It's Raining... It's Pouring

I love thunderstorms and the rain. It always gives one a good reason to nestle up in bed with thick socks and a cup of tea to either read a book or watch a classic movie on TCM. Inspired by cloud shapes, colors and hues I created an inspiration board with deep, rich hues. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Bella Figura 'String Calligraphy' Wedding Invitation
It looks like the wind made it.

The wedding dress below comes from the Vinyard Collection of Priscilla of Boston.  I love the shaw which can be worn throughout the evening or detached. It looks like a set of sweeping cumulus clouds (yes I know my cloud groups).  The other fantastic thing about this dress, which was a great fine, is that it's price is under $2,000.00. 

The bridesmaid gown is from Melissa Sweet.  I attended a wedding back in May that chose the color "storm" and it was stunning.  It's light weight and airy and is completely appropriate to wear again for another formal occasion. 

Who says that inclement/rainy weather has to ruin a wedding. If it's not a torrential down pour why not provide umbrellas to create an awning over your guests and bridal party.  Ian Johnson photography captured endearing photos that make this wedding even more special.

Click the link below to listen- I think any storm/rain pessimist could find some cheer in this song by Real Tuesday Weld 'I Love The Rain'.
...It's raining, it's pouring, but I 'aint complaining 'cause I love the rain...

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