Food Trucks!

Every Wednesday around 7/730 PM, you can find me on N. Highland Avenue sampling some of Atlanta's finest cuisine.  Food Truck Wednesdays.  8-10 food trucks deposit themselves in an open lot where you will find local foodies with their dogs, blankets, lawn chairs, and coolers (BYOB is permitted).

I look forward to this night of the week every week.  It's fun, social, and the food is fantastic and so affordable.  I can buy 5 items and pay less than $20.  Completely satisfied and full after each visit, I'm hoping food truck night lasts well into the Fall- that photo was taken 2 weeks ago on-site. 

MUST TRY:  Pulled Pork Taco and Sesame Fries

I keep seeing and hearing more about people straying from traditional wedding favors and moving towards things their guests can consume.  Whether it be a late-night hamburger, slider pack, or warm cookies and milk, there's just something about food at the end of the night (especially after alcohol has been consumed).  So why not try and combine two fantastic things?

Some food for thought (pun intended)... You're having the time of your life dancing, singing, partying, and being with your friends at a wedding.  The party ends and as you leave the venue, BAM!  A food truck is waiting right there for you and all of the other guests.  Paid for by your hosts, all you're required to do is point, order, and consume a complimentary and fantastic post-wedding snack menu.

I've never seen this done, but think it would make for a fantastic send-off.  After working off your meal on the dance floor, why not have a flavorful and memorable departure? If I see or hear about someone trying this, I might just have to give myself a little pat on shoulder.