Don't Be Late.

Please, please, please, please, please… and one more… pleeeeeeeeeease don’t be late.  This blog is being discussed from a general, all-around point of view.

I worked at a boutique, started-out-as surf/beach shop when I was 16 all the way through college. I met some of my best friends working there and calling ourselves  “Moonies” was always fun (still is).

My Manager at the time always appreciated when us opening girls arrived early. Usually 15 minutes prior to the store opening to straighten, settle with our coffee, and if necessary grab an accessory to prance around the store in so customers would notice and want to purchase!

As we stood around waiting for the 10 AM ding to hit the computer, the topic of punctuality came up. I don’t remember the story or who/why we were on the subject, but I’ll never forget what she said…

"When you are late, you are telling other people YOUR time is more important than THEIRS."

I was 16. This stuck like the stickiest of post-it notes in my brain and has for the last 10 years. My family is notorious for being early.  Always have been, always will be. “If you’re early you’re on time, and if you're on time, you’re late." Period.  That’s how I was raised.   I prided myself (and still do) on getting to work early.    But having my 5’10, blonde haired, Cameron Diaz, surfer chic, superior at work say this just stuck in a different way. Don't be late.

So how does this apply to you?  It applies to everyone.  I recently had a coworker of mine tell me about a disastrous bridal shower which started 2 hours late because the bride simply didn’t show up until then. Guests began to leave within the “first hour” the bride was there.  Well technically it was the third and departing hour, so she had no room to complain or be upset with anyone.

For guests?  I'm yodle-lay-hee-hoo'ing you.  Don't think that a wedding starting at 6 PM means you can show up at 5:55 PM.  A proper usher or day of coordinator will block any guest from entering the ceremony 5-10 minutes prior to start time.  Sorry you were late.  It's suggested to arrive 20-30 minutes early to any ceremony.

Do not expect people to wait for you. You, Bride/Groom/Maid of Honor/Brides Maid/Best Man/Parents of the Bride/Parents of the Groom/ Guest- you, all of you- don't be late.   The world simply cant stop for all of us at the same time to cater to our watch.  That’s why we have iPhones.

I miss the moon- Dusty, Tiffany, Lyndsey, Lisa, Nicki- My Moonies.

Photo Source:  Bad-ass clock