S'More Please!

It’s not quite here yet, but fall is just around the corner. It’s the way the sun looks now at 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon,  a hint of brisk air here, a pop of plum cashmere there.  Summer is coming to a close shortly.   This inspiration comes from a year round treat that somehow I find perfectly marries the end of summer with the beginning of fall. S’mores!

Recently I've heard more about brides opting out of having just a wedding cake as dessert.  Rather, guests may choose and create the dessert of their choice.  What better way (and fun) way to do this than with a s'more bar.  Relevtively easy to produce, this modern watering hole filled with rich chocolate, buttery graham crackers, and ooey gooey marshmellow is sure to be a hit!  Who doesn't have fun putting together a s'more?

More than a s'more you say?  Chocolate and vanilla ice cream  topped with this warm delight will be a perfect partner. Favors?  Covered.  Whether you're a DIY bride or someone who likes to order items- a small bag filled with the s'moresentials is a great favor.  Don't forget that attaching a tag with your guests name and table number can also serve as your place cards.


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