Currently Reading: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

I’m only 2 chapters in and am excited to go home and continue reading. The reason for posting this on CharlotteLucey is further down, but first

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

A little background…

My friend is currently reading this book and began to tell me about it last week.  It’s not one that I never considered reading because it seemed outdated. However, I thought about how it could relate to this blog and therefore became intrigued and wanted to conduct some research.  I went to Amazon.com to look up the wise old tale about the fundamental differences between men and women.  I was happy to see there was a “Look Inside” button and I began to read snippets of chapters.  I was hooked and decided that a trip to Barnes & Noble was on my to-do list for the next day. 

At first I was a little embarrassed to go down the escalator en route to the “Self Improvement” section (ah hem).  I located the hardcover and carefully tucked the book under my arm concealing the  cover. As I came into the checkout queue I said to myself "screw it" (replacing screw with another explicative) and was proud to march to the counter and place the book down with a smile on my face while asking the checkout clerk “how are you?”. His immediate reaction was “This is a great book, everyone should read it”.  Not that his opinion mattered because I was going to purchase the book either way, but his positive remark gave me a touch of extra validation which is always nice.

So why bring this up on the blog? This would make a great favor to your bridal party or to give as a gift to the bride and groom (especially Mars and Venus in the Bedroom).  The fantastic thing about Men Are From Mars- Women Are From Venus is there is a complete series now which includes: Mars & Venus on a Date, Mars and Venus in Love, Mars and Venus Together Forever: A Practical Guide to Creating Lasting Intimacy.  They’re just interesting and insightful books to read and make fun gifts!

I always think including a little twist or a not-so-traditional gift is always a fun surprise for the receiver.  I won’t lie when I tell you that I purchased a camping tent as a wedding gift (yes it was on the registry) and included the book “Sex in A Tent: A Wild Couples Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature” (not on the registry) and the bride loved it. Be fun and have fun with your gifts.

A small word of caution- make sure that when purchasing these types of gifts that it’s appropriate for the receiver and that it will be well received.  You never want to offend anyone as a gift-giver. 

Will report more as I read more!