On-Site Coordination with LaFete Events: A Must

"Guidance during the last critical month and on the wedding day."- LaFete Events

On-Site Coordination.  The finishing touches, wrap-up details, and confirmations can overwhelm anyone as the days approach to your walk down the aisle.  This is where Katie and the LaFete team come through.  LaFete Events begins this process 2 months prior to your wedding day and coordinates all of the "game day logistics".  Once everything has been organized and put into place, it's just a matter of showing up and enjoying oneself. 

LaFete offers the following for their On-Site Coordination services starting with your planning meeting:

  • Rehearsal, ceremony, and reception management
  • Timeline creation for rehearsal and wedding day
  • Vendor and venue liaison and contact
  • Management of personal belongings and gifts of the bride and bridal party
These are all of the little odds n' ends that you and your bridal party won't want to deal with the day of your wedding... there are WAY too many other things going on.  Katie and LaFete will take care of all of this, and then some, for you.  They literally take all of the worry out of your head and hands. 

I have to give Katie a shout out for being completely in-tune with the needs of her clients.  She's not afraid to be honest when telling her clients that planning a wedding takes time, energy and a certain level of commitment to ensure that their vision becomes a reality... She always delivers!  Great job LaFete, we'll see you next Thursday!

Photo Source: Walters & Walters Photography