Post-Holiday Message and Cyber Monday

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!  I love Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday that doesn’t seem rushed.  It’s always on a Thursday so you know you’ll have a long weekend. You know it takes time to cook the Thanksgiving meal so youre not killing yourself to get it done (at least in our family… and we still manage to eat by 6PM).  It’s just one of those kick back, enjoy your time, eat and be merry types of holidays.  And also having a holiday that revolves around “what are you thankful for?” is always a good thing.

I don’t want to take away from the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving, but I’d like to remind everyone that today is Cyber Monday.  Online shopping is having tremendous sales and discounts that you should take advantage of.  Don't just think of Cyber Monday as an opportunity to complete upcoming holiday gift shopping… next years wedding registries are already up online!   BUY YOUR GIFTS NOW.  You'll receive a great discount and won't pinch your pennies so much.  I have 3 weddings in April, May, and June.  I'm fully taking advantage of today!

Photo Source:  PSF Web- Blog Perspectives