Cotton Candy Arrival

For those of you who may be glued to the Food Network or Cooking Channel like I am, this new favorite food fad will be of no surprise.  Cotton Candy has been around for decades, but is making a new type of appearance.  No more is the spun web of sugar a mere side-kick, but rather the main event of inspiration. 
Cotton candy is now used to inspire everything from event couture, to drinks, to the food we eat. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Vera Wang Dress #3 Fall 2011

Cotton Candy Martini?  No problem, take your favorite cotton candy and place it in a martini glass.  Mix of up your favorite vodka concoction and pour over the cotton candy. Your left with a sinfully sweet and delicious cocktail.  It’s also a fun surpriseyou’re your guests to see how the drink is made.  Cotton candy doesn’t have to be pink either, although sticking with a classic is never a bad thing.  Cotton candy comes in all colors and can match any décor you have. 

It also serves as a fantastic garnish to any plate you serve. Don’t want flowers on your cake?  Separate the tears with cotton candy! Guest favors?  Yes please. Create a custom label for your wedding and place on small bags or boxes of the fluffy stuff.  Any guest would be happy to continue the celebration after the lights have gone out. One of the things I love most about cotton candy is that you never get full from it and always want more. 

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