100 Questions

Getting to know someone when you first start to date is uber exciting.  It's kind of like opening little gifts as the relationship grows.  Don't stop asking questions!  If you've found your someone and you both are on the way to saying I DO, it's important to continue that relationship deep-sea fishing. You know, asking the hard stuff.  The stuff that makes your insides turn and your toes cringe, but the stuff that you both know is important when figuring out how to spend the rest of your lives together.

Enter The Hard Questions: 100 Questions to Ask Before Saying "I Do" by Susan Piver. 

The books topics are the fundamentals:
  1. Home
  2. Money
  3. Work
  4. Sex
  5. Health & Food
  6. Family
  7. Children
  8. Community & Friends
  9. Spiritual Life

You don't need to answer them all or all in one night, but make a fun evening out of it. Order some pizza, get some ice cream, some craft beer and/or wine and sit and have a good conversation. Heck! Even if you are married, go ahead and get the book!  Have fun!


Hometown Shout Out

It's no surprise GreenWeddingShoes is my favorite go-to bride blog.  But I love it that much more when I see my hometown of Kensington, Maryland featured.  I always love to hear visitors talk about  the "Wizard of Oz" or "Disney Castle" when they come around the beltway. 

This spectacular architectural achievement is actually a place of worship.  Photographs are not allowed to be taken inside, but the essence of the day is captured just the same. Whoop whoop!



Sometimes I get a thought and I just like to share :) My stylish friend, who has her own blog, THE STYLE PUNDIT (check it out!) were having a conversation about our style and how it compares to the where we live. We're both transplants to Atlanta and are acutely aware that our personal fashion sense doesn't really match the typical female style.  It's not good or bad, just different.

One of the things that peaked our interest more than whether or not we "fit in" was what it meant to be "feminine looking"- by this we strictly were talking about our clothes.  When it comes to what people wear out in bars (not everyone), we wondered if "dressing feminine" meant tight, body-con dresses, that left little to the imagination with your cheeks and peaks barely covered.  We don't think so.

We agreed that we don't think dressing feminine means showing off all of your assets with 4.5" heels. But we wonder what men think. And this wonderful thought came out....

Being well-dressed doesn't mean having all of the latest designer fashions and emptying your pockets to keep up.  It means dressing tastefully with confidence.  When your confident, you're this beaming, glowing, enigma that captures the room.  And you become very hard to ignore.   

Personally, if a man wants someone who's going to show everything, I'm not their gal.  It's a balance and one that I keep. If i show more leg, you'll see less of my top and vice-verse. I don't know if I fit in to what you would call typical Atlanta-fashion, but I think I have a unique style all my own that is nice and polished. 

Colorscope Pt. 4

Finale- that was fun :)

To be honest I haven't read these- I think that would be cheating. Instead select your favorite colors and wait to read the descriptions until after. 


Colorscope Pt. 3

It's been gloomy all week- I think I  might see a small sliver of light trying to press itself through the clouds. No bother, time for color!

CLICK HERE for the Paper-Source planner that has all of this fun info in it! 


Colorscope Pt.1: Paper-Source

Like Crate&Barrel, Paper-Source is a magical place. If you haven't done so already, I highly suggest purchasing one of their annual planners.  Why? Well for obvious reasons such as a place to jot down important dates and memos, but also for the goodness in the back of the notebook.  Paper-Source has created a 4-page colorscape that I'm obsessing over  that will be posted in it's entirety over the next four days. 

No doubt one of the things you'll spend some time thinking about is your color-scheme.  Some people go by the season, others go by what their favorite has been since childhood... Do you know what your color(s) say about you?

Paper-Source does :)


Anniversary Info

It exists. Yes, there are suggested items that you are supposed to give/receive for specific anniversaries. I'd love to find out who created this- it's been around for a while.  Here are your milestone gifts from 1 year to 75.


Turn to the Tea

Many of my friends know of my obsession with Crate & Barrel.  It’s like what FAO Schwartz used to do for me as a kid.  Instead of oohing over rainbow m&ms and plush stuffed animals of every shape and size, I experience a type of giddy euphoria when I walk through the glass doors and see cutlery, pillows, vases, shelves, and napkin holders. What happened?

Making our nest, cave, dwelling, etc. desirable and to our liking is fun. It really is. POINT RENEE- well this year Crate&Barrel is celebrating their 50th anniversary by highlighting their famous Arzberg  teapot. They've asked 12 artists to create one of a kind, limited addition teapots. They’re adorable and of course I'm collecting them, duh.  It also makes the months pass quickly because I count the days down as to when I can purchase my next one.  If I miss one, even one, it’s all for not. So I am the crazy who waits up at 12:00 AM to purchase my pot.

I don’t know about you, but if you're stuck in a rut on a theme, colors, feeling, season, whatever- turn to the tea. Enjoy!



We [ ] With Our Eyes

The way something looks is the reason we choose it, the way we buy it, the way we try it, and eat it. It's also how we appreciate things.  Someone could bring over the greatest tasting black truffle, cheese ravioli you’ve ever had in your life, but if it was shoved onto a paper plate without care you might judge it poorly before it reaches your tongue.You also could’ve been given the latest and greatest apple product, but if they just handed it to you without a box or a bow- well it takes some of the mystery and magic out of receiving a gift.

Presentation counts. It doesn’t have to be glamorous- in fact, it can be quite simple and understated, but the effort one makes into the presentation of anything always captures the attention and admiration of its viewers.  What are you inspired by? I can find lots from these fine packages- enjoy!

Photo Source: BuzzFeed


Happy New Year

Happy New Year All!

I'm embarassed that the last date mark was last October (sigh).  But the break has invigorated and motivated me to make this year a REALLY good blogging year.  Plus we updated a little. Something fresh, its a little different, but we'll try it.

Hoping everyone is getting off to a great 2013 and have a great weekend. Let the posting begin (on Monday that is!).