Crate & Barrel- What I Like

I love Crate&Barrel. I don’t just mean that I kinda like the store and enjoy a quick browse.   I mean I LOVE the store. My friend Elise and I enjoy our trips where time is of no importance.  We’re kind of like Lucy and Ethel.  You’ve never seen two people get so excited, confused, mesmerized or weirded out by things (or people) in your life.  The routine is always the same.  We go to Starbucks first, head for the C&B opening in the wall and then decide if we want to begin our journey to the left or right ( right towards rugs, left towards the world of kitchen stuff).  I digress.

Another reason why I love Crate&Barrel so much is the service they provide through their wedding experts.  Crate&Barrel hosts a variety of events for engaged couples and offers services to assist in making the process easssssy. A great feature C&B has on their website is “What I like”. 

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  What I Like- Caitin Falls

Caitlin offers her top 10 list of things that are good for a registry, along with a little perspective..  Kudos to Caitlin for actually telling a soon-to-be married couples:

“Don't fool yourself into thinking you'll drastically change your lifestyle after getting hitched. In other words, if you've never been one to whip up homemade muffins in the morning, it's probably not going to happen once you're married.”

Make smart choices when you register.  If you’re not going to use something, don’t register for it and clutter your home. Registering isn’t just about things you need or things you want.  It’s a combination of the two. Enjoy the gift giving for a year- when else does this happen?! 

More on registering to come!