Tuesday's Obsession: General Knot & Co.

Two guys walk into a bar... but that's not how the story goes.  Actually, two guys rode the same train one day in New York City and discovered a shared admiration for what would turn out to be an extremely successful and unique shoppe and CharlotteLucey's new Tuesday feature.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  General Knot & Co.

Andrew Payne is the Creative Director and lead designer for these pieces of American art.  How so?  The fabrics collected that create every necktie, bow tie, and pocket square range from 40-90 years old and are masterfully wait for it...wait for it.... mixed n' matched!  Every tie has an accent and a hidden surprise. So how does General Knot & Co find their fabrics?  I'll let them explain...

"We curate our tie fabrics through a countrywide network of collectors, dealers, estate sales and auctions.  We especially love this part of our work. There's nothing quite like the thrill of finding an amazing vintage fabric and giving it another lease on life." - General Knot & Co.

The inventory General Knot & Co. possesses is impressive, and one that I intend to begin collecting for myself.  The ties are beautifully crafted and the story General Knot & Co. narrates amplifies the amount of care, attention to detail and love that goes into the product and craft.

If you see a tie you like, need or love, don't wait too long.  Supply is limited because of the nature of the fabrics... they are 100% authentic, vintage fabrics that can't be duplicated.   As General Knot & Co. says, "History has woven a story into every design".

Photo Sources:  General Knot & Co.