Post 75

What is everyone planning for the weekend? The first official week of August has come and gone- summer is slowly creeping away.   With 100+ heat indexes and sneak peeks of new clothes, guess who’s ready for fall?  Last week was full of shenanigans:  My company’s summer outing and a same-day trip to the beach which covered the weekend. I’ll be happy to sit in this weekend and brainstorm for next week.

What have I learned this week? A few things:
  1. If I really dig a new song I’ll listen to it non-stop at work, like I am right now.  Get it Daddy by Sleeper Agent (video below).
  2. There’s a new thing called Google+ which has been described as a social media site on steroids… don’t know how I feel about that.
  3. Navy and mustard is my new favorite color combination for fall.
  4. Motivation is hard because the individual is solely responsible for it.  When some doors close, there’s always a window.
  5. The Jersey Shore will inevitably replace The Real World.
  6. There is a proper way to spell “shenanigans” that my spell check alerted me of.
  7. Risk is worth the reward- there is always one.
  8. I’m no longer afraid of the “Self Improvement” section of book stores via THIS BLOG
  9. It’s OK to give yourself a pat on the back at the end of the week.  It feels really good!
Have a great weekend everyone!