors for their guests including keepsakes from a photo booth with fun props and BIGMACS.  Yes, BigMacs!  Guests could munch the 2 all beef patties, special sauce (you know how the rest goes) to help ease their tummies from any excessive amounts of spirits that may have been floating in their system (I personally ate 2).

The bride and groom also had chartered buses to take guests to and from the hotel from the reception site which was a small celebration of its own.

To Claire & Mark- We all wish you nothing but the best in your many years to come as a succesfull couple.  It was such a beautiful event to be at with great friends.


Viva La Tunes Deux

Here is the 2nd playlist from CharlotteLucey!  Our last playlist had more recent, mainstream songs that you can turn any stero on and listen to instantly.

For this playlist we wanted to do some digging. We chose songs that are a little more mellow and eclectic, but make sense together.  From Judy Garland to The Temper Trap this playlist will introduce a different mindset to the term "wedding music". We saved the best for last...

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Billie Holiday- I'll Be Seeing You
  1.  Just Like A Dream- Kat Edmonson
  2. Girl From Ipanema- Joao Gilberto
  3. Sweet Dispositon- The Temper Trap
  4. Where The Boys Are- Connie Francis
  5. Darlin’ Companion- Johnny Cash and June Carter
  6. The Way I Am- Ingrid Micaelson
  7. Dream A Little Dream- The Mama’s and the Papa’s
  8. Friday I’m in Love- The Cure
  9. I and Love and You- The Avett Brothers
  10. I Was Made for You- She & Him
  11. Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday- Finley Quay
  12. You Made Me Love You- Judy Garland
  13. Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine
  14. Sea of Love- Cat Power
  15. I’ll Be Seeing You- Billie Holiday


Pink Lemonade

Summer will soon be here and why not incorporate one of Americas favorite thirst-quenchers for your summer celebration?  Yellow with hints of pink keep the wedding structured yet refined.  CharlotteLucey favors mixing-and-matching.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Lemonade Bottles via Project Wedding

Favors can cost as little as $2.00 all the way up to $20.00.  Again the budget question comes in to play when determining what it is you want your guests to depart with.  A rule of thumb at CharlotteLucey is that a favor should be something your guests can actually use or consume.  Anything else will be thrown out and a waste of money. 

Outdoor wedding?  Try purchasing wholesale flip-flops in your colors and have them in buckets for your guests.  80% of ladies remove their shoes at some point during the reception to better showoff thier dance moves.

A bit of tangy and sweet, a pink lemonade wedding is perfect for spring/summer. Cheers!

Sources:  DIY Lemonade Bottles, BHLDN paper pom flowers, BHLDN Bow Topped Slingbacks, Hanging Mason Jars, Sparklers Online Wedding Sparklers, JCrew:  Silk Chiffon Evie Long Dress


Calling All Guests!

The ceremony has ended and guests begin to make their way to the reception.  Even before you are handed your first drink, there it is, waiting to tell you your fate for the evening… The placecard table (also known as escort cards).  These petite cards that get all of 30 seconds of attention let your guests know where they are situated in the room and with whom. A simple folding card and table are no longer the standard. Place card tables are now making their own statement at your wedding.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Place Card Buttons By Valley Flower Company

TIPS & TRICKS:  Why not have your place card holder be your guest favor?  Kill two birds with one stone.  If you want to give a small box of chocolates, why not have their name tag attached?  Candles can easily have personalized printed labels at no extra cost. 

If you want something a bit more fancy, have something that can be part of the d├ęcor.  Bud vases can be placed on the table and add to the centerpiece (also a favor). Or instead of placing your escort cards on a table, have them sitting on a bed of flowers. 

The buttons we mentioned above are great- they’re personal, easy to make or purchase, and people can wear them which will make for great photos. Also, who says your palce cards have to match? We’re a big fan of same size, but different colors and patterns.  This is especially a great way to tie in your main and accent colors in one place. If you have any concern that people may not know your color scheme you won’t have to worry when they’re together.

Don’t even get me started on Mason Jar Place Cards...A Southern Wedding in The Summer coming soon! And a post for a later time, how to decide:  “Who Sits With Who? And Where?”


Say Cheese With A Mustache!

This is a great addition and keepsake for you and your guests.  Have some fun and get goofy with a photobooth.  Not your average cheesy black box anymore, check out this vintage board-walk inspired booth from Magnolia Photo Booth Co. First of all, the look of the website itself has sold CharlotteLucey already.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

Based out of California, Magnolia Phone Booth Co. builds, designs and rents their booths.  They’ll even work with you to create custom panels for a one-of-a-kind photo booth just for your event!  Take a Tour of the MagBooth- what you can expect to see! 

You'll be impressed when you click on The Company .  The artsy and eclectic group with wide rimmed glasses, handlebar mustaches, and super hero descriptors is CharlotteLucey approved.  But also CL approved is their philosophy which you get right up front,

“We maintain a hands-on approach in all aspects of everything we do and pride ourselves on being the kind of company you can set your watch to.”

Second stamp of approval!  The quality of the photos is extremely impressive with their own patented flashing system. You can even preview before you print with a built in LCD screen- take a look.

Third stamp of approval (and we're pretty sure the props come from them!)

It doesn’t stop at your print out; You can also print thank you’s, posters (for those of you about to plan, Save-the-Dates!) and much more here at the Print Shop.  It's 100% worth a glance and an inquiry, check out Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

Would Magnolia Photo Booth Co. be at "The Golden Age" wedding?  CharlotteLucey thinks so.

Something Sweet for Monday

It’s not just about the cake anymore.  It is, but there’s another component to the dessert celebration at a wedding.  As your coffee is being poured and you take that last bite of cake, somewhere along a wall or tucked in another entry hallway, is a hidden treasure… The Dessert Table.

It’s not just a table that has a white linen thrown on top with a plate of cookies and hello dolly’s.  No no.  These are now decorative tablsescapes that catch the eye of anyone who passes and typically entice a person to grab a treat even if they are full to their maximum belly capacity. 

Personal Favorite:  Amy Atlas Events

Amy Atlas, also known as "The Sweets Stylist," is a coveted entertaining expert, baking and crafting stylist, and is internationally recognized for creating the stylized dessert bar trend.  Amy's work has appeared in O Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Parents Magazine,  The New York Times, Every Day with Rachael Ray, The Los Angeles Times, Real Simple, Food and Wine Magazine, Life & Style, Gotham, New York Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and many more.  (Amy Atlas Events website)

Above are all Amy Atlas designs.  This doesn't even cover the teeniest bit of the kind of work Amy can do.  You won’t know what to do with yourself scrolling through her site.  The amount of detail and sophistication each table exudes is jaw-dropping.  It may just outshine your cake.  Amy Atlas has an eye for detail and works with her clients to help them create a dessert masterpiece that captures the personality of the event they are hosting. 

Even if you can’t get Amy, be inspired by her work and discuss with your event planner or on-site catering manager how to create a masterpiece of your own.


Funky Friday!

It’s Funky Friday!  Happy post-Cinco de Mayo to everyone who survived!  And a special birthday shout out to Ms. Katherine Brun who’s engaged to be married to Evan McIntosh next Spring. 

For those of you who  may need an extra advil or pick me up before you can shut your “ojos” and sleep in tomorrow, let this song help you ge through the day- it's screams funk!

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  “Barbara Streisand” by Ducksauce 

CharlotteLucey Playlist #2 will be coming out next week and this song has made the cut.  Have a great weekend, enjoy your Funky Friday and rest of the weekend- see you Monday!

Free Weddingscape presentations end May 15th.  After which a fee will be charged.  I’d like to thank all of the Brides who have requested one- it’s been such fun working with you and creating your Weddingscapes!  Email CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com


Back to Basics

It's time to get back to the basics!  Before all of the fun ideas, color palettes, shoes, sparkly things and bling things can be decided on you have to start at step #1 which is "Buy The Book". 

A planning binder will be essential for organizing all of the ideas, vendors, venues, stationary and every other detail that is necessary to plan your wedding. Whether you use an event coordinator or not, this is your go to planner whenever you need it, 24/7.

The planner will also serve as a keepsake post-wedding.  My older sister got married in October and I have so much fun going through her planning book today to see all of the craziness (in a good way) that we did together to plan her wedding. 

You can choose to organize several ways:  E-organizer or a physical binder.  CharlotteLucey prefers the physical binder because, although environmentally conscious, it's nice to have something you can flip through and physically hold instead of trying to remember yet another online password.

I'm also a huge fan of marking up pages with notes (all of my books are scribbled in) which just adds more character to the book.  Some well-known event planners such as Mindy Weiss have their own wedding planning binders you can purchase.  The Mindy Weiss Planner Book "The Ultimate Wedding Organizer" will run you $100, but go to any Barnes and Noble (or other book store) and they’ll have plenty.  Amazon.com has a great binder for $20

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Russell & Hazel Wedding Organizer

Or if you really want to make the binder personal, create your own? Go to an office supplies store and pick out your own binder, page dividers and ornaments.  Many website such as The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, or basic event planning sites will have templates for you to down load that only require you to print and hole punch. 

Have fun!


Show Some Sparkle!

Who enjoys fireworks and sparklers?!    It’s not anything new, but sparklers are such a beautiful and wonderful conclusion to any wedding.   They carry a whimsical feeling that lasts long after the wedding party has ended. They’re also a lot more affordable and law-abiding than fireworks.  

Sparklers aren’t handed to people with the expectation they are going to stand with a fiery stick in their hand.  They are now an accessory to the event  and provide such a wonderful feeling and spirit to the day/evening. 

I recently completed a Weddingscape for a Bride who is an outgoing and joyful person.  I immediately thought how sparklers fit her fun-loving personality and included them in her presentation. 


Sparklers Online has been featured in “InStyle Weddings”  and is a great site. The webpage is adorable and everything sparklers should be!  What we like best about Sparklers Online is that they state “Not all sparklers are alike”

CharlotteLucey likes this for 2 reasons: 

1) The sparklers are brighter and longer- it’s simply a better product and
2) Not all weddings are alike. Although other weddings may use the product, there are so many different ways to incorporate these that it just adds to the uniqueness of your day. 

You can shop for your sparklers, look at their photo gallery (which is amazing!) and catch some creative ideas.  We love the twinkle and sparkle every time the mouse gets clicked. 

Sparkle away during the day or night- this will make a great addition to your celebration!

If you would like a Weddingscape, CharlotteLucey is creating them for free through May 15th.  Email us at CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com 


Designer Profile: Monograms & Logos

We originally discussed monogramming in the post "A Sweet Idea" focusing on fun pre-wedding/wedding monogrammed cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake.  Then CharlotteLucey premiered it's "New Logo!" and now we have some exciting news!

C. Ryan Boyd has agreed to partner with CharlotteLucey to create wedding monograms and logos for all of you planning your special day!

We received such great feedback regarding our logo that we wanted to share the creative love.   Having worked hands on with the designer, it can be said CL is more than pleased with the amount of professionalism, creative process, and delivery of results.

The designer will work with you to create the logo or monogram you envision for your day.  C. Ryan Boyd will offer creative consulting and then produce 6 logos for your review.  You will then receive two (2) rounds of edits to perfect your logo (if it isn't perfect already) and then receive the final product.  You will also receive full rights to usage and reproduction. 

TIPS & TRICKS:  Logos and custom monograms take a minimum of 5 business days to produce (that's just the initial design).  Give the process a total of 2-3 weeks in order to make sure you give yourself enough time to respond to the designer.

A monogram or wedding logo can be used to tie the wedding together if you prefer not to have a "theme" or outspoken color palette. Suddle hints on invitations, place cards, favor boxes, and thank you's, are just some of the places your logo can be showcased and used over again.

Please contact C. Ryan Boyd at cryanboyd@gmail.com for all logo and monogram inquiries.  Please make sure to put in the subject line "CharlotteLucey Monogram/Logo". 

Have fun, CharlotteLucey did!


Not So Fast Faux Pas!

Weddings are very exciting times for people.  Not just for the Bride and Groom and their families, but their friends.   In fact, the excitement can bubble over so much that many people make a very common faux-pas…. Assuming they are invited.

Sure 9 times out of 10 if you have known the Bride and Groom (or at least one of them) for a long time and are very close and etc. etc. sure you can assume that you may be invited to the wedding, however until you get that Save-The-Date or personal verbal invitation, never assume you are going to be invited. Here’s a little story… (but first, the photo is BHLDN Baguette Halo)

A big group of us last year went to dinner one night ( a small high school reunion).  One of our friends was planning her wedding for the following June.  The Bride had been very tight lipped about her plans because it wasn’t going to be a huge affair and she was still in the planning process.  Her wedding had come up in conversation and I quickly became mortified at some of the questions and assumption people were making about being invited.                                                               

“So can I come?”
“Is this person coming?”
“Can I invite this person?”

It was horrendous.  I turned to look at the Bride as her smile turned from one of pleasantry to complete awkwardness.  How was she supposed to respond?  Somehow the infinite 5 minute topic turned to something else, but the lingering effects how uncomfortable she felt was on her face as she stared at her lap. I leaned over and told her “We’re not in high school anymore- people need to understand this isn’t a house party that just anyone, even themselves can go to.  Don’t feel bad about letting people know that”.  

This Bride was a girl I was friendly with, but not necessarily friends with.  I had never once assumed I would be invited to her wedding and wasn’t slipping her this advice in order to get one.  It was obvious though other people hadn’t realized the lack of etiquette that had pushed onto her plate.  I was happily surprised when I did receive my invitation in the mail. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Never assume you are invited to a wedding.  You don’t know the budget or how intimate the Bride and Groom want the affair
  • There’s a fine line between asking about a wedding  and digging for information to see if you’ll be extended an invitation
  • Don’t ask to bring a date- this is at the Bride and Groom’s discretion
  • Don’t ask if certain people will be there.  You’re not going for anyone else other than the Bride and Groom. 
TIPS & TRICKS:  Calling and future Brides & Grooms!  You too have a responsibility to close friends and family if you're having a more intimate and small wedding.  It saves the trouble and awkwardness of your best friends why they aren't coming.

If the wedding is going to be smaller than anticipated, personal phone calls are best to let people know "We are so excited for the wedding, but we are going to have a more intimate setting with a very limited number of people". 

It's a polite way of thanking someone for their congratulations, but letting them know that perhaps they shouldn't expect an invitation.