Girls- They Wanna Have Fun

Back from a great weekend that kicked off with Olympic excitement! This Monday brings something a bit more delicate and flirty. The inspiration for this board comes from the photo of Ms. Lana Del Rey.

Her voice is sultry, she’s uber feminine, and always a little weird and quirky.  What’s not to love? And who wouldn’t want that pig piggy bank!  Oh yeah, and being a girl/a lady/a woman- it's totally as fun as it looks!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was necessary, but I thought of this version by Greg Laswell instead. Enjoy!

Photo Sources: Lana Del Rey, Pink & Green roses, DIY Paper Lantern, Pink Love Salts, Mint Chiffon, pink chair, Jadie & Johnny bridesmaids hydrangeas, white roses, JCrew Wixon purse, Piggy bank, JCrew Feather Fete, Scotch Naturals polish, JCrew tiny dots tights, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper