This is a favorite vendor of CharlotteLucey.  Design-Her-Gals is an online store to create a cartoon you.  Don’t think it’s as cheesy as it sounds.  This isn’t the “Make yourself a cartoon!” gimic you see on social media sites. The site is slightly addicting, simply choosing your exact hair style and color may take you minutes. 

I just created a my new business card.  That's me!  Renee Walsh, founder of CharlotteLucey!


  • Choose your gal type.  There are 5 different Gal-types from a young gal to an older woman.  The 6th choice is a Design-Her-Guy
  • Next you will choose your eye color, skin tone, hair style and hair color 
  • Choose your outfit
One you have created yourself and your outfit you can save your gal.  It’ll be important to sign up- it’s FREE- and I promise you that you won’t get any junk mail or spam from them.   You can save up to 9 gals.  Make them all for yourself or make your friends and family. These are amazing gifts that I have absolutely given to friends and family members.

Design-Her-Gals started out with personalized stationary and it has grown to much more!
Invitations, business cards, calling cards, mugs and cups, labels and stickers, memos and notepads… the list goes on and on!

Want to see everything? Click Stuff to Buy

Whether you are creating personal address labels for your invitations, save the dates, engagement party invitations, or even creating personalized memo pads as gifts (only $45.00) I have not had one person not like the site when I showed it to them.
Go online, spend some time, and have fun!