Julie Will You Marry Me?

This post comes from a very unlikely source (thanks eyespeak!). A friend of mine told me his coworker had glanced at my blog and found something she had been looking for- woo hoo!  I don’t know a lot about the company these 2 work for so checked out their site and blog. I was interested in reading the first post from the Friday Favorite entry from 7/22.  It should be no surprise that I automatically clicked and found this…


Jim, the guy Julie lives with, has created a one of a kind, personal, artistic, funny, and downright cool website to… wait for it…. Wait for it… propose to his girlfriend (duh she said yes). The illustrations are fantastic and I have every intention of highlighting Aly Bellissimo and Socks Incorporated in the very near future.

Fellas- if the words aren’t coming to you or you think you’ll be distracted by fumbling words, sweaty arm pits and clammy hands, or if you just think you're going to pass out… this could be a nice alternative.  And something you can keep for always.