General Knot & Co. Weddings

Last week I introduced you to my Tuesday obsession, General Knot & Co.  Before posting last weeks blog I reached out to General Knot & Co. to alert them of my interest in writing about their shoppe.  I was hopeful for a good response since weddings are probably not the first target of any entrepreneur specializing in men's accessories.  I was happy to receive the following answer from Andrew, Creative Director and Lead Designer...

"A very happy surprise, though!  I've had such a great time collaborating with the grooms and brides to make their special designs.  They really seem to enjoy not only having a true part in the creative process, but also being able to create unique designs that only they and they alone will ever have."- Andrew

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Black Chambray & Navy Deadstock Floral Two Tone Neck Tie 

This is what I love. Not only are the ties unique in their own right, but you can actually work with General Knot & Co. to create a custom tie just for your groom or all of the groomsmen. If you don't want a completely random assortment consider choosing the same main fabric for the face of the tie and selecting a different accent piece.  For example...

Like the evolution of bridesmaids gowns, members of the grooms party are also considering their options for what makes them look good.  Fashion has sneaked its way into the fox den and so far I don't hear any complaints.

Photo Source:  All General Knot & Co. Neck Ties.  Black Chambray & Mountain Green Check Two Tone Neck Tie, Black Chambray & Navy Deadstock Floral Two Tone Neck Tie, Black Chambray & Jacquard Pickstitch Stripe Two Tone Neck Tie, Black Chambray & 1970s Check Flannel Two Tone Neck Tie