Pinterest Is Better Than Twitter

Ooooh I’m making quite a statement here. I’d like to invite CharlotteLucey readers to search “Renee Walsh” on Pinterest and follow- you'll find me by my painted feet photo.  Some of the things will look familiar from the blog, but others are other ideas that don’t require several paragraphs of explanation. 

This is the one problem I have with Twitter. It's great for getting tiny bite-sized conversations out of the way, but I don't see much.  In the short amount of time I've been on Pinterest, I've received more follows than the few weeks I’ve been on Twitter. Hmph.Why do I think this?  Well, raw fact and because of two things most of us have called eyeballs.

I’m a visual person. I eat with my eyes, I choose clothes based on colors and patterns, and I use YouTube to learn how to do certain things, such as knitting or how create a fishtail braid. Think I'm kidding, I kid you not.

To make a long story short… FOLLOW CHARLOTTELUCEY ON PINTEREST BY SEARCHING “RENEE WALSH”.  Fun fun.  Any ideas for a new board… I myself need some inspiration.

P.S. I'm still on Twitter and will remain there so CLICK to follow.

PhotoSource: Snippetandink