We [ ] With Our Eyes

The way something looks is the reason we choose it, the way we buy it, the way we try it, and eat it. It's also how we appreciate things.  Someone could bring over the greatest tasting black truffle, cheese ravioli you’ve ever had in your life, but if it was shoved onto a paper plate without care you might judge it poorly before it reaches your tongue.You also could’ve been given the latest and greatest apple product, but if they just handed it to you without a box or a bow- well it takes some of the mystery and magic out of receiving a gift.

Presentation counts. It doesn’t have to be glamorous- in fact, it can be quite simple and understated, but the effort one makes into the presentation of anything always captures the attention and admiration of its viewers.  What are you inspired by? I can find lots from these fine packages- enjoy!

Photo Source: BuzzFeed