The Good Stuff: Styling

Before the holiday I introduced Brown Linen & Co. along with founder and designer, Abany Tschupp.  We graced over her specialities and “the good stuff” which includes:  Styling, calligraphy, and handmades. Brown Linen & Co. has a unique perspective that Abany offers her clients.  As such we wanted to make sure the CharlotteLucey audience had as much exposure to Brown Linen & Co. as possible. Which takes us to the first “the good stuff”, styling (and this isn't even scratching the surface)...

Photo Credit: Achor & Eden

At Brown Linen & Co., we believe that each event is an opportunity to unite even the smallest detail to create an aesthetic that is cohesive, as well as uniquely you. From handmade menus to the very lights that twinkle above the heads of your loved ones, Brown Linen & Co. will craft an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your guests. www.brownlinengoods.com

Abany offers event design and styling for weddings, photo shoots, and social occasions.   Based in Atlanta, GA, Abany will travel and work with clients wherever they, or their events, are held.  Like CharlotteLucey, Brown Linen & CO. works with you to brainstorm and create a memorable experience for your occasion.

Most recently, Abany won the competition at the Wedding Day Hooray in Atlanta on 5/21-22 for her tablescape (photography by Achor & Eden).  You can see the vast range of talent from the thoughtfulness presented in Abany’s event design as well as her styling expertise for photo shoots as pictured below from photo shoot with Atlanta jewelry designer Mickey Lynn and photographer Andy Brophy.