It's Henry!

It’s no surprise to anyone that the only Kardashian I can stand is Khloe.  She's a total wack-a-doo, has a huge heart, and in my opinion, is the most sane.

Khloe’s beloved LamLam gave her Henry as a gift to keep her company while he’s away -lets keep our fingers crossed that he will soon join the LA Clippers!  I digress… I love Henry because who would’ve thought that one of the most lovable characters in the whole Kardashian series would be a 6 foot tall, plastic, blow-up giraffe?

SO!  Here’s to Friday, here’s to Henry, and here’s to Khloe Kardashian who always looks fab riding Henry in her kitchen while wearing an Indian headdress.

TGIF folks- have a great weekend!!!

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