...today's presentation. 

Dark undertones contrast with the paleness of the models skin and white fur on the pups. The pop of cognac from what I presume to be an old car is the warm accent needed for this bold tale.  Set in Paris at an old chateau, hosted by a dignitary that no one knows "personally".  Swarovski chandeliers hang from trees and swing from beams.  Wispy hair barely moves in the late nights breeze.  The clock strikes midnight... let the fun begin.

Souces:  Teen Vogue Louis Vuitton advertisement, BHLDN: Sparkler Comb, Bella Figura: Gatsby&Calligraphy Wedding, Vera Wang: Fall 2011 Look 8, BHLDN: Glitter Numbers, Midnight in Paris: screen shot, JCREW:  Ludlow tuxedo pant