Love to Nora Ephron

 At first, you may not know the name.  You certainly know her work.  Nora Ephron is responsible for many of the tear-jerking, best-written, laugh-out-loud, heart-throbbing, hold-your-breath, can’t-get-enough of lines that we've heard in the movies.

Her movies are the reason people have faith and a sense of humor when it comes to love. Her plots are never SO outrageous that we can’t believe them to just be possible.Your best friend may fall in love with you.  The man you despise could win your heart for all the right reasons. You could look up one day and realize "they're the one" all the while faking an orgasm in a diner.   My personal favorite below.

Thank you Nora for an endless stream of laughter that brings such light and warmth to our hearts.

Photo Source:  People