Green- Thumb

Yesterday I found myself in a pre-fall frenzy.  I blame the Internet and Pinterest.  The 2012 Fall/Winter look books and pre-order glimpses crept through my eyeballs and I was slowly rekindling my love affair for brisk weather, layers of henley’s, flannel, and chunky sweaters.

Then it happened- hunter green and mustard yellow. This happens every year. Remember More Than I Do? The boards have come along quite nicely since then and I must really like that sofa. 

The wedding program above is probably the most creative one I've ever seen and something that probably every wedding guest read instead of laying flat in their lap. I know I'd keep this one. A fantastic idea popping up everywhere on Pinterest are thumb-print guest books. It's a new take on the regular ol' guest book.  Instead of just dabbing a note with a pen, this is something that can later be framed and displayed as art in your home.

My other favorite thing in this board is the hydrangea runner cascading down the tables. It looks like the tables, for lack of a better word, barfed up a beautiful display of white and green hydrangeas. It's modern, overgrown yet clean, and completely romantic. Clear acrylic chairs are also pretty sweet.

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