Inking Your Promise

Quick shout out to Ms. Lauren Hodgin (soon to be Mrs. Berkey) for inspiring this post!

A lot of my friends who are getting married right now have told me that they are writing their own vows.  This is nothing new.  What is unique about my inking group is that they sit with their soon-to-be-hubs (husbands *wink) and write their vows together.

Usually when someone says “we’re writing our own vows” it’s assumed that the other person is going to be surprised, but in this case, no.  Writing your own vows as a couple is declaring the foundation and promise you two are making to each other as a couple. 

May be not everyone believes in “for better or worse” or “as long as we both shall live”…. May be you believe in “we work hard, we communicate, we will be honest with one another and trust one another”.  May be some people believe in “as long as we’re both two, cool, blue souls” (anyone read Eat, Pray, Love recently?).

Writing your own vows is no longer looked at as being that totally rebellious, new-age couple.  It’s declaring the guidelines for your relationship and then using your faith, love, and dedication to make it work.

How would you two write your own vows? 

Photo Source: Trendy Bride