Brown Linen & Co.- The Good Stuff Calligraphy

It’s not your everyday handwriting… or calligraphy for that matter.  We’ve officially introduced you to Brown Linen & Co and “The Good Stuff”.  Next to share with you is Abany’s Calligraphy.   I couldn’t say it any better myself so will let you read the philosophy behind the creation of such unique script.

CALLIGRAPHYInvitations and save-the-dates are often the first opportunity to convey the look and feel of your special day.Whether it is the simple lettering to grace the face of envelopes, or the invitations to announce a momentous occasion, Brown Linen & Co. prides itself on creating delicate and polished calligraphy to commence your event.

What I love about Abany’s unique style of handwritten treats is that they can be presented in a formal or casual setting.  Earlier, when I first introduced Brown Linen & Co. on the blog I stated there was a certain rusticity that accentuated the uniqueness of the creation.  As you can see there is no exception to the pieces shown. Contact Abany at abany@brownlinengoods.com and go to www.Brownlinengoods.com

Photo Credit:  Achor & Eden & Candace Moore