Vendor Profile: LaFete

Considering that I now live in the South, it's time to highlight some local party-pals.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Abany Tschupp of BROWN LINEN COMPANY a while back- Abany will be back soon (she is planning her own wedding right now!).

I would like to introduce you to Ms. Katie Dunn, founder of LaFete.  LaFete is an all-inclusive, event production, design, and bridal consulting team.  Katie and her team are based out of North Carolina, but travel all over the region to work with their clients.  I had the pleasure of meeting Katie in Atlanta through a mutual friend, and was very impressed with her excitement and passion for the work she does.

As always, I can't just post once about a vendor and call it a day.  I'll be writing a series about LaFete and the services they provide which fit nicely into the following categories:

Creative Consultation
On-Site Coordination
Event Production 

What I like most about Katie's positioning is her flexibility.  You can use LaFete's services as much or as little as you like. Mix n' Match!  It's your day and as Katie says (and CharlotteLucey agrees)...  "Save the drama for your grand entrance"!

Stay tuned.  LaFete will be featured for the next few weeks on Thursdays.  Cheers!

Photo Source:  Carolyn Scott Photography