Monday Monday

And we're back!  Hoping that everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July and that your recovery has/is going well.

I'm very happy to announce once again the engagement of my friends, Anna & Ben! I received the wonderful news via a splendid GChat "Hey!"  I thought my friend was telling me she was coming back to Atlanta for a work which would have demanded a cocktail or dinner (time permitting).  As I blurted out "ARE YOU COMING TO ATLANTA?" I received the "Ben and I got engaged last week" message.  A big, speechless-with-excitement "Oh!" expression appeared on my face and anyone walking by my door would've automatically known it was because of fantastic news.  I couldn't be happier for my friends as they begin this very new and exciting chapter of their lives (together). Xxoo.

I'm also very excited to announce the engagement of Erin & Robbie! Erin and Robbie had mutual friends, but didn't know eachother.  It wasn't until our friend (all 3 of us), Harriet, introduced Erin and Robbie during a regular night out with friends.  As fate would have it, Erin and Robbie got along immediately and the pieces just fit.  It also helped that Diesel, Erin's beloved English Bulldog, approved. Congratulations you two!

What shall we do this week? There are a couple of boards in the works- EMAIL ME if you would like to see a specific board on the blog.  I'm extremely happy that we've reached 95 likes on Facebook and are growing.  THANK YOU for your support and for spreading the word about the little blog that could :)

Make sure to tune in to The Bachelorette tonight at 8 PM on ABC.  For those haters out there- PSH!  I know you watch.  Have a great Monday y'all!