Lavender Comforts

The weather's been a little inconsistent.  Jumping from 60-76 in 2 days, in November, pull it together Atlanta.  I'm looking forward to constant colder temperatures.  When I think about being comfortable, I think about being warm. 

Side note:   I still find an uber amount of happiness wrapping myself up in warm towels when they come out of the dryer. I make no apologies for these types of decisions.

When I think about being warm, I think about blankets and candles. When I think about candles, I think about my Chamomile Lavender LAFCO.  Make sense? Doesn't have to.

Photo Sources: Hanging lavenderHeidi & Jeff,  Bella Figura, BHLDN Tuileries InvitationOlive Branch Headband, rustic white wedding, Lavender Box, Wedding Barn, Purple shoes, I DO box