The Oscar Peterson Trio Play

There is nothing new to say about Oscar Peterson.

What follows is self-indulgent, sincere, modestly idolatrous, and somewhat febrile.  It is meaningful only to those who share my belief that Peterson is one of the most incredibly talented pianists jazz has nurtured... 

This is not my work.  I took the above from the back cover of the original The Oscar Peterson Trio Plays vinyl (year unknown). Today is Saturday, usually not a blogging day (especially in the final month of the summer), but here I am 2 weeks away from my move and organizing and packing seem to be taking over my life- in a good way...

It’s 6:57 PM and I couldn't be happier spending my evening with The Oscar Peterson Trio, a glass of Sycamore Lane cab, (which by the way was only $6.99), and a great view.  I almost discarded the wine.  Not because it wasn’t good, it’s actually really good, but I somehow managed to dispose of the cork with 3/4 of the bottle left.  Sure if it had been a clean garbage bag with nothing else in it I might have considered reaching in and saving it.   But seeing as how I had just made myself a new york strip with caramelized onions and a red wine reduction with shallots and garlic (inspired by watching Julie & Julia mid-afternoon), I wasn’t about to plug my wine with a beef-infused cork. 

What shall I do (speaking in a Julia Child tone)???   And then I remembered what my little french friend at Cork and Fork advised me.  Cork and Fork is a wonderful wine boutique in Bethesda.  This woman knows everything about wine. If you are lost about what you like, or what wine you should serve with your boeuf bourguignon, she’ll know what you need.  I manage to go in every few weeks to try a new Cabernet Sauvignon.  So far I’ve only ventured to Spain and California for my cabs.  Perhaps someday I’ll travel 1.5 feet over to France or Italy, but right now I’m content. 

The last time I was in her shoppe we began a conversation about how to let the wine breathe and how to preserve it- out of the bottle.  She explained to me that any time you open a bottle not to just pour the vin in a glass and gulp it.  “Let eet breathe” she would say.  “Opiiiin it and let it suit on ze counter”.  Most of the time it’s just me enjoying my purchases and I typically am not one to finish a bottle in one sitting by myself. 

Ok Renee so what’s the point?  Well perfect timing as my Grandpa Cappy's favorite song is playing as we speak.  “Satin Doll” by The Oscar Peterson Trio.  I strongly suggest any jazz enthusiast or music enthusiast listen to it.  It’s upbeat and to the point. So here we go.

I threw my cork out.  What to do with the wine?  Well Madame Vin told me that you can place wine in an air tight glass jar, a Mason jar, and it will keep your wine fresh for up to 10 days.  I’m currently trying this experiment.  Indeed I have a small case of Mason jars that I took from my grandmas house- it sits on the top shelf of my pantry.  Typically you know when wine goes bad due to the pungent vinegar odor that strikes your nostrils.  We’ll see if this works.  My gut is telling me yes.

In the meantime, I bid you a good evening and pleasant rest of your weekend. Until Monday.
Hi grandpa <3