Another Proposal

In the past few weeks I've seen several photos and updates from female friends who are happily and excitingly accepting their "Will you be my bridesmaid?" proposals. A few years ago the typical invitation came in the form of a phone call, email, or trip to lunch.  Now brides are becoming more creative and indeed are offering a proposal themselves to their leading ladies.

Some fun ideas on how to ask!

I mentioned Design-her-Gals a while back (click here for post).  This site allows you to create a custom "mini-you" or "mini-person". You design everything from your skin tone, eye color, hair length and style and of course clothes. You can add accessories, pets, the list goes on and on just like the types of items you can order.  Labels, stickers, note pads, mugs, phone cards....

My cousin (hi Sara!) used Design-her-Gals to ask her troupe of bridesmaids if they'd like to say yes by creating personalized key chains each with their own mini. 

Georgetown Cupcake
I am 100% biased. Georgetown Cupcake is from my neighborhood- Washington, DC and I'll be darned if anyone has said they are not impressed with the cupcakes.  Cupcakes can be delivered (within the greater Washington DC area) or shipped anywhere in the US. 

A sophisticated and sweet pink box will arrive on their doorstep and a personal note may be inserted as your formal invitation.  Custom monograms or labels can also adorn the petite treats.


DIYCare Package
If you love making things (as I do) and personalizing them for people this option is for you.  I love the idea of creating a small gift-box that has fun girlie things in it.  Essie nail polish, a LAFCO Little Luxuries candle, Anthousa Diffuser, a framed photo of you and the person you're asking, etc.Consider choosing a unique wrapping paper for each person, may I suggest PAPER SOURCE?  And please oh please secure it with twine or string. It's so lovely.

FedEX Kinkos
Not the first thing you think of for all-things-wedding, I know. However they have really affordable photo-printing that can be placed on tee-shirts, mugs, aprons, sweatshirts etc.  Again, take a photo of you and your maid-to-be and place it on the front. On the back- "Will you be my bridesmaid?" and you can also put the date of your wedding below. Cute.

Just some fun ideas to think about!  If you have more stories or ideas feel free to SEND AN EMAIL!