In celebration of the "Sexiest Night On Television" (the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show) I decided this would be a great time to post about wedding night attire.  Don't be nervous.

One of the items you will purchase pre-wedding is what you'll be wearing post-wedding that night.  What you wear or don't wear is completely up to you, but its a continuation of the excitement and celebration from the day.

We've seen in the movies women shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue or LaPerla (tres expensive) for their underpinnings, but you don't have to shell out a ton of $$$ if you don't want to.  There are a lot of affordable options that are just as great as boudoir boutiques. 


I love the term underpinnings, it's flirty.

For some more affordable options consider shopping outside of the bridal section.  In my opinion you'll find better choices.  You also don't have to wear something white- you've been in it all day!  Have you considered American Apparel?  Yup, left field, came out of nowhere and guess what?  They have some great pieces that are significantly less expensive than a department store or specialty shop- their accessories are affordable too.

Believe it or not your future husband thinks about the wedding night just as much as you do, probably more.  It should be of no surprise that he's most likely hoping that you're going to put something on that he'll immediately want to remove with his teeth. Don't stand there looking like a cupcake with frills.  Be adventurous, but be sophisticated.  Be confidant, be sexy.   It's your wedding night- tea time is over.

Photo Source:  BHLDN Chantilly Romper