Challenge Me Pink

Yesterday I tweeted (click to follow CharlotteLucey on Twitter!) about a challenge I gave myself… a pink inspiration board. I’m not knocking down pink as a color, but truthfully it’s pain-staking sweet and is overwhelming as the dominate color choice for any wedding.

Pink is best-used as accents in various shades.  This creates what I like to call “the blushing effect”.  You know, kind of like when your cheeks get flushed after someone you fancy pays you a really great compliment and you laugh awkwardly and the corners of your mouth hurt from trying not to smile too much?.. I digress.  The blushing effect is a constant flow of color that is both inviting, warm, and creates the overall effect of “pink".

I wanted to think of pink as more than just a color, but rather as an attitude. It also helped that “Pink” by Aerosmith streamed through my head which is how this lovely thing came  to be. I'm also pleased with the fact it rests just above Stag on the Boards page.

P.S. Another shout out to GreenWeddingShoes!

Photo Sources:  Rebecca Thuss Silk Glossary, Whimsical Love, Sew In Love Tablescape, Ruffled Cakes, Peony Birdcage, Red & White Wine, White Roses, Pink Plaid