Hold the phone. Yes I know it’s been a ridiculously long time- way to go! Often the floodgates open and there’s a plethora of creative juices flowing and information spills out of these fingertips with the greatest of ease. Other times, although information is plentiful, there is a lack of inspiration.

Instead of re-posting articles and summarizing what the majority of you have already probably seen with your own eyes I chose to keep mum on the blog. Then BAM!  Hi June 1st.  Another funky Friday, but this time announcing the re-roll of the CharlotteLucey blog.

I have a few things helping me:

1) The kickoff of summer
2) Fresh perspective on the summer-season
3) Weddings I’ll be attending myself
4) Pandora streaming (The Black Keys and ‘Starships’ channels)
5) Don’t you laugh at that!

The point is there was a while where I had to do some figuring out, some deep sea fishing within myself, and now guess what. Let’s do the damn thing and bring this saucy blog back to life. Mwahs my loves. I’ve missed you!


Photo Source: Green Wedding Shoes Colorful + Fun Austin Wedding: Lauren + Sam