Hump Day Photos

I love BuzzFeed.  What? Never heard of it?  Well basically it's every amazing thing that lives on the Internet right in front of your face. And today they posted "The 50 Most Romantic Photographs Of All Time". Couldn't resist- favorites  below, but click here for all photos!


Photo Sources:  BuzzFeed (1. Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.Image by Time & Life Pictures - Alfred Eisenstaedt / Getty Images, 2.Photo by Rich Lam.Image by Rich Lam / Getty Images, 3.Photo by Shannen Norman. Source: shannennatasha.blogspot.com, 4.buzzfeed.com , 5.buzzfeed.com Smoking photo by Philippe Halsman, 6. everyday-i-show.livejournal.com, 7&8: Photos by Tim Dodd. See A Love Story In 22 Pictures for more.  Via: timdoddphotography.com, 9. all-that-is-interesting.com)