Bitchless Bride: 5-Minute Planning


I came across an article from fellow bride-blogger, Bitchless-Bride that I thought would be of interest to you all! If the name doesn't grab you, her article will.   She is, and I quote, a “Straightforward, Foul-Mouthed Wedding Planner”. Totally up the CharlotteLucey alley.  Her most recent article is a home-runner for brides who have a knack for not getting caught up in the petty details of planning a wedding. Chillax, enjoy, breathe. 

Bitchless-Bride ,who is also an event planner, wants you to know that you can save the drama for your mama (or the grooms mama) and plan your wedding in literally 5-minutes with 5 things to keep in mind things.

Yes your wedding day is going to be awesome, but the planning process should be also (ah hem, have you read my "About". It makes me sad when I hear brides say, "I just want this to be over with”. That is so not the point or attitude you should have. Everything from the initial “Will you marry me?”, through cake or cupcake tasting, venue picking, and so on should be…. Dare I say it?  Enjoyable and fun?  It’s your wedding!

Below are Bitchless-Bride's steps. Although only 3/5 are my personal preference, I understand how all 5 can help your cause of staying sane, planning an awesome wedding, and having it be about you and the hubs-to-be!  #1 is a home-run. 100%. Cheers!
  1. Don't ask everybody and their mother what they think about your wedding plans. Honestly, "don't ask, don't tell." In this case, it'll keep you sane.
  2. Don't second-guess yourself. If you find "the wedding dress", then quit looking. If you love red velvet cake, then get red velvet cake EVEN if not everybody likes it. Screw them; it's your wedding.
  3. Don't get band, get a DJ. The great bands book several months to years in advance. Meanwhile, there are some amazing DJs out there that have a much shorter booking span.
  4. Don't have a sit down dinner, have a cocktail party. Ask the venue or caterer to choose their favorite or most popular passed hors d'oeuvres and stationary items, and skip a tasting. (You could even pass mini cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. Yes... even though I'm over the whole cupcake trend, when they're mini, they get a free pass.) A cocktail party also means you don't have to worry about escort cards, place cards, menu cards, etc....
  5. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the minutia of how crazy you're supposed to be. Educated decisions don't necessarily have to take a long time. The just have to be, um, educated.
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