The Good Stuff: Handmades

I’m not where near finished highlighting or talking about Brown Linen & Company, far from it!  This is the last category of Good Stuff- 'Handmades' which are so endearing.  I’m not quite sure how Abany creates her pieces, perhaps oil or water color paints, but the results and work is beautiful. 
For whatever type of occasion you’re having, special memories that take on tangible forms are always a thumbs up. 

Abany takes the time to create your item with love and care. The attention to detail is unparalleled and a timeless keepsake.  Everything from necklaces, to totes, to personalized love notes- rhyming not intended :)
Thanks Abany!

*Pricing based on item created

Photo Sources:  Brown Linen & Co., Achor & Eden, B Steel Photography