Sometimes I get a thought and I just like to share :) My stylish friend, who has her own blog, THE STYLE PUNDIT (check it out!) were having a conversation about our style and how it compares to the where we live. We're both transplants to Atlanta and are acutely aware that our personal fashion sense doesn't really match the typical female style.  It's not good or bad, just different.

One of the things that peaked our interest more than whether or not we "fit in" was what it meant to be "feminine looking"- by this we strictly were talking about our clothes.  When it comes to what people wear out in bars (not everyone), we wondered if "dressing feminine" meant tight, body-con dresses, that left little to the imagination with your cheeks and peaks barely covered.  We don't think so.

We agreed that we don't think dressing feminine means showing off all of your assets with 4.5" heels. But we wonder what men think. And this wonderful thought came out....

Being well-dressed doesn't mean having all of the latest designer fashions and emptying your pockets to keep up.  It means dressing tastefully with confidence.  When your confident, you're this beaming, glowing, enigma that captures the room.  And you become very hard to ignore.   

Personally, if a man wants someone who's going to show everything, I'm not their gal.  It's a balance and one that I keep. If i show more leg, you'll see less of my top and vice-verse. I don't know if I fit in to what you would call typical Atlanta-fashion, but I think I have a unique style all my own that is nice and polished.