The Paper Nickel Stamp Company

Have you ever noticed the perfectly fixed stamp on a wedding invitation?  Do you notice how the stamp matches the invitation inside or event theme?  This is no coincidence.  Yes, a careful eye spent time perusing through a selection of stamps in order to play matchmaker between the stamp and it's soul mate, the envelope.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  The Paper Nickel Stamp Company 

Wouldn't it be fun to have authentic, vintage stamps as part of your weddings identity?  May be from the 70's or late 80's?  What about the early 1900s?  If you purchase stamps from The Paper Nickel Stamp Company that's exactly what you'll receive.  A colorful mix of authentic and handcrafted stamps from a multitude of decades.

"Holly (owner and founder) handpicks a cache of colorful and charming collections for each and every order, pulling from her enormous inventory which spans a variety of decades from the early 1900s through the late 1980s"- www.thepapernickel.com

Piggy-backing from the post yesterday, you can select to order a completely random assortment sent to you or you can specialize your order.  A great example is the photo below. We can assume the theme of the invitation or event is navy and red.  The stamps don't match, but remain within that color family.
A pack of stamps equals $.44 cents- the amount required to send a one standard piece of mail.  Sometimes a pack will contain 3 stamps, sometimes it will contain 5.  It all depends on the value of the stamps inside. If you are placing a large order that requires multiple packs, please allow several days for your order to be complete.

Tips & Tricks:  When you order your invitations ask the company or your event planner to send you a sample of the completed package that will be sent to your guests (inserts and all).  You can take your invitation to be weighed at your post office which will determine how many stamps you need for each one.  For safety, I always tack an extra $.02-$.03.  It's always better to round up by a little and know your invitations will be delivered safely than have them be returned back to you.

Have a great time with these- it's artistic, unique and classic!

PhotoSources:  The Paper Nickel Stamp Company