Missoni Missoni Missoni

I hope everyone at least took a peak online to check out the Missoni for Target line that premiered today.  Target has had plenty of guest designers who collaborate with them as the leading retailer that is the most cost-effective and wallet-friendly, but this was special.  It's like Christmas came early this year!

That's not the point.  The point is that I got my little hands on several items that are Missoni.  It's not Target doing Missoni.  It's Missoni for Target. It's Missoni. And $45.00 for a pair of pumps, shut your mouth- a regular label Missoni scarf costs $175-200.  I'll take the Missoni for Target. Yes please!

* Please note that this link directs you to the look-book for the full Missoni for Target line (since the site has crashed). 

But out of the small basket of goodies I brought back to my apartment, my absolute favorite has to be the set of 5 cappuccino cups with matching saucers and mini spoons.

I'm a big fan of mixing and matching as most of you know.  It's probably my biggest "I love" for this item.  Each cup has it's companion saucer which I'm sure look perfectly nice together. But why would you do that?  Mix 'em up!  I promise you, the combinations are random and may not make any sense, but fit together perfectly.

Don't think for a moment that this hasn't caused some serious thought for the next post.  Stay tuned.